12 IKEA hacks That Will Blow You Away

Love tinkering with your furniture? Then you’ll love these IKEA hacks!

Turn IKEA products into something else with these IKEA hacks by DIY Projects at https://diyprojects.com/12-ikea-hacks-that-will-blow-you-away

New home, new season, new family member… whatever the reason you’re updating your decor, these IKEA hacks will be useful for you. Instead of spending a small fortune for a more polished look, you can just head to IKEA or upcycle the pieces you already have. Say goodbye to your drab, plain home, and say hello to a shiny, colorful one — all thanks to our favorite Swedish furniture store. Hankering for the hacks? Read on!

12 IKEA hacks That Will Blow You Away

1. Fintrop Rail –> Charging Station


Hooks can be attached to this simple rail, which you can use to organize just about anything. To keep electronics from cluttering your counter, you can mount this bar near an outlet along with a basket to hold your gadgets. You can even add potted plants for decoration!


2. Wall-mounted Charging Station Plus Earphone/Cable Storage


This wall-mounted charging station is the solution to prevent clutter and misplace devices — which my family REALLY needs.


3. Hand-Painted Pillows


This tutorial shows you how to make DIY pillows, but we’re thinking you could just pick up a pile of white pillows from IKEA and spend the afternoon painting colorful patterns on them. Sound like fun? It is!


4. Floating Credenza


These storage centers are life savers when it comes to keeping special-occasion dishes and other less frequently used items out of the way. Plus, a sleek black countertop lined with books and accessories gives an otherwise bland wall some personality. Click here for more details.


5. IKEA Hack: Organize your Mudroom with IKEA Bookcases


Make getting out in the morning so much more easier with this IKEA hack! Here’s how.


6. Bygel Rail –> Lid holder


Attaching these rails to your cupboard door to hold lids will stop you from  screaming every time you open your cabinet. You can now find the lid to the right pan. Phew.


7. DIY Spice Rack


Attaching these spice racks to the inside of your food cupboard doors adds so much extra storage. They also makes things easier to see.


8. Under-the-Bed Organization

Check out 12 IKEA hacks That Will Blow You Away at https://diyprojects.com/ikea-hacks/

Use IKEA cabinets to give your bed a regal raised-platform feel. It also provides bonus space for organization underneath your mattress. Here’s how.


9. Swap a Crib for the Bottom Bed on the IKEA Mydal Bunk Bed


This hack just sounds BRILLIANT! A good idea for parents with only a shared bedroom for the kids. Here’s how.


10. Add Missing Sink Storage | IKEA Hacks

Check out 12 IKEA hacks That Will Blow You Away at https://diyprojects.com/ikea-hacks/

Bathroom vanity doesn’t come with a shelf? No worries! Install one of IKEA’s super slender picture ledges. It’ll fit under just about any mirror, and offers a handy spot to stow items you use every day, like your favorite perfume.


11. Sink With Storage


Who would have thought that you could use a salad bowl (Yes, salad bowl!) as a sink? Pure genius? We think so. And as if this hack couldn’t get any better, the vanity is also a lacquered IKEA dresser. Click here for the DIY tutorial!


12. A Cozy Hamster Home Made From a Bookshelf


This awesome hamster habitat won the Hack of the Year in 2010, and it’s easy to see why: Some small modifications to the Expedit—plus a little glass—turned IKEA’s beloved shelving system into a great home for your furry friend.

These 12 IKEA hacks will definitely make your life easier and your home update cheaper, too!

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