10 Time Saving Tips for Eating Clean Keto

10 Time Saving Tips for Eating Clean Keto ways to be efficient with your time when eating keto. Great for all busy people who want to lose weight!

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We could all use more time in the day! Especially when you start eating Clean Keto and cooking all of your meals. Its so much healthier, but sure does take longer than ordering out.

Here are my top tips and hacks to save you time while eating Clean Keto.

Time Saving Tips for Eating Clean Keto

1. Meal Plan

Rather than thinking of what to make every single day, plan it all out at once! I like to plan out 1 week of meals at a time. Want to save the most time? Use my Keto Meal Plans! I have tons of free weekly meal plans + grocery lists already prepared and waiting for you!

2. Get Your Groceries Delivered

This is a new discovery that has absolutely changed my life! I can get my Sprouts groceries delivered via Instacart and it saves me SO much time! I used to spend about 2 hours grocery shopping, and now someone does it for me!

Sprouts offers delivery in 2 ways via Instacart: delivered to your door during a 2 hour window or you can pick up at the store. I like home delivery when I know were going to be home during the full 2 hour delivery window. If were going to be out and about, grocery pick up is easier. I dont even have to unbuckle my kids from their carseats. Someone walks the groceries out and loads them in my trunk for me. Heaven!

Watch How To Schedule Instacart Sprouts Grocery Pick Up (3:47 minutes)

3. Cook Once, Eat a Bunch

Rather than spending my whole Sunday meal prepping, I like to double or triple recipes that I know are great for meal prep or the freezer. Im already cooking and chopping, and it is barely any additional work to make more. Then Ill freeze the leftovers or use them for lunches or dinner the next day.

4. Stay Organized

Keep your fridge, pantry, spice cabinet + freezer organized. By using organization containers, grouping like items together, and regularly purging your fridge of spoiled food youll have a much easier time finding and accessing the food you need. I have a whole post on How I Stock My Keto Kitchen where I share a video tour of my kitchen so you can see how I keep it organized. I link to all my favorite organization containers too!

5. Keep Track of Inventory

To be extra efficient when making your grocery list, keep good track of your inventory. That way you dont have to keep getting up to check if you already have it. I love these magnetic white boards that stick to your freezer. Great way to keep track of all the meat, vegetables + meals I have in the freezer at a glance!

6. Use Frozen Vegetables

I love having frozen vegetables on hand! Sprouts has an amazing selection of frozen organic vegetables. Theyre frozen at peak freshness, you dont have to worry about them spoiling, most are precut for you, plus theyre cheaper than fresh! Frozen vegetables cook up way faster than raw. I prefer frozen vegetables over canned, the flavor is much better!

7. Use Keto Pre-Made Pantry Staples

Sprouts has all the keto pantry staples I need. Rather than spending hours making my own marinara sauce, I can just pick up a jar of my favorite Raos Marinara Sauce. Same for thai curry paste, my favorite True Made Foods ketchup, simmering sauces, ghee, etc.

8. Pre Chop + Prep Ingredients

If youre really busy during the week, you can spend 30 minutes on Sunday doing all your vegetable washing + chopping. Then, during the week your vegetables are all ready to go! You can do other mini prep like making sauces, soaking cashews, cutting meat, etc.

9. Use Slow Cooker + Instant Pot Recipes

If you dont want to spend a bunch of time cooking in the kitchen, put your slow cooker or instant pot to work! I have tons of slow cooker recipes + instant pot recipes!

10. Know Healthy Fast Food Options

On those days when you need a quick meal, and dont have anything meal prepped or frozen, there are a few healthy Fast Foods I love to fall back on. One of my favorites is getting a rotisserie chicken from Sprouts. Its warm and ready, so healthy, and very affordable! Ill shred it and serve it over greens and veggies to make a salad. Or carve it and serve it with some frozen veggies I quickly sauteed in ghee.

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