7 Additional Things to Make Your Kitchen More Organized

If you are like most people, your kitchen probably contains a lot of extra things that you either don’t need, don’t use, or just don’t think about. These things can quickly turn into a real clutter when not used, and can really get out of control very quickly. However, there are some simple additional things to make your kitchen more organized that can really help you to get back on track.

Install a Tension Rode

If you want to save time in organizing your kitchen, you should invest on a tension rod for kitchen organization. You can purchase one from your local hardware store at a reasonable price. This rod has numerous advantages for your kitchen. First, it will prevent your kitchen from getting messy. Second, you will be able to store many items such as cutlery, pans, woks, pots, utensils, and so on with this rod. Just adds S hooks to the tension rods.


Keep your kitchen cabinets tidy by installing a tension rod on the inside, don’t forget to add some S hooks to hang your pans and Teflon according to their size. The combination of the tension rod with the S hook will save more interior kitchen cabinets, besides that the S hook is also very easy to get at kitchen supply stores at very affordable prices. Tension rod with S hook in the kitchen cabinet from apartmenttherapy.


Not only in the kitchen cabinet, but you can also hang the tension rods and hooks right above the stove as an idea for storing cooking utensils such as spatulas and others. Use an S hook with iron material for a material that is more durable and not easily damaged, this storage idea is perfect for decorating a minimalist kitchen with limited space. Try this idea easily with your family on the weekend. Combination of tension rod with S hook on stove from apartmenttherapy.

Wall-mounted Spice Racks

A wall-mounted spice rack can be a great addition to your kitchen decor. The beauty of these racks is that you can store almost anything that you would normally put on a countertop. Whether you are interested in using these spice racks as a means to hold and organize your spices so that you have an easy way to access? Or if you are looking to create more space in your kitchen you may find that these racks will work well for you. The wall-mounted spice rack will save your countertop so you will have a decent space for prepping the food.


The white brick wall in the kitchen decoration can be put to better use, one of which is by installing chicken wire racks for vertical storage of several spice containers. The more spice racks you use, the more storage containers you can use. This chicken wire rack material is more sturdy and not easily porous so it is highly recommended to try. Hanging chicken wire spice rack from goodhousekeeping.


The black paint layer on this spice wood shelf has a sleek design that doesn’t take up much of the empty kitchen wall area, besides that you can add a tension rod on the side of the shelf so that your spice container doesn’t fall to the floor. This spice rack has four storage units that are hung and arranged vertically, with this spice rack it will be easier for you to find spices quickly when cooking. Vertical wooden spice rack from thehoneycombhome.

Adhesive Hooks

Another idea for the kitchen organization ideas of adhesive hooks is the use of them to hang up your gloves and other items you don’t want to lay on the counter or the floor. The great thing about these types of hooks is that they can be placed on any flat surface. You can attach the adhesive hooks on the backsplash or side of the cabinets. Either way, you will love how easy they are to find and how much they save your money and space.


Do you have free space in the tile backsplash? If so, then you can use it as storage by hanging two adhesive hooks that have the same color as the tile. How to hang adhesive hooks is very easy because it avoids drilling tiles on the tile backsplash which will cause damage or break. Use these hooks to hang filter rice containers. Two adhesive hooks on the backsplash from apartmenttherapy.


It is also a good idea to use baskets to your kitchen. Using baskets will keep your countertops clear and tidy. You can also place the baskets inside the cabinet or on the shelves. They comes in some materials that you can choose from. Such as plastic, wire, and wicker. You can choose that match to the rest of your kitchen decor.


Organize and rearrange your kitchen pantry design to produce a neater and more organized appearance, you can start by using several plastic baskets with a size large enough for a kitchen pantry organization idea, you can store all food stock in this basket according to the type and size of the kitchen pantry. his needs. An iron basket that is hung on the kitchen pantry door is an additional storage idea that can be used simultaneously. Plastic storage basket from homebnc.

If you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen decor but have a lot of things to store, then a wire basket hanging from the kitchen cabinet is a great additional storage idea. You can put some clean napkins in this basket by folding them neatly, then the bottom basket can be used to put some plastic plates that can be used whenever you need. Hanging wire basket from homebnc.


Store all your dry food or fruit stocks in one easy-to-reach place, namely in the kitchen pantry area which is equipped with several iron baskets so that it will be more organized and avoid falling apart. Not only iron baskets, but you can also use wooden containers that can be used to store several small jars filled with spices. You can try this storage idea easily without spending a lot of money. Iron storage basket from homebnc.

Knife Holders

Knife holders for kitchen organization ideas are a great way to keep your knives close at hand while not leaving them all over the kitchen. Knife storage is very important because it is easy to misplace a knife and it could be easily lost if you do not have a place to put it. A knife holder can solve many of these problems and allow you to find the correct knife with just a quick look.


This wool fabric that is sewn according to the size of this kitchen knife has several storage containers that you can use more optimally, this DIY storage is very easy to make with a sewing machine or by hand. You can hang it on one side of the empty cabinet, this knife storage idea will hold five knives more safely without having to use the countertop area. Wool knife holder from bobvila.


This slim magnetic knife holder is made of sturdy reclaimed wood and effortlessly brings a rustic feel to your kitchen décor. This wooden knife magnet will be stronger to hang on the wall by tying it on both sides using a drill and strong knife adhesive so it doesn’t fall easily on the floor. With the magnetic knife holder, you will keep it out of reach of children. Reclaimed wood magnetic knife holder from bobvila.

Wooden Plate Rack Pots

Plates can be displayed beautifully on wooden plate rack pots for kitchen organization ideas. You can find all kinds of containers on these racks. This item is very useful to put your dishes after washing. Besides being useful for drying your dishes, this type of rack can also keep your plates neatly organized on the countertop.


It’s a good idea to put plate rack pots in the sink area to put some of your cutlery that has been washed so that you can put it in the cabinet when it’s dry. The wooden handle on this shelf will make it easier for you when transporting clean dishes without having to move them one by one into the cabinet, which wastes your time making it ineffective and inefficient. Choose and use plate rack pots with pastel colors to give the kitchen a more feminine impression. Plate rack pots with wooden handles from homebnc.


If you need a storage area to put kitchen utensils such as plates, bowls and some other cooking utensils that are still wet then you can use standing plate rack pots that are placed right above the sink. You can use iron with a darker color for a shelf that is more sturdy and not easily porous or rusty when exposed to water continuously. You can use this dish rack according to the size of the sink. Standing plate rack pots from homebnc.

Use Jars

When you are in the kitchen all day long, it’s easy to lose track of things, especially if there are lots of things that need to be done. If you can get some kitchen organization ideas that will help you keep track of what is where, you will find that you don’t have to spend hours looking for something when you are in the middle of cooking or baking. You can use jars to store your kitchen supplies. Labeled them to make it easy to find and organized. When you have a good system, this becomes second nature to you rather than something that you are constantly checking to make sure you have taken out the cupboard or the pantry item.


If you have some unused jars, then you can reuse them as an idea for storing some cooking utensils in the kitchen such as spatulas and food tongs. Repaint this jar with different colors so that it can be used as a focal point for the countertop area that has a neutral color. This storage jar idea does not take up much space and costs, so it is perfect for those of you who want to decorate your kitchen on a budget. Colorful jar storage ideas from homebnc.


Not only used to store kitchen utensils, but glass jars can also be used to organize some kitchen powders such as sugar, coffee and tea. Hang this jar onto a wooden pallet for a perfect display idea for a rustic kitchen decor. Don’t forget to add a name label according to the contents of the jar to make it easier to find when needed in a faster time. Glass jar storage with label from homebnc.


Several jar containers equipped with white label allow you to find what you are looking for easily and keep the kitchen pantry decor organized and tidy. This storage jar is equipped with a lid so that it can avoid dust or insects that can enter the jar, use several jars with a larger number to complete better kitchen pantry storage. Storage jar with white label from countryliving.

These are just some of the additional things to make your kitchen more organized. If you are interested in learning more, there is plenty of information out there. If you know the trick, there is really no need to feel overwhelmed when it comes to organization in the kitchen.