17 People Share Their Ideas for Creating Secret Room or Spaces . You Can Feel Like Alice in Wonderland

Most of us love any kind of storage space or secret room. There are people who construct well hidden extra drawers, shelves or arrange more rooms in their homes by themselves. All these secret spaces are invisible to the naked eye and you need to know what knob to pull to get into this secret world.

#1 A Staircase Hidden Under a Round Table


#2 A Boy Has Made Himself a Secret Base in the Kitchen Cupboard

#3 On the other Side of Wardrobe Is a Staircase Leading to Other Rooms


#4 A Very Clever Stash of Beer

#5 A Man Built a House for His Sweetheart With a Hidden Engagement Ring


#6 Behind the Kitchen Cupboard Is a Pantry


#7 Behind a Painting Is a Door That Leads to a Home Library

#8 A Clever Spice Cabinet


#9 A Closet Hides a Secret Door Leading to a Sitting Area


#10 a Sideboard Creates Hidden Storage Space


#11 Patent for How to Penetrate Stone Walls

#12 A Secret Room Under the Stairs


#13 A Liquor Cabinet Hidden in a Bookcase


#14 The Janitor Has a Brush Storage Room Hidden Behind the Wall at School


#15 A Recipe for Making a Secret Stash in a Book

#16 A Cuddly Toy Holds All the Treasures


#17 A Secret Compartment Under the Back of a Chair



Dad made a magical room under the stairs for his 8-year-old daughter that was modeled after the Harry Potter books. The girl likes the Ravenclaw house best.


In 1963, a Turk began renovating his house. He demolished the wall in the basement and to his surprise appeared a secret room that led to an underground tunnel. The corridor ran straight into the ancient city of Derinkuyu. Persecuted Christians were supposed to be hiding there. The city is located 85 meters underground and has 8 levels. It was first mentioned in the 4th century BC.


What caches have you been able to build?

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