23 Pink Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Updating your home interior with a pink kitchen will be a change that most young girls dreamed of. As a mellow tone of the passionate color red, pink is considered to be a combination color that gives off a charming feminine aura. And is mainly the reason why it is often associated with being mild and soft. This is almost true with pink pastel kitchen interiors but this is not the only shade you can use for your remodeling projects. Depending on the type of interior you want to achieve, choosing from the variety of pink shades available for your kitchen cabinets might be a sufficient match. 

Aesthetic value-wise, installing a pink kitchen decor can transform your kitchen to be more soft and welcoming. Once added to your interior plan, pink kitchen decoration has the right amount of warmth and comfort that will make your kitchen a welcoming place for entertaining guests who love to cook just as much as you do. There are a lot of opportunities for your newly remodeled kitchen to impress your friends and you should take these chances as a way to inform them of the things you did to create a homey kitchen by adding pink kitchen cabinets. 


Studio DIY

It’s just so soft and elegant it makes me want a pink kitchen.


Kohler Signature Store

This space is bright, bold, and definitely screams look at me.


Crosby Studios

Very modern and on trend with the black and pink.


Popstahl Ralf Weibheimer

What a fearless color and invites happiness into the space.


Dual Designs

This design inspiration is a great idea if you want to add just a touch of color.



These flat-paneled high gloss jewel-toned cabinets create a statement.


Canadian Home Style

This small kitchen space offers a big statement with these pink cabinets.


Handmade Kitchen Co.

Adding this bold color on the island will be a great conversation piece.


Kitchens by Design

Great idea adding this piece to transition between the two spaces.


Tips When Updating Your Kitchen Cabinets

When remodeling the kitchen interior, you will be faced with the important decision of choosing the cabinets that you want to go along with the whole room. As there are many available options, you will need to weigh your cabinet choices with the consideration of aesthetics and functionality. Keep in mind that this space in the house is the area allocated for food preparation, cooking, and creating nutritious food to feed the family. 

Your kitchen should be kept as a place for you to make dishes that will give your family an opportunity to spend quality time with each other. A bright and fresh interior is the best starting point for this project. To help you create a fresher look for your cabinets, here are some tips that you can do when you are trying to update them.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Stop wondering how your kitchen would look like once you get a new set of kitchen cabinets. If your budget cannot handle the update, the easiest way to freshen up the look of a drab kitchen is to change your cabinets into something brighter. A coat of pastel pink paint will actually help you brighten the kitchen’s whole mood. A little bit of sanding and painting the existing cabinets in your kitchen will transform them into looking brighter and new. Before you decide on painting the whole set of kitchen cabinets, you first need to check if the frames and doors are still structurally sound. Knowing that the cabinets you’re trying to restore will be functional for the next years to come won’t waste your efforts. This is also the best way to discover if your cabinets need replacing instead of refurbishing.

Reface Your Cabinets

Do not let those pink vintage kitchen cabinets waste away. Wonderful memories that you attach to your existing kitchen interior can still remain even if you decide to spruce up the place. If you really can’t part with your antique cabinets, reface them will be the best option if its beat-up doors have been bothering you a lot lately. You can actually look into some veneer options that will provide a newer surface that will make your cabinets look brand new. These peel and stick veneers are easy to install and are a practical solution. It will not break your bank since it is affordable but it will do a proper job of covering up the scratches that your worn cabinets have acquired over the years. 



Very subtle and calming this color adds a sophisticated look.


Bienvenue Chez Vous

What a fun way to spice up your space by adding a pop of color.


Maria Kholopova

If you want a statement then go bold color and high gloss.


Kitchen Cabinet Kings

This kitchen is absolutely stunning and done to perfection.

Install a Pull-out Shelf

Having a pull-out shelf in your cabinet will be a welcomed change that most homeowners did not know they need until they have it. This is an update that most homeowners thought would be irrelevant but in reality, makes their lives easier. Installing a pull-out shelf is a project that you can do easily. With the right equipment and materials, this woodworking project will be possible even for DIY starters. You can even find video tutorials on the Internet that will explain the process.

Add some Under Cabinet Lightings

What better enhancement can you provide your kitchen with? Better lighting, this element makes a great difference. It is a simple addition but it will make working in your kitchen a more comfortable feat. Advanced under cabinet lighting nowadays can also be further enhanced with a dimmer switch. Installing this fixture in your cabinet will give your pink countertops a dramatic highlight. When done properly, this type of installation can create a mood for your kitchen that is usually found on the pages of interior design magazines. This is a simple job that you can carry even when you haven’t tried tinkering with electric lightings before.

Have a Cozy Window Seat 

Only a few will consider constructing a window seat but this is a lovely project that will create a cozy personal space in your kitchen. Before you decide on doing this remodeling project, you first need to check if the space in your kitchen will still be sufficient after your niche on a space that will be your “featured window”. This feature window will draw your audience’s attention away from the cabinets that surround it that is why it is essential to incorporate a character into this small space.



These touches bring me back in time with the subtle touches added to the space.


Neil Davis

Scream for attention because no one will miss this shapely vivid colored island.


Roches Et Pierres Sarl Lavrut

This kitchen takes me back to the bold contrasting colors that have become popular again.


John Green

A soft but unexpected pink kitchen cabinets added to upgrade the total classic style door.


Syndicate West Architects

Just the right amount of pop surely does wonders for this unique pink kitchen interior.


Soane Britain

Just walking in the bold colors help brighten up my day and a sense of happiness comes over me.

Install a Cabinet Crown Molding

What goes good with pink kitchen cabinets? A crown molding that complements the color perfectly. This additional accessory to your cabinets makes them look a thousand bucks more expensive than their original price. Crown moldings frame your cabinets and construct a more detailed look which is enough for it to be considered to have a detailed look. You might not have thought of adding this cabinet accessory at the get-go for some personal reason but they can be installed relatively easy. After the installation is done you will realize that it creates a seamless design that unifies your cabinets to the entire kitchen interior. 

Get a Plate Rack Installed

Keeping your dishes behind the closed doors of your cabinet will make them safe but when they can add more character to your kitchen interior, getting a plate rack that will display them will be even better. When you get a dish rack installed, you also free up some storage in your cabinets that you can use for other items. This simple enhancement to your kitchen will add a splash of interesting colors to your cabinets when you flaunt your interesting collection of plates and teacups. 


Neil Davis

Adding this soft pink brings this rustic home right into the current trend.


Tallulah and Rose Interiors

The iconic love for pink spills over to this amazing retro styled kitchen.

Final Thoughts

When installed on the right walls, your pink kitchen cabinets will create a highlight and will demand attention when you’re scanning the whole kitchen interior. This type of addition to your kitchen is simple yet a decisive force that will make or break the whole design. If you are worried that this color might ruin the whole design, there are a lot of pink kitchen accessories that you can actually get to reintroduce the color to your interior plan. Deciding on the accessories should be reflective of your personality. You are the person who will most likely spend lots of hours in this room so owning it through good looking decorations will be a better way of enhancing its overall mood.

Most homeowners with a kitchen that has a pink backsplash try to avoid redundancy of colors so they try to install black, white, and other block color cabinets. However, getting cabinets with the fuchsia or pastel pink shades can still enhance the mood and character of your kitchen. It won’t be considered too pink as long as you know how to accessorize your kitchen. Neutral wall paints can be easily enhanced with pink kitchen canisters as accessories. This type of kitchen enhancements is the basic thing that you need to keep in mind when you want to create an interior with vibrant colors.

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