8 Fall Candles to Burn If You’ve Had It Up to Here With Pumpkin Spice

Autumn, through no fault of its own, has become a little stereotyped. When you think of the season, a few things will always come to mind: apple cider, fresh maple syrup, and, of course, the great old pumpkin. Individually considered, these things are pretty great, but it’s easy to get fatigued by pumpkin-spice-and-everything-nice. Luckily, there’s more to fall than these expected icons—like these candles.

When you want to cuddle up as the temperatures start to drop and the leaves begin to change color, think outside the box. These unexpected fragrances are truly the best of autumn.
The One That Will Make Your Home Feel Like a Dense Forest
Notes: Fir, lavender

The vibe: There’s something about the scent of an evergreen tree that feels especially invigorating in colder months. A dash of lavender makes this candle the perfect olfactory bridge between the end of summer and start of fall. 
The One That’s as Warming as a Cup of Tea
Notes: Bergamot, hay, golden poppy

The vibe: Imagine going to a big, quiet farm and hopping on a hay ride with your loved ones at dusk. You’ve got a hot mug of Earl Grey in your hands and a crown of wildflowers in your hair—that’s where this candle will take you.
The One That Feels Super-Luxurious (at a Low Cost)
Notes: Palo santo, cedar

The vibe: Pair fresh cedar and palo santo, (used typically to clear away bad vibes), as in this candle, and here’s your perfect scent for starting the season anew.
The One That’s as Invigorating as a Nice, Long Hike
Notes: Oakmoss, sandalwood, amber, musk, tonka

The vibe: Before winter sets in, get a good fix of greenery that will tide you over until spring finally arrives. Tonka gives this oakmoss option a sweet twist—imagine roasting s’mores in the park.
The One That’s Like a Late-Autumn Trip to the Farmers’ Market
Notes: Ambrette seed, bitter orange, cassis, nutmeg, orris, musk, hazelnut

The vibe: No need to be too sad when tomato season comes to an end. After all, there’s nothing quite like winter citrus. Warm notes of hazelnut and nutmeg make it even cozier.
The One That Will Set the Scene for Your Dinner Party
Notes: Salty saffron, pink peppercorn, white suede

The vibe: When spices you’d find in your kitchen cabinet meet notes of rich suede, you’re left with a candle that’s reason enough to invite company over.
The One That Has a Magical Edge
Notes: Smoke, vetiver, spruce

The vibe: Something wicked this way comes—or just something a little mysterious. This is basically the candle version of casting a spell in the woods with your closest friends. 
The One That’s Like a Warm Log Cabin
Notes: Amyris, coriander, amber

The vibe: Earthy amyris (similar to sandalwood) is a pretty subtle scent, but throw in citrusy coriander and things get a little more interesting. This candle’s pretty amber vessel can also be reused as a drinking glass.

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