39 Little Jobs to Do at Home During Covid-19

So it looks like we are going to be at home for quite a while yet!  But looking on the sunny side of things, think of all those small jobs that you could get done around the house that you have been putting off forever!

Clean the Ceiling Fans from Dust
Clean and wash all of the light fittings
Clean out your wardrobe and place any items the family doesn’t wear into a bag to give to charity.
Organise your bookshelves
Clean out the fridge
Straighten up the pantry
Clean the windows
Go through your makeup bag and toss anything that you don’t use
Clean out the kids toy box
Weed the garden
Fertilise all of your plants
Start a vegetable garden
Check on your neighbours
Sort out your photographs and upload them all to the cloud
Sort out your tax receipts
Finish painting that room you’ve been meaning to do
Clean out the garden shed
Place any unused items on Ebay or Gumtree
Re-arrange your linen press
Clean the barbecue
Clean the oven
Wash the window screens
Remove all the filters from the air conditioner and give them a wash
Put together all the matching sheet sets
Clean the blinds or curtains
Refold all the clothing in drawers
Go through the medicine cabinet and throw out anything that is out of date
Clean out under the bathroom sinks
Finish any ironing from the ironing basket
Pressure clean any outdoor concrete areas
Clean any mirrors in the house with glass cleaner
Change any light bulbs that need replacing
Give light switches a good clean over with a bit of Dettol
Go through your spice cupboard and ditch anything you can’t remember using
File any papers laying around
Clean the kitchen backsplash
Rent a carpet cleaner and do all the carpet, rugs and lounge suites
Wash mattress covers and pillows
Move furniture and vacuum underneath
Cobweb the house
Teach the kids how to play Blackjack

Got more to add?  Let us know!

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