Bright Sunshiny Days

Hi and how’s the week treating you? Every day I am so grateful for the mild, low humidity and sunshine-drenched spring that we are having. I feel like so often in the south we go from 60 to 90 degrees in 2.5 seconds during spring so this has been a treat. I know that talking about the weather is such a predictable conversation go-to but the gorgeous weather has made a huge impact on my mood and outlook. There is truly something to be said for fresh, crisp air and plenty of Vitamin D!

Needless to say, we’ve been spending tons of time outside. Running, walking, playing in the back yard. I’ve also had the windows open in the house nonstop.

I think Finn would sleep outside if I let him! He LOVES being outside and gets super upset if the dogs aren’t out there with us.

Last Sunday I put Finn in his bathing suit and gave both of the dogs a bath with the hose on the back patio (it was 85 degrees!). Zoey did great and Finn kept saying, “Zoey, good girl!” over and over. It was really cute. Let’s just say that bathing Benji was my HIIT workout for the day. He’s got a ways to go getting comfortable with bath time but we’ll get there. They were both so fluffy and soft after a good brushing and a bath!

Here’s your PSA to clean out your spice cabinet. I did mine over the weekend and found spices that were years past their “best by” date. Oops! Finn enjoyed adding some of them to his collection of things he can organize in the window. He has spent hours over the last week moving cans and spice bottles from one place to another.

I have this oversized coffee table book in the living room and Finn loves to pull it down and say “big book” and look at the pictures. He likes the photos of the city at night best and says, “oohhhh lights” over and over.

We’ve also been doing a ton of reading lately. Last week I decided to start another TV detox with Finn because he was asking for his shows all the time. I’ve needed to use TV at times lately to get work done but it was getting out of balance with him. We went cold turkey a week ago and he’s done really great and has honestly been easier to entertain without it. I find that while he does ask for me to “watch” him do things and “read” more often (which are good things!) that he’s also better able to independently play without the TV.

It’s so interesting tome how toddlers are so different with TV. Some of my friends say they wish they could get their kids to watch TV but they aren’t interested. Some say that their kids have no problem with limits like one show or 30 minutes a day. Some say they notice a difference in their child’s behavior with TV. It’s just another reminder for me that there’s so much gray area in parenting and that it’s always best to know your child and go with your gut!

Last Finn stories for the post…First, I walked into the guest bedroom last week to find that he had moved two photo frames from the bedside table to the bed and was pointing at them saying “Mema.” Second, he was walking around yesterday using a computer mouse as a telephone and saying, “Hi Meme (pronounced may-may…what he calls my mom). How are you doing? I’m good.” I called my mom immediately to tell her about his little imaginary conversation. So stinking sweet.

And now I am off to spend my afternoon with these two crazies. (This was a pre-bath photo…they were VERY in need.)

And this cutie!

I don’t know about you guys but in addition to fresh air and Vitamin D, I find music to be good for the soul. I made a playlist for us this morning with 2.5 hours of uplifting songs. Here it is if you’d like to listen along!

I hope you are all staying well in spirit, mind and body.

  • If you need motivation to get moving, I have a new yoga class up on my on-demand page as well as a really fun bodyweight and light weight strength workout with a little bit of yoga fusion thrown in there. (If you ever need to find my on-demand yoga and fitness quickly, there are now links in the sidebar on the right side of the page!)
  • If you need to get your mind in a better place, join me in a daily gratitude journaling practice. I’ve been writing in this journal before bed every night.
  • If you need to feel connection, pause right now and send someone a text, email or note to let them know that you are thinking of them. Maybe share a few things that you’re grateful for about them or your relationship.


How are you this week? 

What are some things that you find really impact your overall mood and outlook?

How are you keeping your small children entertained/engaged/occupied while also doing what you need to do for work? And my hat goes off to all of you who are homeschooling older children. I truly cannot even imagine and I think you’re amazing. 

If you could pick your ideal, most perfect weather, what would it be? 

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