As discussed in the part I of this currently post, it’s been a busy, busy summer – – worthy of (at least) two currently posts

 So, here we go with part II of this summer’s currently post…

My goodness.  If you’re not listening to Taylor Swift’s new album Lover, are you even living?

This new album (in my opinion) is one of her best.  It’s happy, it’s light, it’s dreamy… start listening to it now.  Oh, and then, there’s The Man.  It totally has “If I Were a Boy” vibes.  BRB, listening on repeat.
I had no idea there was such as thing as snack-sized pickles, but I’m here for it!

When my new friends at McClure’s Pickles offered to send me some pickles to sample, I knew I was in.  Not only was July National Pickle Month, but I’m also a huge fan of pickles.  I devoured this stash by taking them to the office as a midday snack.  My fave?  The spicy.

My company has offices built into an awesome outdoor mall.  This makes it VERY easy to shop, and very easy to try all sorts of new services in the mall.  I spotted a new CYL Sauna Studio literally steps from my desk and I had to give it a try.

When you walk through the doors, you find a set up very similar to an old school tanning salon.  They have private rooms equipped with towel lined infrared saunas.  Each sweat session is 30 minutes, with a icy cool towel delivered 15 minutes into your sweat.  I’ve been a few times so far, and enjoyed each visit.

Benefits include lessening insomnia symptoms, weight loss, stress reduction, and pain relief.  Such a great way to do all of this!  I’ve been going once a week this summer.  I think it’s going to be really lovely in the fall when it gets chilly outside.
This week, I was invited to a lovely event hosted by an incredible female entrepreneur.  Hosted at a brand-new event space in the Rino area of Denver, I spent the evening tasting Wander + Ivy wines, while enjoying the company of other movers and shakers from the city.

Wander + Ivy specializes in single-serving wine, packaged in the most elegant glass bottles. Female-owned, organic, and local, I love supporting companies like this.

Spoiler alert:  The Rosé was my favorite, and the Red Wine Blend was a close second.

Click here to find where Wander + Ivy is sold near you, or to order online.
When I RSVP’ed to the Wander + Ivy event, I didn’t realize that the invitation said that the event was “cocktail” attire; however, I always love a good dress up.  I started digging through my closet to see what my options were and came across this dress.

You guys, I’ve literally had this dress for like two years.  It used to look sort of sausage-like – – you know…where parts are way too tight and the fabric is working way too hard.  I was thrilled to see that it fit, and just had to wear it for that very reason.

I paired it with black and white striped earrings, red sandals, and a red lip that I’ll tell you more about next.
Everyone needs a good red lip, am I right?  I spotted this via one of my favorite influencers Cortney Wheeler.  I love Cortney because she’s a goddess and has gorgeous hair/makeup/style, but I love her even more because our skin tones are similar.  If she can wear it, I can likely wear it too.

Protip:  Find a beauty blogger to follow with your skin tone.  It makes life easier.

This is the lipstick I’m wearing; the color is Sizzling.
Over the weekend, I saw an opportunity to have an aura photograph taken, and I thought it might be fun.  There’s a new metaphysical store in the neighborhood, and I popped over there to have my picture taken.

Now, folks, I should have smiled… but alas, I’m just squinting stoicly at the bright light.

If you know anything about auras, it’s the energy that your beaming.  In my case, I’m giving off a whole lot of pink energy which my reader told me was drenched in gratitude, high frequency, and visionary.  I’ll take it!   I’ve had these done in the years past.  I need to find the ones I had done before and do a comparison.  Completely interesting.
I caught the organizing bug this summer and went after my pantry and spice cabinet HARD, throwing away bags and bags of expired products and making way for a pretty organized space.  I should probably do a whole post about this project (because it’s so fun!)… but I wanted to share the labeling information that I found.

I’d have to say, I’m most proud of the way these spices came out.  These labels make the bottles though.  I found them on Etsy via The Little Neroli.  She is amazing!  Her labels are high quality, affordable, and customizable.  Example:  I would never have found an “Everything” label without her!  Great service from her.  Highly recommend!
This picture (on the left) popped up in a memory this week.  It’s from my many trips across Idaho back in the day.  I’ve come a long way on this journey.  It’s pictures like this that add the exclamation point.  <3

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