“What Is The Smallest Amount Of Power You’ve Seen Go To Someone’s Head?” (42 Answers)

It’s super funny when a person gets a tiny bit of power and loses it. It’s like a little kid being entrusted to handle the kiddy scissors in kindergarten and then feeling as if he is The Lord Of The Rings, Sauron itself, possessing infinite power over his meager subjects.

It’s also pretty sad. But more funny.

Today, we’re here to laugh at and vote on the times when people got a teensy weensy grain of power and then took it on an absolute trip.

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Any Homeowners Association board member in America

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When the teacher put the stapler on Jerry's desk. She could have put it on any desk, but she chose his. He proceeded to spend the next 30 minutes as the Stapler King, giving the stapler to people he felt were worthy. I needed the stapler but I had to wait 5 minutes while he debated with himself over whether I was worthy or not. F**k you ,Jerry.

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Once I volunteered to be a vest for a parade. Basically, I got a brightly colored vest and a bicycle to help keep people behind the parade route lines, help floats if they got into trouble, misc stuff like that. I got beer tokens as payment.

After the parade was over, I turned in my vest, got my beer tokens and went to the party at the end of the route. I got to the long a*s line for cheap beer and opened my mouth and took a deep breath.

Okay so... I'd just spent 4 hours using my loud-a*s voice to shout at people. Now that it was over, shouting at people and watching them do what I said had become some surreal form of normal.

I exhaled, closed my f*****g mouth, and waited in line like a human being.

Basically, being a parade volunteer made me think I had the power to cut in line for beer, but my meat-brain kicked into gear just before I made an a*s of myself.

Most surreal moment of my life.

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Missed a parcel by the postman and got the slip through my door to go to the depot. Card says wait 24 hours before collecting. Figured I'd try my luck and went there anyway. Guy takes f*****g ages to get to me as he clearly doesn't give a f**k (as always, anybody who lives in Britain will tell you Post Office staff in depots are hopeless) and then finally takes my slip off. I see him go to my parcel, PICK IT UP, then notice the slip says wait 24 hours. He genuinely refuses to give me the parcel as I haven't waited. F*****g d**k- give me my parcel!

Turn up an hour later, a different person is on the desk. Get my parcel no problem.

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Teacher here - making a student in charge of the glue sticks. Acted like I'd given them a veto in the UN.

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I used to be an admin on a Minecraft server where after you played for 10 hours you would get the rank "Member", which gave you access to a couple new commands. Some really annoying 10 year old thought that it was a huge achievement when he got that and he started acting superior to all the moderators and threatening them. I talked to him over skype about it and he started screeching at me and saying that he f****d my mom. I banned him permanently. Make sure your kids know how to act semi-maturely before you let them play online in any game.

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I had a friend in another city who was living in a s****y room and board situation and I wanted to move there so we decided to get a place together. I gave him my share of the damage deposit and first months rent. He lived there so he found the place.

He put his name on the tenancy agreement so he figured he was my landlord and he was in charge of every little thing in the house. I needed work, so I helped the landlord in some renovations (we had a leak and a minor flood) for the equivalent value in free rent which really pissed him off because I was going over his head and interfering with his future legal case against the landlord (which never happened). He horded the mail key so I needed permission to get my mail. Eventually I lost it on him and demanded to get my name on the place on paper or I would leave so he "evicted" me. The next month he had to move out because he couldn't afford the place.

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I had to interview a guy who is president of the cha-cha dancing club at my university, ChaChaLoco. When I asked for his full name, he scoffed. "You don't know who I am?" I said no, I was just a reporter for the school newspaper. He then said, "I am Firstname Middlename SecondSpanishMiddlename Lastname, President and Financial Executive of ChaChaLoco. If you haven't heard of me yet, you must live under a rock."

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We promoted a call center employee to shift manager. She was a nice, dependable, hardworking and pleasant girl. Within days she was hiding behind potted plants trying to catch people looking at their cellphones (against policy to have them on the floor) and reported one person because her phone vibrated in her purse. She would time breaks (bathroom and scheduled) just itching for someone to return late. This chick suddenly got semi-orgasmic at the thought of getting others in trouble. We moved her to an 'administrative' position and eventually fired her.

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A moderator of /r/Food banned me for providing links to the source and recipe of food pictures I posted. Apparently that's spam.

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I'm in the military and some people think their rank is like Thor's hammer.... We had this one guy get promoted to first lieutenant from second lieutenant in my first assignment (basically a 100% promotion rate for that rank) and THAT DAY started to order all the other LTs around and telling them to call him sir, etc. Our DO put him in his place pretty quickly, but it's amazing what a bar on your shoulder or stripe on your arm can add to an ego

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My former university's IT admin. I studied computer science and my laptop was pretty weak. I used to work all night, weekends and preferred working out of the IT labs computers. This A*hole of an IT admin, the typical reddit neckbeard, fat, slobby, know it all dips**t had weird rules. In the bitter cold of US northeast he had a rule that stated nobody could eat inside the computer labs. Since I worked there all day and night, I would usually keep my sandwich with me and eat it after 11pm. One night this mongrel was taking a stroll in the corridor, saw me eating my sandwich. Told me either I throw it out or he was going to lock my account to the department network. I tried reasoning with him and said 'I will close it and put it in my backpack', he insisted I throw it because otherwise I might come back and eat it when he's not around. It was the moment I felt the most helpless in my life. I couldn't afford to get locked out the department lab, since I had some huge program running whose results were due soon. I couldn't afford to throw away a $7 sandwich as I was a foreign student here on scholarship. It was a snowy midnight in december when I did not have any option to go buy myself anything else. I succumbed to his threat, went and trashed my sandwich in front of his eyes. He gave me a dirty grin and left. I felt helpless, alone and lost. I had nobody to go and talk my heart out. I was almost in tears at my own miserable situation. I hated my life back then.

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I worked for a small used game store and the one girl that worked there was made assistant manager and instantly felt that meant that she didn't have to do any work and could just tell me what to do. When the owner came in and saw that I was doing 90% of the work he gave me the title of "weekend manager" and told me that I didn't have to listen to anything she said.


Not exactly the smallest, but when Theodore Roosevelt became the acting Secretary for the US Navy for 4 hours, he cabled the Navy worldwide to prepare for war, ordered ammunition and supplies, brought in experts and went to Congress asking for the authority to recruit as many sailors as he wanted.

He held the job for 4 hours and did that during the timeframe.

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Our tiny community has an email list to join for buying & selling locally. I overheard the woman who sends out the emails saying that deciding what made the email was like playing god every morning.

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Assistant to the regional manager.

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Some s****y admin on a freelancing website.

He used to be the lowest of the low, always helping me out.

He then got promoted to 'head customer support agent' within weeks he had removed my top rated seller status (because I complained that he wasn't doing his job properly). I asked for the reasons, he said he does not have time to give me the reasons.

Income plummeted by £1000 a month, costing me my house.

Cheers man.

Glad you got fired a few months later for incompetence.

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Landlord of government-subsidized housing in a s****y part of town.

* Immediately used any conceivable lease violation to get 75%+ tenants to "2nd strike" (3rd is "automatic" eviction)

* Encouraged 2nd-strike tenants to anonymously report their neighbors in return for leniency

* Lied to tenants, their lawyers, and their family members about violations

* Had individual visitors banned over rumors of illegal activity (from the 2nd-strike crew)

* Has written up people for "loitering" outside their own apartments after 10pm. Not loud gathering-type loitering. Stepping out to smoke, even.

* Drives her in-crowd to appointments, etc.

* Completely unequal enforcement of all rules.


Anyone who has been in a fraternity will know that when a newly initiated brother is given the slightest amount of power it's an instant power trip. Perfect example being our new "parliamentarian" basically the person responsible for handing out fines. He threatened to send my $1 fine to collections if I didn't pay it for cursing in a chapter meeting. I told him to f**k himself with a cactus.

I paid the fine though.

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The one who became the admin of a facebook page, with 23 likes. I made it with another guy, and we were posting cool images for our friends. Anyway, one of our other friends wanted in, so we added him. A bunch more of my friends liked the page, taking us to just over 50 likes. The new admin went insane. He banned people, tried to bar the other admin, then tried to initiate a coup, by telling our viewers that I and the other admin had gone insane and that he was he only one who they should trust.

I just deleted the page, and told him to make his own. He was none too happy.


Our local landfill built a plywood booth near the front gate and installed their longtime bulldozer operator, an older lady who was morbidly obese and a heavy smoker, as the full-time attendant. "If you EVER show up here again with a No-Tarp you'll be banned for life," she said, taking a long pull on her smoke. "Banned from the landfill for LIFE?" I asked, suddenly thinking that this might be a badge of distinction. "For LIFE!" she replied, adding sternly, "This is a WASTE-FA-CILITY, not a f****n' dump."


I put someone "in charge" as team leader of a small crew that was digging a foundation. He tried to fire 3 of the five guys.

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Once I was given the honorary title of drill sergeant in middle school. I started yelling at kids and made up my own drill songs. This girl I liked told me later that I was being lame. I told her to give me 20.

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Most of the cops in my area act like they own the entire county.


There is a button in my car that makes the headrests in the back fall down. I use it to smack people in the head if they try to be cute.

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In seventh grade one of our teachers would ask a student to keep an eye on the room if he needed to step out for a moment. Mostly the kids were happy to stand in front of the room and watch everyone read or work on a quiz for a few minutes and felt great about their responsibility.

One time the teacher stepped out and gave the responsibility to "Brian" while we started a test. I asked out loud if anyone knew the date. "Brian" yelled at me not to talk during a test, that talking was cheating, grabbed the test off my desk and ripped it in half.

I'm not joking. He actually tore it in half.

When the teacher came back "Brian" told the teacher he had stopped me from cheating and gave him my ripped up test that only had my name written on it. The other students spoke up in my defense. Teacher told "Brian" he had done well in making sure no one talked, but he was going to let me do the test anyway.

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when i worked at mcdonalds, a guy was "temporary manager" while the actual manager ran out to get something we ran out of. it was my first day. he threatened to send home 2 of the experienced people because the average times were 1 second above the corporate goal, 10 minutes into his time as manager. he got his hours cut pretty quickly after (wasn't that good a worker anyways) and never figured out why.


Our high school had 4 custodians. One retired and the next-in-line was promoted to **Head Custodian**.

Both the student body and staff knew it had gone to his head when he posted an announcement regarding locker inspections for *interior cleanliness* - replete with a schedule of days/times to show up for his *mandatory* inspections.

Apparently, he took it upon himself without the administration's authorization, because we heard about it only through him, not from official notification by the principal.

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The Gymbro guy who thinks he owns the public gym.

Literally said to me once, "PM come in my gym, can't tell me what to do."

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Gets the thinnest shred of authority and turns into a tyrant.

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My old friend opened his own tattoo shop. Experienced success and soon had the most popular shop in town. We live in an artsy city, and people started recognizing him out and being like "I love your work. I'd like to get a tattoo."

He thought he was some celebrity that could act in any way he pleased. He started partying constantly, then wound up being an alcoholic meth addict that is now in prison.

Another guy around here was co-owner of a whiskey distillery, and thought that he was a god. I remember waiting in line to get into this bar. They were having a big show, so they closed their doors at 6:00 to prepare, then reopened at 8:00. He thought that they should let him in, and then got further pissed that they made him wait in the line.

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My third grade teacher was in charge of the "red dot" which was a red circular piece of construction paper she would hang outside her classroom. It indicated it was too muddy to play on the baseball field at recess. So many stories and anecdotes involving the red dot. Even 3rd grade me saw she was drunk with the power.


Twitch TV channel moderators. So to preface this was early 2014 and I was watching a rather large stream (over 10k viewers) and the streamer was joking around and was like "if I lose this I'll make a random person mod" well he lost and I got picked. So his stream went on and not much happened to me (I don't talk in chat much so it want like I was waving the mod icon around or trying to troll the streams chat but I did time out a few guys spamming for 30 seconds) well after his stream I get a message from one of the mods telling me basically "Don't go thinking your a real Mod here I worked for months and have dedicated countless hours to his stream... Blah blah blah.. And your just a poser" I replied saying something to the effect of "Hey *mods name* I never ment to cause any issues I just won a random drawing for it and I know it isn't for real and that I won't be moded for long" he then replied something like "What ever you better not be getting any ideas your not a real mod so don't act like one." at this point I have just forgotten about this and go to watch another smaller streamer and im talking in chat normally and BAM I am perm banned from talking in chat and guess what? The mod that got upset with me was in the chat, he ended up banning me in every chat he moded of people I followed (mostly wow streamers so I got banned in 80% of the chats of channels I watched. I got unmanned in most the streams by another popular mod who heard my case and ended up getting that mod to message the streamer to DE mod me so the harassment would stop for over 3 months after this because I frequented the same channel (some small) but it didn't so I inevitably had to start a new account.

Got moded in a big twitch chat as a joke. A real mod got upset and banned me on almost all the channels I followed that he moded for because he thought I was a poser twitch mod.


I went to a rugby game a few weeks back and I assume this guy was the "bar manager" at one of the overpriced liquor windows they have at the stadium. He looked like a fatter, balding, older, toady-looking version of a poor man's Josh Gad. He was just lingering around the queues, finding young women to take up to the front of the queue with an obsequious "madam, here you go, yessssss, come up to *this line*", his p**s-hole-in-the-snow eyes darting around looking for someone fresh to lord it over. Or perhaps a blowfly to snack upon. When he wasn't busy belittling his bar staff (and let's face it, bar staff at a stadium aren't exactly pick of the crop as a general rule but hey, we all need an income), he was just itching, possibly physically, to find some customer he could f**k up the day of by telling them that they looked drunk and could only buy one drink at a time instead of four. I saw him get his way a few times, and his face just took on a kind of glow, not unlike the glow you might expect from the site of a massive skin infection.

I've never felt such scorn for someone I don't know, but I know my instincts were on point when I got back to my seat and the stranger next to me overheard me talking about Toady and felt the need to put in his own 2c about this sad little man.

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The guy who was the manager at the Burger King I worked at when I was a teenager. We had to get prior approval from him if we wanted to get a hair cut or dye our hair or pierce our ears. Tattoos were forbidden, even if they were hidden. If he found out you had one, he'd find an excuse to fire you. Same if you weren't Christian. He would also drive by our houses to make sure the pit crews weren't fraternizing with the managers or assistant managers on our off hours.

I heard he's a cop now. He'll probably show up on the news some day for shooting a black man for jaywalking or something.

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"Team leaders" in retail. You get an extra 10p an hour because you've been working so long yet they don't actually trust you with a real promotion. I hated 80% of the "team leaders" I worked with. Lazy as f**k and quick to blame.


Spongebob as hall monitor.

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RAs in college

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League manager in Fantasy Football...


The V.P at my highschool was about 4 foot 10 and wore a hair piece. I think he took his job as vengeance for his childhood or something.


Have you ever witnessed a perpetually single friend gain interest from the opposite (or same) sex?

Jesus. From Pepe to Jefe in 2.5 seconds flat.

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