April Amazon Purchases

Happy Monday, friends. We are starting week 7 of quarantine with no real end date in sight. Our daycares will be closed until at least June 29th, so I don't foresee going back to work before that's a viable option for parents here. What I have been doing to take my mind of things?! Busy buying all the things on Amazon. Spending so much time at home, you start to go on a little purging craze and then once you've thrown things away, you realize, probably needed that and now here we are reordering it! Here's a look at my Amazon purchases in April!

  • Melissa & Doug - Dust, Sweep, Mop || Actually a purchase from my mom for Sophia and it could not be more of a hit. Sophia started wanting to help us clean up at night and I saw this and thought it was perfect. It has all the "attachments" we adults need, so she thinks she's getting the real deal!
  • OGX Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner || I fly through shampoo, but of course conditioner takes forever. Needed a new one and went to an old favorite of mine.
  • Sharpie Gel Pens || I already talked about these in a previous post, but I'm still loving how they write and they really are great for lots of note taking and don't bleed through paper. 
  • Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent || This is where I should have read the fine print or looked at the price! I thought I was getting two full size detergent's but it turns out they are much smaller, but I'll still get a little over 100 loads from both of them, so not too bad. 
  • Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap || This is the first time I've ever used any Mrs. Meyers cleaning product and I don't think I'll go back to anything else. This particular one smells so fresh and came with a pack of 6 - hopefully enough to get us through the quarantine period. 
  • Blue light blocking glasses || I mentioned these in a previous post and am still loving them. I have found that they have really helped curb how tired my eyes feel after a full day of working on my laptop. Two for the price of one with these!
  • Elements of Family Style || It had been a while since my last coffee table book and I was looking for a little home style inspiration. This does such a great job of illustrating the best functionality for different homes and infusing the right thing to keep your place looking stylish even with kids!
  • Toddler rain boots || What kid doesn't love jumping in puddles?! I didn't have any rain boots for Sophia so when I saw a lot of rain in the forecast, I ordered these right away. They come in a ton of colors and easy to get on and off their feet. 
  • Spice organizers || I am honestly so in love with our spice cabinet after changing out to these glass jars. I did need to order another set because 12 wasn't nearly enough, so when the next set comes in I'll be able to finish this little project. 
  • Toddler pouches || Rather than putting Sophia's pouches into our grocery delivery, I realized that I could order these direct from Amazon. There's a great variety in them and it's the easiest thing to fill her up with veggies when she's not into the real thing. 
  • Push around buggy || This was my personal favorite purchase of April! Sophia is so independent and doesn't go into her stroller for anything, this was the next best thing, although she's more interested in pushing her babies around it instead of begin in it on her own! One of those things she's interested in one day and then not the next, but it does keep her occupied which is nice!

What's been your favorite Amazon purchase this month?