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4 Common FAQs When Considering A Home Remodeling Project in Northern Virginia

Here are four commonly asked questions by our home remodeling clients across Northern Virginia.
1) How Much Does a Home Remodeling Project Cost?
All home remodeling projects are different, therefore costs vary greatly. When determining the cost of a home remodeling project in Northern Virginia, it’s important to have a wish list and budget in mind. Cost drivers may include, the number of rooms being remodeled, the removal of walls and major interior reconfigurations, expanding rooms, building additions, upgraded fixtures and finishes, and unexpected nuances that may occur throughout the course of the project. Once clients see the numerous improvements and efficiencies that can be achieved in a home remodeling project, their wish lists tend to grow!

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2) Why Is It Important to Hire a Residential Architect for My Home Remodeling Project?
Whether you’ve been considering updating your kitchen and bathrooms, adding on a sunroom and new deck, or building a two-story addition, all major home remodeling projects benefit from the expertise of a licensed residential architect. A residential architect has the training and expertise to translate your wants and needs into a detailed design scaled to proper proportions.

Years of experience provide architects with the skill and foresight to not only see the big picture, but also all of the steps to get there. He/she will discuss and evaluate aspects of your lifestyle that impact your home design—for example, your desire for privacy, plans for family, traffic flow, entertaining needs, and your hobbies and interests. In addition to your immediate requirements, an architect will consider your expectations concerning future uses of your home. A professional architect continually improves upon his/her craft, understands current trends, is attentive to detailed distinctions, and designs with an eye for the future.

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3) How Does Design-Build Work?
Most homeowners don’t have the time or desire to manage relationships between architects and builders. We frequently hear horror stories of these two entities playing against one another, putting the homeowner in the middle. This tension can quickly snowball into poor project quality and higher costs. Design-build ensures a single point of responsibility and seamless integration of design and construction. A dedicated team of architects and designers works hand-in-hand with project craftsmen, estimators, structural engineers, and permit processors, to communicate and expedite the entire project from start to finish.

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4) What Are the Latest Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Trends?
In 2020, we expect to see the continuation of kitchen design trends from past years along with new, updated design ideas.
Open, bright kitchen designs are still popular as homeowners prefer spaces filled with natural daylight, high ceilings and expansive areas for improved workflow. Oversized islands serving multiple functions such as meal preparation, storage, and seating are preferred over small, oddly shaped islands housing bulky appliances. According to, standard island sizes are now over 7’. Many homeowners are now choosing island finishes that stand out from the rest of the kitchen. Two in five homeowners adding or upgrading their island cabinets opt for an island cabinet color that contrasts with their main cabinets. “Matchy-matchy” is no longer trending in kitchen design. Mixing metals and finishes and melding design styles, such as country-chic with contemporary, are becoming the new norm in kitchen design. In 2020, we expect to see the kitchen continue to serve as the focal point and prime entertainment space of the home. One of the primary reasons homeowners embark upon a kitchen remodeling project is to improve cabinetry and storage space. Built-in drawer dividers for plates and utensils, pullouts for spice trays, rollout trays for pots and pans, and separate wastebasket cabinets for garbage and recyclables are all necessities in modern kitchen design.
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4 Common FAQs When Considering A Home Remodeling Project in Northern Virginia
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