15 Products to Help You (Finally) Declutter Your Home

Look at you over there with your financial goals, career goals, mental health goals, relationship goals, all ready to tackle the uphill climb that will surely be 2021. First off: you're an inspiration. Second: as you're getting ready to own this year, don't forget about your home goals. We're talking about the big one: decluttering. How many times have you put one more thing into that drawer, promising that you'll clean it out next week? How often do you walk by the guest room and cringe at the thought of just how many clothes and boxes are stuffed into the closet?

We see you and we accept you (we are you), but if there were ever a year to put a serene, decluttered home at the top of your list, 2021 is that year. For starters, the best way to declutter is to actually get rid of all of the stuff cluttering up your home. For that, we suggest Marie Kondo's KonMari Method, which goes like this:

Commit yourself to tidying up.
Imagine your ideal lifestyle.
Finish discarding first.
Tidy by category, not by location.
Follow the right order.
Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Once you've gone through this exercise and you're looking only at the (hopefully) few items left that make your life better, easier, or more joyful, use these 15 products to help you get your home in order.

Marie Kondo Shoji Bamboo Pantry Bins ($30-$35): No roundup of decluttering products would be complete without something from the new Marie Kondo line at The Container Store. We love these pantry bins for cleaning up hopelessly messy kitchen shelving.

Poppin 3-Drawer Rolling File Cabinet ($269): At some point in your decluttering journey, you're going to run across a stack (or two) of papers you might not even need anymore. Do the work and find out exactly how long you need to keep certain documents, such as tax documents and health records. Shred anything that isn't important and find a better document storage solution for the remaining items, perhaps in the form of a sleek, minimal filing cabinet like this one.

The Container Store Nordic Storage Baskets ($8-$10): Ok, let's clear something up. Decluttering is most certainly not about rearranging your clutter and putting it in pretty boxes. That said, you probably do need some nice-looking boxes to hold the essential items you decide to keep, whether that's kid's toys, exercise or sports equipment, garden supplies—whatever it may be. These Nordic-style storage baskets from The Container Store are super-useful and also super-cute, especially when paired with bamboo lids.

Whitmor Honeycomb Drawer Divider ($13): This honeycomb drawer divider is really just too clever. The interlocking system can be used for underwear, socks, office supplies, and more.

Marie Kondo Clarity Photo Box ($15): Store the keepsakes that you end up holding onto after decluttering in this simple box adorned with a serene watercolor pattern.

Yamazaki Home Leaning Slim Coat Hanger ($38): Yamazaki Home is your go-to resource if you love minimalist style. In the interest of keeping your clothes off of the floor, invest in a slim, chic coat rack like this one. Put your best outerwear and accessories on it and it doubles as art.

Normann Copenhagen Bento-Inspired Wooden Organizing Tray ($60): You've got to have a desk tray. You know, a cute organizer for your phone, chapstick, a pen or two, bills, that kind of stuff. We're in love with the color and shape of this little number. Use it on your desk or anywhere else for a flexible storage option that's meant to display, not hide the items in it.

Copco Pantry Organizer ($11): If you've ever bought a spice only to find two (or more) bottles of it chilling at the back of your cupboards, this organizer is for you, m'dear. The tiered steps of this product (which got over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon) make it easy to see everything in your cupboards and are even big enough to hold standard-sized cans. Bonus: You'll need to fully declutter your cabinets to get this organizer inside.

Casabella Storage Caddy ($16): Marie Kondo may say that decluttering means you will "never have to clean again," but your shower might not agree. But once you've curated your tidy home, it definitely will make it easier to keep things clean. Know what'll make it even easier? This handy storage caddy that'll help you keep your cleaning supplies and brushes in one portable location

Open Spaces Underbed Storage ($128/set of 2): Underbed storage doesn't have to be in the form of bulky plastic boxes (sorry, bulky plastic boxes). We love that these storage containers almost look like vintage suitcases.

Yamazaki Home Jewelry Organizer Tray ($25): Picture this: you've pared your jewelry collection down to the few pieces that mean the most to you and give you that special feeling when you wear them. Instead of storing them in a box that'll have your necklaces hopelessly knotted up, you place them on their own minimal, two-tier organizer. Each piece has a place, and nothing needs to be hidden.

World Market Rattan Storage Tower ($130): For everything else in your bathroom besides makeup (towels, toilet paper, extra body wash, etc), you need a stylish storage option. This boho rattan tower is especially perfect for people who want to declutter and stay organized but don't have the room or the built-in shelving.

STORi Audrey Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Drawers ($23/set of 2): In your decluttering crusade, don't forget to tackle your makeup collection. Let's be honest: there's at least one tube of mascara in there that's overstayed its welcome. Old makeup isn't just a source of clutter, it's also a potential source of infection-causing bacteria. These stackable drawers hold everything you need and hide nothing, so there's no excuse not to keep your collection minimal and tidy it up on the reg.

simplehuman Sink Caddy ($17): It might not be the first thing you think of when you're tidying up your house, but a clean, organized kitchen sink makes a big difference in a room. Save your dish brush from its sad life at the bottom of the sink and use this rust-proof simplehuman caddy instead.

Joseph Joseph Large Drawer Organizer ($15): If you have enough forks, spoons, and knives for your entire extended family and guests to sit down for dinner, you may have too many place settings. (And let's be honest, expansive dinner parties probably haven't been top of mind for you lately.) Once you've pared your collection down to the silverware you actually need, keep it tidy in this drawer organizer. You'll probably free up even more room for other kitchen implements with the nifty, space-saving design.

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