Last week was big, thank you so much for all of the love on my son's room refresh and the kids' bathroom makeover reveal!  It's fun to share the big things like that, but today let's talk about pretty little things!  You all have seen several of the things that I collect- blue and white, busts, lamps, pillows- ha!  I now have something new to add to the list that I'm always keeping an eye out for... blue Opaline glasses.  I recently scored a set of 10 cordial glasses, they're the teeniest tiniest cutest little things!  They're about the size of a shot glass and while we don't drink alcohol, I came up with 10 other ways to use a cordial glass.  These don't just apply to my specific cordial glasses, what tiny little pretty containers do you have around your house that would work for some of these ideas?

china cabinet styling

Let me back up and tell you why I even have a set of cordial glasses when I didn't really know what these beautiful blue pieces were called until recently.   The first time I saw this table those stunning blue goblets were the first thing that caught my eye!  Eddie Ross sets a table like no one else with another use of those gorgeous glasses here.  After that initial sighting, I starting noticing them pop out at me in various images around Instagram as I scrolled, with especially darling examples from the impeccable Laurie here and here.  I didn't even know what they were called, so after digging a little I discovered that they're called Opaline glass and are very French, very antique, very exquisite, and very expensive!  ;)  It's a hand blown opaque (or can be slightly translucent) type of milk glass with a high lead content, defining it as semi-crystal.  It actually comes in several different colors including green, white, and pink among a few others, but I'd argue that the beautiful robin's egg blue is definitely the most impressive.

So...for a while I've been on the hunt for some affordable pieces here and there, keeping an eye out as we browse antique malls and thrift stores (not holding my breath for a bargain there but you never know!).  Recently I came across a set of cordial glasses on Ebay that weren't outrageous, so I bid on and won them.  I expected them to be small, but should have paid more attention to the measurements because they are tiny!  Which is fine because they are darling and still give me that beautiful pop of blue I wanted, but I had to come up with some good ideas to use them for to "justify" my purchase.  ;)   You'll start to see these sprinkled around my house in the future!

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1.  DISPLAY THEM- certainly the most obvious use!

blue opaline glass, cordial glass, green china cabinet

2.  RING HOLDER- I keep one by my kitchen sink and on my bathroom vanity to hold my rings while washing dishes or while not wearing them.

dish soap decanter, blue opaline glass, cordial glass, ring holder

3.  EARRING HOLDER-  Along the same lines, they're the perfect size to drop earrings into!  My daughter prefers to wear mainly stud-sized earrings, so this is a super cute way to contain them on her bathroom counter.

blue opaline glass, cordial glass, earring organization, jewelry organization
Gold Tray- Ross

4. SALT AND PEPPER CELLARS- easy to keep at your fingertips while cooking!

salt cellar, pepper cellar, blue opaline glass, opaline cordial glass
Painting- done by my daughter! 

5.  SUCCULENT PLANTER- pop a tiny succulent in or a cutting that you're trying to root.  Use a thin layer of small gravel on the bottom for drainage.

blue opaline glass, cordial glass, succulent planter

6. MATCH HOLDER-  so cute in a pretty container on display!

blue opaline glass, pagoda candle holder, pagoda lantern

7. MEMORY CARD HOLDER- Corral memory cards at your fingertips.  Yes, I have multiple memory cards just waiting to be downloaded somewhere.  In the meantime, those things are tiny and having their own little dedicated spot helps keep them from disappearing.

blue opaline glass, cordial glass, 10 ways to use a cordial glass

8. BUD VASE- It never fails that when I bring a bouquet of flowers home, there will always be one or two stems broken close to the bud.  Perfect little solution for those still pretty blooms that have a super short stem!

blue opaline glass, cordial glass, ways to use a cordial glass
 Leopard Ice Bucket- TJ Maxx past season

9.  PAPERCLIP HOLDER- pretty and functional!

blue opaline glass, cordial glass, paper clip holder, office supplies organization

10. INDIVIDUAL CANDY DISH-  I'll tell you right now you'll be seeing these on my Easter table in a few weeks!  So cute to use at individual place settings.

blue opaline glass, cordial glass, uses for a cordial glass, candy dish, antique dishes

Any other great ideas to use these for?  Leave them in the comments!  These little cuties are scratching my itch for a start to this collection for now, but I'll still be on the hunt for some larger goblets for the table.  Some day!  Of course, any friends who might spot some and aren't interested for themselves, please pass along the info. to me!  ;)

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