2021 Passionate Penny Pincher Planner and Bible Journaling: They’re Almost Here!

Oh my goodness. We're almost there. 


In less than two weeks, the Passionate Penny Pincher 2021 Home Planners, New Testament Bible Journaling Pack, and Slow Cooker Menu Plans launch, and I know you are going to just love these.

(And from what I've seen from you all on Facebook and Instagram, you're a wee bit excited too)!


I wanted to share all the details here, because we're getting oodles of questions every single day about everything that's coming up. So, here's everything you need to know (all tidy and wrapped up in one happy place)!

(You can also get a free sneak peek PDF version right over HERE sent to your inbox. Woot!)

When does the Passionate Penny Pincher 2021 Planner Launch?

Sunday, September 20th at 7PM Eastern Time

What else will launch with the Passionate Penny Pincher 2021 Home Planner, and what's included this year with the Passionate Penny Pincher Planner?

We'll be launching the 2021 Home Planner, New Testament Journals, Menu Planning Made Easy Slow Cooker Series cards and

2021 Home Planner – $39 on launch day (until 12 noon Eastern Time September 21st)

Will includes PDF files sent to you as soon as you order, choice of striped or chevron print (order fast to choose your favorite cover!)

  • January – December 2021 daily and monthly calendar spread
  • 8.5″ x 10″ pages
  • Pocket
  • Heavy-duty plastic bookmark and ruler to help you easily plan your year
  • Durable heavy laminate cover
  • Over 124 stickers
  • Gold, sturdy twin ring coil binding
  • Monthly budget worksheet
  • Monthly bill pay checklist
  • Seasonal checklists
  • “Dream Big” pages for lists and goals
  • Monthly Notes page at the beginning of each month with action items to take during the month to stay focused on your goals
  • Monthly Calendar view, two pages per month
  • Weekly checklists contain planner space for daily schedule, complete list of daily home tasks (such as vacuuming, dusting, laundry), space for menu planning, daily “happy”, and documenting daily spending
  • Two pages per weekly checklist
  • Weekly project focus (for example organize linen closet, spice cabinet, etc)
  • Notes page at the end of each month
  • Colorful, sturdy mylar tabs containing encouraging scripture

New Testament Bible Journals – $21 on launch day (until 12 noon Eastern Time September 21st)

  • Includes 4 small journals, that coincide with the daily scripture readings in the Passionate Penny Pincher 2021 Home Planner
  • Includes 18 stickers
  • Includes bookmark
  • Includes Bible reading checklist for the entire New Testament

Menu Planning Made Easy Slow Cooker Series – $36 on launch day (until 12 noon Eastern Time September 21st)

NOTE: These are the same recipes that we had in our original recipe tin, so if you ordered last year, you already have these recipes.

  • 12 Weeks of Slow Cooker Meal Plans
  • 72 Recipes on 4×6 Recipe Cards
  • 12 Reusable Grocery Shopping Lists
  • Beautiful Storage Box
  • Daily Family Grace
  • 5 Blank Recipe Cards

Slow Cooker Series Bonus Pack – $12 on launch day (until 12 noon Eastern Time September 21st)

NOTE: These are for anyone who ordered the original slow cooker recipe tin last year, and would like the desserts that we're adding this year. Here's what's included:

  • 12 Slow Cooker Desserts
  • Slow Cooker Series Table of Contents
  • Daily Family Grace
  • 11 Blank Recipe Cards

How much does the Passionate Penny Pincher 2021 Home Planner cost?

Our lowest prices on everything will be on launch day, beginning at 7PM Eastern Time September 20th and through noon on Monday, September 21st. Here's what to expect:

  • Passionate Penny Pincher 2021 Home Planner: $39 (regularly $49)
  • Bible Journals Pack of 4: $21 (regularly $29)
  • Slow Cooker Series Box: $36 (regularly $44)
  • Slow Cooker Series Bonus Pack $12 (regularly $15)

Where do I go to purchase the Passionate Penny Pincher 2021 Home Planner when it launches on September 20th?

Head on over HERE and you'll see the Home Planner, Slow Cooker Recipe Cards and Bible Journals available at 7PM Eastern time on September 20th! 

When will my 2021 Home Planner Ship? 

The 2021 Home Planners will ship immediately when you order on September 20th. Note that our shipping facility is in Nashville, Tennessee, so the closer you are to Nashville the sooner your products should arrive. We do expect a large volume of orders immediately after launch day, so please be patient with our team as we work hard to get your products to you as quickly as possible.

Will you offer any discounts for people who purchase multiple products?

YES! Here are the codes to use if you're planning to purchase multiple items on launch day:

  • LOVE – $10 off $100 or more
  • JOY – $15 off $150 or more
  • PEACE – $20 off $200 or more

Note: Codes will last until 12 noon, Eastern Time on September 21st.

Will you be doing Crocktober again this year? 

Well, of course we'll be doing Crocktober again this year! ❤️  Here are the details:

  • Starting Monday, October 5th and running through Friday, October 31st we'll make one recipe from the Slow Cooker Meal Series on Facebook Live on the main Passionate Penny Pincher Facebook page
  • We'll use weeks 5-8 of the Slow Cooker Series for our meals (since we used weeks 1-4 last year). I can't wait to make the Italian Beef Sliders and French Onion Soup – so many yummy recipes in weeks 5-8!

Will the Passionate Penny Pincher 2021 Home Planner be available again as a PDF this year?

Yes! To help our small customer service team manage everything well, we're launching the 2021 Home Planner PDF files on Sunday, October 11th at 7PM Eastern Time. This will give us time to ship out all of our orders and make sure we serve you well! The cost will be $14.95 for until  noon on October 12th only.

Note: you will get the PDF files of the 2021 Home Planner as soon as you order. Printing it is EXPENSIVE (expect to pay $70+ to have it printed in color), so if you think there is ANY chance at all that you want a printed copy, I highly recommend ordering our physical planners when they launch on September 20th!

Will you be including a private Facebook group again when we order the planner or recipe cards? 

Yes! If you order the planner you'll be added to our PPP Ultimate Home Checklist & Planner Private Facebook Group. If you order any of our menu plans, you'll be added to the Supper Club Private Facebook Group.

Note: I truly think being in these groups may be more valuable than the products themselves! If you're looking for a place to connect and be encouraged, the groups will become the sweetest spot for you. I'm so thankful for each of these groups!

Can I order a 2021 Home Planner or other PPP product for a friend, and will they be added to the private Facebook groups?

Absolutely! If you order for a friend, send us an email at shop@passionatepennypincher.com after you order and we'll get your friend added to the private Facebook group.

Can I have multiple items shipped to different addresses?

At this time, each order can only be shipped to one place. If you'd like to order multiple items shipping to different addresses, you'll need to place separate orders.

Passionate Penny Pincer Recipe Card Questions

Will you ever get new recipe tins in stock?

Yes! We've just placed an order for new (beautiful and sturdy!) recipe tins that should arrive by mid-November and would make fantastic Christmas gifts. They will hold two sets of our menu planning card boxes.

I ordered the original recipe tin but would prefer a box. Can I order the recipe card storage boxes by themselves?

We don't have any additional empty storage boxes to sell. If you absolutely love the idea of the boxes, consider gifting your current set to a friend, and ordering a fresh new set for yourself (we'd sure appreciate it over here)! 🙂

I purchased the PDF Slow Cooker files but would prefer the physical recipe cards sent to me now that they're back in stock. Can you offer me a discount?

We've struggled with this and finally decided that we just don't have the manpower (we're a small business) to provide an additional code on the new slow cooker menu boxes. We sincerely hope you feel you've received great value from your previous PDF purchase while using it these past few months. We think you'll love the cards too, but if they aren't in your budget please know that you will receive (for free) an updated slow cooker menu plan PDF with the new dessert recipes when we send them out the week of Sept 14th. Hope that helps (and thank you so much for understanding)!

Whew, I think that's it! I hope this helps address all of your questions, and I can't wait until September 20th (mark your calendar!). Leave a comment if you have any questions at all ~ I'm cheering for you!

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