9 Ritual Items Commonly Found at the Dollar Store

Tight on cash?  You don’t need to spend a ton to keep your magical cabinet well-stocked.  Everything on the list below can typically be found at the dollar store.

1.  Herbs and Spices.  

The spice section is great for picking up herbs and spices that can be used in sachets, incense blends, and spell bags.  I’ve found:

Garlic (protection)
Basil (love)
-Chili Powder (used in hoodoo/voodoo)
-Oregano (marriage blessing/kitchen witchery)
-Onion Powder (protection)
-Chopped Onion(protection)

2.  Sea Salt.

Sometimes it’s coarse, and sometimes it’s finely ground.  Either way, there is usually some kind of bulk salt available for circle-casting and whatnot.

3.  Candles.

Tea candles, pillar candles, jar candles.  They have them all.  

Personally, I prefer the unscented white ones, which are great all-purpose candles for carving symbols in and anointing with various oils.  They are generally much cheaper at the dollar store than almost anywhere else.

4.  Seasonal decor.

Yule wreath tutorial with evergreens and herbs.

Of course, natural decorations always trump store bought.

But for seasonal crafts and decor, the dollar store offers a nice selection for the price.

I usually make a trip before any given Cross Quarter holiday for altar decorations.

5.  Incense. 

Truth be told, I am not a big fan of dollar store incense.  If I’m burning it indoors, I find it’s worth it to pay extra for higher quality incense.  However, if you’re burning it outdoors, I think the cheaper stuff is fine, as it dissipates quickly anyway.

8.  Small bowls, dishes, and trays.  

Ritual items for magick that can be found at the dollar store.

Find glass jars and trays to put on the altar for offerings, spring water, salt, and oils.

Some dollar stores even carry wooden trays that you can use as small, portable altars for outdoor rituals.

6.  Glass jars.

If you’re into herbalism, you know that you can never have enough glass jars, which are ideal for storing herbs, tinctures, salves and brews.  Plastic tends to break down and contaminate these items.

7.  Spring water.

For cleansing rituals and whatnot.

9.  Wine Glasses.

I mean chalices.  I have seen some lovely, very expensive pewter and metallic chalices, but honestly, a lot of them just look overly ornate, too ceremonial, and sometimes downright gaudy.  A simple wine glass is often more elegant.  If you really want to dress it up, you can wrap the stem with silk ribbons or twine, glue seashells to the base or tie charms to them.

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