Best Ikea Finds

The new Ikea catalog came in the mail today.... and I found a few items that I'd love to have....
I visited my first Ikea store in 2015. Hubby took me there on a date. It was three hours away from where we live. I fell in love! So, I was ecstatic when I learned that an Ikea store was going in one hour away from our house, which I happen to drive right by every couple months.
I get it.... sometimes Ikea is over rated. Sometimes, I get tired of seeing bloggers homes that just scream Ikea.... like seriously - in my opinion, a house needs some old worn bits of history thrown in to make it look good.
The last couple times I went, I was actually disappointed in the quality of service and the cost of the items, and I told hubby that I need a break from ikea for awhile....
But, with that said.... here is a few IKEA items that I absolutely love!

First up... the BESTA storage cabinet. We went from having a filing cabinet, 2 dressers, a large desk, and a table in the office to just the Besta unit and a small library table! It holds everything for our home business and our personal papers, etc. And it has room to hold the printer and my chromebook and all our electronic stuff!
I love the simplicity of this cabinet!

Inside the besta cabinet, I have all sizes of the IKEA TJENA Foldable Storage Boxs with Lids in both black and white to help organize things. I put labels on them and they keep everything organized neatly.

This SOCKERART Vase is beautiful and versital! I love filling it full of flowers for my table! However, they just came out with a brand new dark blue color that I am completely envious of!

My POANG chair! We replaced an old, squeaky, glider rocker in our bedroom with the IKEA poang chair a couple years ago and my hubby and I both love it! We now have three of these poang chairs. (*my only complaint is that the ikea chairs sit low to the floor.)

The KALAS plastic bowls, cups and plates. My kids are getting older, so I'll probly soon get rid of all the plastic plates, bowls and cups, as I'd much rather have glass in my kitchen, but these are the perfect size for ice cream and for kids! And.... the lids from pringles chips fit perfectly on the IKEA Kalas cups. The MALA painting paper for the youngest to paint/draw on. Hubby made a artist station for her in the girls 'she shed' and it works great!
With that being said, here is a list of #IKEA products that I want, but I just can't quite bring myself to purchase yet....

If I had more room and a designated use for it, I'd get this RÅSKOG Utility cart....

ÖRTFYLLD Spice jar, and ÖRTFYLLD 3-piece oil & vinegar set.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to purchase the new  IKEA 365+ containers with the bamboo lids or the Better Homes and Gardens Flip Tite food storage containers for my pantry? Which ones would you chose and why? 

And I'm totally eyeing these DALFRED bar stools for our kitchen peninsula, after we finish remodeling.... I originally wanted metal with wood seat bar stools, but so far haven't found any at a reasonable price yet.

My dream kitchen faucet for the kitchen remodel but it's out of stock at our IKEA store

This brick wall paper looks so authentic.... I'd like to cover the wall behind our bed in it....

I love the RIMFORSA series.... the containers, holders, baskets, rails, cutting board, tablet holder, etc.... I want them all!

The TÄRNABY table lamp, in anthracite black looks enchanting to me...

I Love the lightness of the OFELIA Throw.... it looks perfect for spring and summer.

I am also wanting a new set of dishes and I'm looking at both the ARV and the VARDAGEN dark gray dish sets... I just don't know how good they will hold up, as I'm used to using my corelle.

A few other items I have my eye on are the SNIDAD basket, the SANDARED pouffe, a cow hide rug, and the TUVALIE and JOANNE throws.
Just writing about all the things I want, makes me want to go do some IKEA shopping! Wonder what I'd have to do to get free product to test?!?!
So, tell me... what Ikea products are your favorite? What would you never live without? What are you still wanting to purchase? #FamilyLife #AroundOurPlace #InMyKitchen
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