A setting spray, a whole body deodorant and a personal shaver

From CB: I bought this set of spice jars and labels we featured back in January. My son helped me move all the spices over and I alphabetized them. They look so nice, they’re easier to find and the little funnel that comes with the set made it easy. Plus there are labels for just about every spice. Whenever I open my spice cabinet I feel so fancy. Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at on Amazon.

A setting spray you’ll want to use every day

Milani setting spray comes in dewy, matte and sunscreen formula, all under $14 a bottle. It has over 38,000 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say it’s more effective than the more expensive sprays, that it makes their makeup last all day and that their skin look so nice. “When I read that this was a dupe for Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, I had to try it. It’s been great! My makeup doesn’t move an inch all day at work and I’m constantly outside, walking and moving around in Florida. I will most definitely be purchasing the larger size when this small one runs out!” “I like this product! I use this product as a setting spray and as my last step in my makeup routine. It sets my makeup while leaving a more natural glow on my face. I have sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate it.” “Just as good as the Charlotte Tilbury with a significant price difference. I love this I will repurchase this setting spray forever.”

A mixing bowl set you’ll wish you bought sooner
From CB: I have this Pyrex mixing bowl set, I bought it March, 2021 and I still use it almost every day. You get three size glass clear bowls for under $18. They don’t have a great fakespot rating but I vouch for them. They’re durable, oven and dishwasher safe and great for serving and mixing. Most reviewers love them as much as I do. “Nice, heavy, glass bowls perfect for mixing anything of any size!” “very useful set. Great for double boiling, mixing, assembling salads, etc. So easy to clean and very sturdy!” “I’m really happy with my purchase. They’re made of glass so I wouldn’t describe them necessarily as light weight but they aren’t overly heavy either. They work great.”

A serum with azelaic acid for clearer, softer skin

From CB: This serum by trusted brand Cos de BAHA is formulated with azelaic acid, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. It comes in 5% and 10% strengths, both under $14. It has over 5,700 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot. People say that it cleared their acne and treated rosacea when nothing else worked. “By the end of the first two weeks there was a dramatic difference in my skin even the scarring and redness from my rosacea was disappearing.” “I was struggling with pregnancy acne on my back and neck… After three days of use, 80% of the pimples are healed and zero new pimples show up!”

A lazy susan for better cupboard and fridge organization

From Hecate: My kitchen is so poorly designed and whoever put in the cupboards hates short people. I can’t access anything that’s not sitting on the edge of the shelf. I got some lazy Susans and they help, but they are too low and everything falls over. I love these high-walled iDesign spinners because they’re sectioned, which would keep things from falling. But what sold me is they are made from recycled plastic. Of course they can be used beyond the kitchen – for bathrooms, art supplies or makeup organization. And they’re well priced too, at $22, on sale for $17 this week. They have almost 500 reviews with 4.7 stars from ReviewMeta. Oh, this is a great idea to use these, “I bought these to use under my kitchen sink for items like trash bags, dishwasher pods, dish liquid, etc. I loved the first one so much that I bought a second and now everything under the sink is easy to see and reach.” They work in the fridge as well, “Love it. It is great to have in the refrigerator for smaller condiments, and not have to dig n hunt (spins nicely).”

A whole body deodorant for peace of mind

From Hecate: I don’t know if I’m telling on myself but I’ve never heard of whole body deodorant. I was wondering what the difference between whole body deodorant and lotion is. This says it actually does block odor for up to 72 hours while lotion just masks the smell. LUME claims this is safe enough to go everywhere – underboob, buttcrack, underarm, belly buttons and even privates. And it comes in some really nice scents, too, like lavender sage, clean tangerine, soft powder, etc. I’m intrigued. I feel like I’d like this on hand for those days when I’m just not sure how I smell. It sells for about $22 and has 4.1 stars from over 49,000 reviews that ReviewMeta confirmed. Customers say it works, even after a full day, “It’s genius. It works amazing!! I feel so much cleaner and better after busting my a** all night at work. I use it everywhere!” Others say it isn’t a miracle, but it bridges a gap, “I’d say it’s helping. It doesn’t prevent sweating it just makes you not be super stinky.”

A battery operated personal shaver for smoother skin

From Hecate: This little $20 Flawless facial hair remover is about the size of a lipstick and claims to be painless, which I’ll believe when I see it. It’s battery operated, which is convenient. And gold-plated, so it’s bougie enough to make me feel fancy. The description says it’s gentle enough to use everyday before makeup. I’m lucky that I’m still at the point I just need some spot maintenance for my face. If this truly is painless, I’m sold. And there are six colors to choose from. And it has 4.4 stars from over 130,000 reviews that ReviewMeta confirmed. Oh, it doesn’t pluck, it shaves, so it really is pain-free, “It does not fully remove any hair, so there is no pain involved like when you wax or pluck.” People with skin issues highly recommend it, “I suffer from psoriasis and hyper pigmentation, so per my dermatologist, I need to avoid any trauma to my skin. This little gadget was the problem solver.”

A teething toy with a built in handle

From Hecate: Not everyone gives their kids soothing toys but if you do, you definitely don’t want them losing them. This adorable little penguin is genius. It’s both a toy and a teether and looks like it will last. The baby reaches inside the toy to hold it and sucks on its ‘wing’. Even when the baby falls asleep, the chances are they’ll keep a grip on it. Plus it’s a good size for parents to keep an eye on it. It comes in six different colors for $10 each or a combo for $17. The combo option has a little reindeer whose arms are textured. Over 22,000 people gave these little guys 4.7 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. Parents preferred these to pacifiers and thumb sucking, “I was looking for solutions to stop my 2 month old from starting to suck her thumb, I tried 3 different pacifier brands and several other teethers/toys and she didn’t take to anything before this toy.” Others found it works on coordination as well as soothing, “Added bonus: he has found creative ways to hold it which forces him to work on manipulating objects in his hands to align it with his mouth.”

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