14 Creative Ways to Use Contact Paper in Your Home

Whether you are trying to decorate a small apartment or save money on a room revamp, contact paper can help you achieve a sophisticated look. This temporary wallpaper comes in a variety of shades and textures that you can use to transform your space.

What is contact paper?

Contact paper is an inexpensive material that has a design on one side and adhesive on the other. This wallpaper alternative is sold in rolls and can be cut to fit your space.

Many people choose to use contact paper because its durable, easy to apply and not permanent. Removing the design is simple you just use a hairdryer to heat the paper and easily peel it off the wall. Any leftover residue can be washed with an adhesive remover to leave the wall sparkling clean and damage-free. If youre renting, this material will allow you to level-up your space without breaking your lease agreement.

Common contact paper designs

Similar to wallpaper, there are an endless number of contact paper designs. However, its helpful to be familiar with a few popular styles.

photo that shows contact paper designs

Marble contact paper

Marble can be very expensive. If you like this style, try getting the same polished look with marble contact paper. This design is often used on kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Granite contact paper

Similar to marble, granite contact paper is a cost-effective way to achieve the refined look of the stone. Your dream of granite countertops can come true with this contact paper.

Stainless steel contact paper

Is your fridge or dishwasher looking dingy? Theres no need to replace an appliance that is in working condition. Instead, you can use stainless steel contact paper to refresh its look.

Translucent contact paper

Adding this translucent texture to a shower door or window will give you privacy. You may choose to cover the entire window with this contact paper or get creative with a unique design.

Brick contact paper

For a traditional fireplace or rustic accent wall, brick contact paper is your answer. This pattern is easy to apply and will create a warm and welcoming feel in your home.

Wood contact paper

If you want a shiplap wall or to cover up any old tile floor, wood contact paper will give your home a more natural feel. In addition, this type of contact paper is used to revamp furniture like coffee tables or dressers.

14 ways to use contact paper in your home

While contact paper was traditionally used as a shelf-liner, there are many modern and creative ways to utilize this material. Today we have 14 ways to decorate your home with contact paper.

1. Dresser drawer decoration

graphic that shows a dresser with contact paper

Do you have an older dresser that needs a fresh coat of paint? Painting is often hard to do in an apartment and can take days to dry. Instead, try using contact paper strategically to conceal any scratches or marks. Cover the drawer faces with a fun design and find matching knobs to complete the look.

2. Ceiling fan fun

graphic that shows a fan with contact paper

A ceiling fan usually goes unnoticed. Make it a statement piece by decorating it with metallic or patterned contact paper. If you have kids, include them in picking patterns for their rooms.

3. Filing cabinet organization

graphic that shows file cabinet with contact paper

Increase your productivity by labeling the file cabinets in your home office. Pick a colorful contact paper to cover the front of the drawers. Then label them accordingly.

4. Wall decal design

graphic that shows wall decal made of contact papaer

The beauty of contact paper is that you can cut it to fit your space. Get crafty and cut out a fun design to make a more dynamic wall in your home. From floral outlines to geometric shapes, the patterns you can create are endless.

5. Chalkboard play

graphic that shows chalkboard contact paper

Chalkboard paint often requires many coats and the black color can often be too permanent. Instead, try using chalkboard contact paper as a fun way to spice up a playroom or create a helpful list-making space in the kitchen.

6. Stair flair

graphic that shows stairs with contact paper

Update your wooden stairs by adding contact paper to the side of them. Mimic the Spanish colonial style by including a diverse collection of brightly colored tiled patterns.

7. Stain-free dishwasher

graphic that shows stainless steel contact paper on dishwasher

If your home is dated, there are sure to be scratches and marks on your dishwasher. Cover them with stainless-steel contact paper and your whole kitchen will look sparkling new.

8. Bold backsplash

Graphic that shows a backsplash made of contact paper

One way to update your kitchen is by creating a tile backsplash. Depending on your style, this can be a glossy white rectangle or eclectic design. No matter your preference, contact paper can be used for an easy refresh.

9. Countertop contact paper

graphic that shows countertop created with contact paper

For a classic look, use a granite or marble contact paper to cover your sink counter. This trick will work in your bathroom or kitchen. If using it in the kitchen, be sure not to place hot pots or pans on the counter without a hot pad. The heat can warp the contact paper.

10. Window privacy

graphic that shows contact paper used on a window

Oftentimes its difficult to have light and privacy in your home. Curtains block out the sunshine, while clear windows can leave you exposed. Find a happy medium by covering your windows with translucent contact paper.

11. That new floor feeling

graphic that shows a floor created with contact paper

One way to make a big impact is by updating your homes floor. Contact paper can be used for anything from a natural hardwood floor to more colorful tiles. Many contact paper varieties have texture to make it feel more realistic.

12. Light the way

graphic that shows a lampshade made with contact paper

Pick a drab lampshade thats gone unnoticed and transform it into a distinct part of your home decor. Choose a design that matches your homes furniture and cover the shade with this contact paper material.

13. Table transformation

graphic that shows how to use contact paper on a table

Rather than buying a new dining or coffee table, try repurposing an old one. For a sophisticated look, try marble contact paper. If you like the farmhouse style, use a rustic wooden pattern.

14. Accent wall

graphic that shows contact paper used as an accent wall

Contact paper can be used on a small or large scale. Make a statement with an accent wall. Choose a simple design like brick or shiplap and cover one wall in the room. This statement wall will draw the eyes of anyone who enters the room.

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Marble contact paper inspiration

Aside from these basic ways you can transform a room, there are a few additional creative ways you can utilize marble contact paper.

graphic that shows ways to use marble contact paper

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No matter what design you choose, contact paper can make your apartment more stylish and unique. Try one of these suggestions in your home today!

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