14 Inspiring DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms That Youll Love

DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Creating the perfect kids room can be expensive. Why not save money and make your childs room unique with DIY projects? They are fun to do and having custom pieces just for them will make your child smile.

In todays article, we are going to take a look at some of the easiest and inexpensive ways to create room ideas that are tailored specifically to your child. We are sure that you will find that creating a beautiful space for your child is a lot easier than you might think.

Check out the list below for some crafty ideas to make your kids room fun!

14 Adorable DIY Ideas for Kids Bedrooms That You'll Love | Ideahacks.com

1. Pallet Shoe Organizer

Pallet Shoe Organizer

Organize your kids messy pile of shoes with this cute idea. Simply set a pallet on its end and then screw it onto the wall. If you do not want to damage the wall, then you can even use wall adhesion velcro that should work just as well. Just be sure that the velcro you use will be able to hold at least 50 pounds. Once your pallet is situated on the wall, you can simply store your childs shoes away.

What is great about this idea is the fact that you can tailor the design of the pallet so that it suits your childs room perfectly.

You can paint or stain the pallet any color your child wants, so this would work for any bedroom! Plus no more tripping over loose shoes or frantically trying to find a sneakers mate as you race out the door before school.

If you are going to stain or design it, but be sure you do so before you hang it up against the wall.

2. Ping Pong Ball Lights

Ping Pong Cafe Lights

Add some light and color to your childs room with this idea from Say Yes. With just a string of LED Christmas lights and some ping pong balls, you can make your kids room glow.

Just cut holes in the tops of the ping pong balls, slip them over the light bulbs, and hang the lights around the window, above her bed, or along the ceiling. This DIY is cheap and fast to make but will make his room cozy and fun!

If you only have white lights and not colored ones, you can easily remedy this by dipping the ping pong balls into light colored acrylic paints. You can even spray paint the ping pong balls as well. If you want to avoid that step altogether, you can find pre painted and already colored ping pong online as well if you would like to skin the painting step altogether.

3. Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloons

Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloons

Give your childs room a touch of whimsy with this DIY from The Joyeful Journey. Attach a small basket or paper sack to the bottom of a paper lantern with string and you suddenly have tiny hot air balloons!

You can use paper lanterns in fun colors or designs or add strips of fabric to personalize plain white lanterns. Hang a few in the corner or hang an entire fleet of them over the bed. Any little girl or boy will love looking at these fun decorations hanging from their ceiling.

4. Fun Storage Bins

Make boring plain storage bins pop with this idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Use Washi tape in fun colors or patterns to create graphic designs on your childs plain storage bins.

If the bins are cloth, draw patterns or pictures on them that match the rooms theme using fabric markers. To really involve your child, let him or her draw their own designs on the bins.

5. Mushroom Stools

Mushroom Stools

This cute idea from Moth and Sparrowwill transport your child to a forest fairyland. Reupholster some round pillows with red and white polka dot fabric, attach them to logs, and your little one will be sitting pretty on her new toadstool chairs in no time.

These are adorable for a forest-themed room and can be cheap to make if you find or cut the logs yourself.

6. Letters Wall Art

Letters Wall Art Decor

Personalize your kids room with these easy wall letters from My Desired Home. Simply cut the letters of your kids name out of cardboard and glue a fun fabric around them for quick and easy wall art.

Pick a fabric that matches your childs personality or room theme. You can even let your child choose the fabric so they really feel involved in the project.

7. Table and Chair Socks

Table and Chair Socks

If your child has outgrown some of their cute socks, no need to throw them away! This hack from Shelterness shows how to use them as fun decorations.

Slip some old socks (preferably in matching or coordinating colors and patterns) onto the legs of tables and chairs in your childs room. It will add some fun color and visual interest to plain furniture.

8. Chalkboard Wall

Lullaby Paints Chalkboard Wall

Your child will love that he can draw on the walls with this fun idea from 2 Little Superheroes. With just some chalkboard paint from your local hardware store you can turn a plain wall into an art gallery in one afternoon!

The paint also comes in an array of colors (plus the classic green and black) so this DIY fits any room theme. Let your budding artist really make their room their own with fun chalk colors and magnets.

9. Measuring Ruler

Giant Growth Chart Wooden Ruler

Let your kids find out how tall theyve grown with this idea from Not on The High Street. Fashion a wooden board to look like a giant ruler, attach it to the wall, and watch them grow before your eyes.

10. Performance Corner

Performance Stage and Entertainment Center

Let your budding actor or singer shine with this idea from the DIY Network. Set up a corner of your childs room with a raised platform (it can just be a pallet if youre on a budget), hang some curtains from the ceiling, and you have a stage!

Be sure to keep their dress-up costumes close by.

11. Mini Art Gallery

Mini Art Gallery

Make a cheap and easy accent wall with this idea from Project Nursery. Create a mini gallery of framed photos, artwork, mirrors, and wooden words or letters in various colors to punch up a plain room.

This is affordable and can easily be rearranged when your childs interests change!

12. Fun Cabinet Doors

Fun Cabinet Doors

Spice up a plain wardrobe or cabinet with this fun DIY from Shelterness. Buy one or two types of craft or scrapbook paper that match the theme or color scheme of your kids room.

Then Mod Podge them onto the front of the cupboard doors for a fast and inexpensive way to add color and fun to the room!

13. Stenciled Wall Border

Take your kids walls from plain to punchy with this easy idea from Better Homes and Gardens. Use a stencil to create a border of simple shapes like squares or triangles around your childs room.

Choose two colors that match the rooms aesthetic and alternate them for a fun, colorful effect. Outlining the shapes in white paint will really make them pop!

14. Headband Holder

Headband Holder

Keep your little girls hair accessories organized with this easy DIY from Tinker With This. Glue old clothespins to wooden boards and hang them on the wall to keep headbands from getting tangled in a clump.

It will give the room a cute feminine touch!

Make The Best Kids Room Ever!

The ideas above are just some of the cute ideas you can use to make your childs bedroom fit their personality. From decorations to furniture hacks, your kid is sure to love the fun new elements of their room.

Remember, you dont have to do every idea on this list. Choose one or two that really fit your child and make it your priority to do this project for them. Even if you feel too busy, these DIYs dont take long to make but will put a smile on your kids face for years.

We hope that these easy to create crafts have inspired you to turn your little ones room into a magic land. If you have tried any of these ideas before, let us know in the comments section below what you thought of them!

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