100 Christmas Organisational Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity

Going insane because Christmas is fast-approaching? Here aresome Christmas organisational hacks for you!

Don’t fret because we have prepared more Christmas organisational hacks to help you even though your little elves are not too helpful!

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We all know that the holidays are one of the busiest days ever, not to mention the most costly! As much as we’re all trying to be frugal in here, we can’t avoid shelling out some money because it is Christmas.

However, here are some hacks that are totally a bang for your buck. Enjoy!

Christmas Wrapping Paper Organisation

Organise a wrapping paper station while the holidays are still a long way to go.

 A tad helpful! No wrinkled wrapping paper anymore! 

 With these multi-purpose trays, organising your wrapping paper and other stuff would be easy-breezy. 

 Yep, this hook-and-pole setup is a lot of help. 

 And this plastic container with mini receptacles to hold your ribbons is also a must-have. 

 Not so frugal but a gift-wrapping corner like this could definitely help. May it be Christmas, Valentines, birthdays or anniversaries. 

 This wrapper holder is a fancy addition to your home. I mean, really. 


Yep, a plastic cabinet with labels will do nicely! 


Christmas Decoration Organisation

Sort your Christmas balls by colour and place them inside different translucent boxes. 

Wind up your Christmas lights in wide sheets of cardboard or cartons. 

Or you could place those pesky (and shiny!) balls inside a used egg tray. 

Or in apple containers. 

Or your could leave the balls hanging. Lol!

Place Christmas chains inside a huge plastic bottle. 

Or put them inside plastic cups before putting them inside the boxes. Serves like a tray. 

These multi-purpose plastic boxes are really useful for organising your Christmas decorations. 

Christmas Tree Storage

Not really a hack but your precious Christmas tree should be placed in this red bag with wheels right after the holidays. 

Or you could take the easy route and wrap it all in plastic cling wrap. 

Or stow it away in this boxy red bag. 

Or ya know keep it like a ghost. Lol!

Or you could hang your tree up like a corpse! Just kidding! 

Or fold them and place them in tubes. 

Yep, plastic bins are really a tad useful. 

If all else fails, buckle up! 

How to Store Christmas Lights

Wind them around cardboard before putting them inside a box. 

Or remove bulbs from their sockets and place them inside mason jars. 

Again, not really a hack but if you have too many Christmas lights at home, you should definitely have these babies. 

You could also use your old hangers as a Christmas lights organiser. 

Or choose to have bendy hangers instead.

These wooden pegs could also help you out. 

For you not to forget where you put your Christmas lights, stow them away in printed bags. 

Or roll them up in these bad boys. 

Making Your Own Christmas Decorations Hacks

Christmas decorations are a little expensive, so this season, we go DIY. With some pool noodles and your old Christmas balls, you can now create a huge outdoor wreath. 

Create some Christmas tree ornaments using buttons. Your Christmas tree shall be cute as a button. 

 Use burlap to cover a cheap candy cane for added oomph. 

Spice up your kitchen by decorating your fridge. Now you have a Christmas pal while cooking. 

Make some Christmas curtains out of excess Christmas balls. 

Still not feeling the Christmas spirit? Do this! 

Got a lot of spare tyres? Paint them white and create a massive Snowman out of it.  

More unused tyres? Try making a Christmas tree out of it. 

Whoever said that terracotta is boring hasn’t tried this.  

Amp up your boring Christmas balls by turning them into these cutesy little thingies!

Use some tulle and mosquito net to create a pretty Snowman!

Create a family of Snowmen using paint and some large Christmas balls. 

Prettify your boring stairs with this easy DIY gift decor.  

Why Didn’t I Think of THAT?

Create candy cane mug warmers with some unused, old socks. 

Installing some outdoor lights? Be safe from fires with this idea.

Count your days to Christmas with this DIY advent calendar using a baking pan. 

Need to label some food on your Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinner? Grab some candy cane, glue them together and place some handwritten labels on it. 

Looking for some centrepiece ideas this holiday season? Make some frosty Christmas trees using your coffee filters! Glue some glitter for added pizzazz.

Want an out-of-the-box Christmas decoration? Try this one! Paint some colour on a disposable plate, wrap it in clear plastic, glue a stick, tie a ribbon and voila! You have a fancy lollie. 

Create a marshmallow-y Santa with these cotton rolls. Or you could use real marshmallows too! Yum!

Spice up your chandelier by hanging some Christmas balls on it. 

Have some fun while dining with this Snowman table set-up. 

Create some orbs of light by putting Christmas lights inside fish bowls. 

Fine dining is handy-dandy with this DIY ribbon decor. 

Winter wonderland feels with this one. 

Do this for your book loving self. The fact that you aren’t gonna shell out much money is an ultimate plus. 

Christmas Themed Food Hacks

Snowman pizza anyone?

Hooray for Christmas tree napkins!

Pudding is love. Pudding is life. 

Homemade is always best. 

Gingerbread cookies, anyone? 

Christmas lights cupcakes! Yummo!

How about a Grinch cake that’s made of cupcakes? 

Or Snowman cupcakes? Hmmm. 

Christmas Outfits To Make at Home That Are Simple And Effective:

Christmas ribbons as a skirt? Why not! 

Be Gingerbread people by using cardboard. 

Or you could be boxy and foxy like this! 

Gather up some green tulle or stockings for this cutesy Christmas tree- themed costume. 

But if you’re feeling schmancy, then whip up this peacock feather ensemble. 

Or you could let your kids be sheep this Christmas by donning some cotton. 

If you don’t have a tree, why not be THE tree? Break it down sistah! 

Or be this babe of a reindeer instead. 

And hubby should be this wacky reindeer. 

Christmas Handmade Gift Ideas

Grab some chocolates and add an over-sized candy cane for a pretty yummy Christmas gift. 

Well, this really takes the meaning of “handmade” to a whole new level. 

Make use of the buttons laying around your house by sticking them on a loved one’s initial. 

Or use some ribbons and printed wrapping paper. 

This curated ice cream in a box is also a winner. Besides, who doesn’t love ice cream? 

Or concoct your own milk bath. 

And scented candles. 

Put together some nail goodies in this one. 

Or use some bedroom slippers to create this gift idea.

Cookies place in this DIY holder could really make anybody’s day. 

Christmas Gift Wrapping Hacks!

Make your own gift bags. 

Stamp some design on some boring plain paper using a potato! 

Make a fancy gift holder out of round printed cardboard. 

Just too cute! And economical!

Wrap your gifts in brown paper bags and tie some Christmas coloured ropes around it. 

You could also wrap tube-like gifts this way. 

If you have so much fabric at home, you could also use them to wrap your gifts. 

Or use some hand made pompoms and spatter some melted crayons on your boring wrapping paper for an added x-factor. 

Who knew that newspaper could be this pretty? 

And that duct tape should not be taken for granted because it has a lot of use. 

Chalkboard gift wrapping paper is also a good way to customise your gifts this season. 

Being organised during the holidays is not difficult as long as you stick by these tips. Did we miss anything? 

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