13 #Shelfies To Inspire Your Fall Decor

Sprucing up our homes for fall feels like spring cleaning's chic older sister. You can swap bright colors for earthier tones, decorate with pumpkins and mums, and add a little bit of Pumpkin Spice to... everything. While you're preparing to bunker down for winter, making your home feel cozy with products that match your style is definitely a must, and it's not as difficult as you might think. We rounded up 13 #shelfies — from pantries to skincare cabinets to bookshelves — to inspire your next decor update.

Skincare Shelfies

Pretty glassware, empty candle jars, and plants will elevate your skincare cabinet with special, unexpected details.

If you prefer simplicity in your skincare routine, try out a tiny yet pretty shelf. You'll be able to keep everything in one place, and you'll only be able to buy what can fit!

A monochromatic skincare cabinet is a whole new level of chic.

If you have ample space on your hands, consider dividing your products by color to create an ombre shelfie. Buying turntables or risers to stick inside your cabinet will help you maximize the space.

Decor Shelfies

Use as much vertical space in your home as you can, especially if you live somewhere tiny. Mix some knickknacks or souvenirs in with your dishes to make it one of a kind.

While you don't have to buy your decor in pairs, using vases or statues that are similar in color and size will give your shelf some balanced symmetry. Choosing a general theme will help tie everything together... take, for example, this Greek-inspired shelfie.

Don't underestimate the power of empty space! Keep things simple with a few of your favorite books and some statement vases.

Turn the covers of your favorite books forward to change up your shelves. Add in some stuffed animals and figurines for some final details.

Your furniture can be just as fun to look at as the decor you put on it, and a statement shelf will make all of your plants and vases that much more enchanting.

If you have a shelf with symmetrical structure, don't be afraid to go crazy in each cubical for some organized chaos. Mix up proportions, colors, and shapes.

Pantry Shelfies

Stock up on a bunch of the same containers for a cohesive look, and make sure you label everything to keep things organized. Choose one or two accent colors to bring your pantry together.

Add some fun paint to the walls that'll shine through and make your shelves even more fun to look at.

Organize in all the colors of of the rainbow for a truly magical shelfie.

Which shelfie is your favorite? How are you decorating for fall this year? Let us know on Twitter and follow us on Pinterest for more decor inspiration!