25 Simple Winter Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Winter is close to you. There is nothing more pleasant than cooking in the kitchen while enjoying the winter vibe. You can bring this vibe by decorating your kitchen as “wintery” as you can.

Adding a winter theme to your kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. Decorative accents and some other touches can add the perfect touch to your decor. Try a wooden tray with a snowman design at each place setting, or a woven basket filled with evergreens and pine leaves. Put a pendant light over the sink to give the perfect lighting for the room. Consider placing a tree with pine needles and pine cones, and so on. If you still wondering what you have to do, here are some winter kitchen decor that you can try.

Decorate with Wreaths and Garlands

Another way to bring in the colder months is to add some decorations to the kitchen. Wreaths, and garlands can be made by DIY on cold winter days. You can also add greenery to garland and wreaths to give the area a festive look. It’s a good idea to keep mittens around the windows and a red berry in the centerpiece.


Make the nuances of this white winter kitchen more passionate and fun by adding some winter ornaments that have bolder splashes of color. Hang your wreath in the white cabinet area using a red ribbon, while for DIY garland you can place it in the fireplace area which can still be seen from your kitchen decor. Bold color ornament winter from thefrugalhomemaker.


This garland and wreath design made of greenery material can be perfected with a string light to add a warm impression to the room at the same time it can also be used for room lighting that has a price that is not too expensive. You can apply both of them in kitchen decorations at a distance that is not too far away so that they can be used as the focal point of the room. Greenery wreath and garland from prudentpennypincher.


Frame your glass windows with greenery garland for a more unique and different appearance, with this ornament you can wash dishes with a different atmosphere and view. This greenery garland which is equipped with a string light is one of the characteristics of a winter kitchen decoration that you can easily and cheaply copy. Greenery garland for framing glass windows from prudentpennypincher.


If you have pine leaves in your backyard, then you can arrange them into a craft garland to welcome winter this year. So that the appearance of this garland is not too plain, then you can add dried oranges and then string light yellow which seems warm and will be a dramatic lighting at night. Indoor green plants become a natural addition to the room decoration. Pine leaves garland with dried oranges from prudentpennypincher.


Look at the gingerbread wreath design, doesn’t it look cute and adorable? You can arrange it easily using glue to make it more glue and not easily damaged when used for a long time. In addition to wreath, you can also use evergreen garland which is perfected with ribbon ornaments that have bold splashes of color so that they are more colorful. Ginger bread wreath with evergreen garland from prudentpennypincher.


If you have an empty room above the kitchen cabinet, then you can decorate it using an evergreen garland combined with a warm yellow string light. In addition to the garland, you can also hang a small wreath in the open shelf area as a decoration that can be combined in one kitchen room during winter to make it look more fun. Evergreen garland above kitchen cabinet from prudentpennypincher.


Take advantage of an empty tile backsplash to hang a frosted wreath that is suitable for winter decorations this year, you can make this wreath easily and with materials you can get in your backyard garden. Not only wreath but you can also use miniature pine trees placed in galvanized pots. Hanging frosted wreath from prudentpennypincher.


There is nothing wrong with using a wreath design with two different sizes to decorate your winter kitchen this year, you can place this wreath on both sides of the chimney so that it can be seen clearly when your family or guests come to this kitchen. Hang it using a gold ribbon to make it look more luxurious and elegant of course. Two different wreath sizes from digsdigs.


Do you want to decorate the winter kitchen at a cost that is on budget? If so, then you can use wreath and garland decorations made from natural materials such as greenery. After everything has been arranged neatly, then you can hang it in the glass window area and on both sides using a neutral colored ribbon. The string light placed on the countertop gives a dramatic impression. Greenery garland and wreath as window decoration from digsdigs.

Pinecone Decorations

Adding pinecones and frosted evergreens can add a natural holiday feel to your kitchen. While frosted evergreens are expensive, they can also be a great option. You can also display them in a woven basket, wooden tray, or rustic cabinet. When decorating your kitchen with winter decor, you can add more decorative elements and items to it, including pinecones.


Pinecones and frosted evergreens neatly arranged on a wooden tray are one of the easiest winter decorations to make. You can complement these two ornaments with a glass candle as a lighting idea on the table that gives a warm impression to the room so it is very suitable for winter decorations this year. Re-polish this tray for a cleaner, glossy look. Set of pinecones and frosted evergreens on wooden tray from apieceofrainbow.


Do you have cans that are no longer in use? If so, then you can use it as a pot for a series of pinecones and evergreens that can be used as kitchen decorations in winter. Beautify the outer surface of this can with beautiful and charming burlap fabric and neutral colored ribbon. Place it in the kitchen area that is often visited. Use cans as winter kitchen decorations from apieceofrainbow.

Image (1)

This tiered tray filled with various winter ornaments is a very appropriate container because it can be easily moved anywhere according to the needs of the room. The combination of pinecones, pine leaves and deer statues will work well together to decorate the kitchen perfectly. You can try it easily and cheaply. Combination of pinecones, pine leaves and deer statue from midwestliving.


Pinecones decorations can also be applied to the kitchen by hanging them in the jar area of the kitchen spice container. Not only pinecones but you can also combine them with pine leaves that are still fresh and look green. The use of pinecones decorations is very easy to do without having to spend a lot of money. Decorating pinecones on a spice jar from bhg.

Think About the Centerpiece

Adding a variety of winter decorations to the kitchen can add a festive feel to the room. You can also add elements from your yard to your centerpiece. For example, you can use pinecones, red berries, evergreens, and add some winter ornaments such as snowflakes, snowboard, etc. Put those items on a tray then place it on your kitchen island as the focal point.


The tiered tray placed above the centerpiece can be used as a kitchen island decoration, you can fill it with some winter ornaments such as evergreens, glasses and wooden signs framed with natural wood frames. This tray is easy to move according to your kitchen decorating needs. Tiered centerpiece tray from decoist.


These miniature pine trees of various sizes can be combined with pinecones to be used as a winter centerpiece decoration idea this year. You can give another statement ornament through the use of garland and greenery wreath which are hung behind the back of the chair using a cute and beautiful neutral colored ribbon. Combination of miniature pine trees with pinecones centerpiece from decoist.

Beautiful-christmas-kitchen-decorating-ideaAdd charm to your kitchen island decor with a centerpiece decoration that is dominated by the use of frosted pine leaves, red berries and Santa Claus which is perfected with hanging lantern lighting above it. This lamp gives a dramatic and warm feel so it is perfect for winter decorations this year. The combination of natural material centerpiece from decoist.

Eclectic-kitchen-gets-a-christmasy-makeoverTo add a winter feel to your kitchen decor, then you can use a centerpiece decoration designed with evergreens and red ribbons that are applied to several mason jars containing candies and red berries. The white kitchen nuance makes this centerpiece design feel bolder and of course it can be used as a focal point for a room that is different from the others. The combination of evergreen and red ribbon centerpiece from curatedinterior.

Kitchen-island-stacked-with-christmas-decorationsDon’t let your kitchen island decoration look plain and boring in winter, you can use several combinations of miniature pine trees, deer statues, snowflakes and candy canes that are arranged into one part in the middle of the kitchen island. All of these ingredients can be found at the nearest store or purchased online at very affordable prices. Winter centerpiece with deer ornament from curatedinterior.

Looks Beautiful with Christmas Tree

A mini Christmas tree is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. For a rustic feel, add red and white stripes and a frosted Christmas tree. You can place the mini Christmas tree on your countertop or next to the sink. You can also place the tree near the window. Adding a Christmas tree to the window will give your kitchen a warm and welcoming feel.A-mini-christmas-tree-with-ornaments-a-red-heart-and-berry-garlands-plus-evergreen-wreaths-with-red-ribbons

The design of a small Christmas tree that is applied to this galvanized pot can be perfected with some winter ornaments such as snowflakes and gingerbread to make it look festive and can also be used as a kitchen decoration decoration that can be made with the family on weekends. This Christmas tree gives an instant vintage feel. Christmas tree with galvanized pot from digsdigs.


If you still have free space in the kitchen cabinet area, then you can use it to put a miniature Christmas tree that is perfected with several greenery wreaths of different sizes. The kitchen nuance which is dominated by white color gives a statement of winter room decor that seems more neutral. Miniature combination of Christmas tree with greenery wreath from digsdigs.


Don’t let the surface of your kitchen island look plain and boring, when winter comes, you can try using three Christmas trees that are applied to a pot of the same color but with different shapes. The pine tree that is arranged into a garland is a complement that can also be hung on the side of the kitchen island neatly and orderly. Three Christmas trees in matching colored pots from digsdigs.


Or if you have a kitchen decoration with a wider floor size then you can place a frosted Christmas tree on the floor area or rather beside the kitchen island so as not to interfere with your space while in this kitchen. Use a pot with rattan woven material as a natural accent that makes the room seem more vintage. Frosted Christmas tree with wicker rattan pot from digsdigs.


Window sill decorations during winter can be decorated more beautifully and elegantly using a miniature Christmas tree which is perfected with a galvanized pot that looks more shiny when it is impressed by the reflection of sunlight entering through the transparent glass window. You can also add other winter ornaments such as a bold red Christmas ball. Miniature Christmas tree as a windowsill decoration from digsdigs.


Decorate your kitchen countertop using two Christmas trees that have different sizes, you can put them in the corner of the countertop so as not to disturb your space when cooking. Glass windows that are large enough will allow maximum sunlight into the room so that your kitchen will feel more spacious and open. Countertop decoration with Christmas tree from digsdigs.


Winter kitchen decorations feel incomplete without Christmas tree ornaments placed on the surface of the kitchen island. A sprinkling of faux snow can be done on this Christmas tree as a sweet finishing touch, you can also put some of these Christmas trees in a shiny gold tray that looks more luxurious. Hanging white wreath can be an empty kitchen wall decoration. Christmas tree ornament on a gold tray from digsdigs.

Using winter kitchen decor ideas is an easy way to bring an outside vibe to your cooking space. Let face the cold season by having an interesting kitchen decor.