Cook With Healing Herbs and Spices Says Toronto Naturopathic Doctor

Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food as stated Hippocrates way back in400 BC and today this statement is still spot on when it comes to emphasizing the importance of nutrition to prevent or cure disease. Although many of us are familiar with the therapeutic use of herbs, as a tea or supplement, it is important to recognize that many of the herbs and spices that we cook with every day are also beneficial to your health.

Here is a list of 10 herbs and spices, found in everyones spice racks that have powerful healing benefits.

Black Pepperis so innocuous and common that it is easy to forget that peppercorns have all kinds of benefits for the body, as a pain reliever, decongestant and weight loss aid. Black pepper also acts synergistically with other spices to facilitate their healing benefits. Black peppercorns can easily be added to any savory dish and also enhance the flavor of strawberries.

Cardamomis especially beneficial to the mouth and the digestive system as it kills harmful bacteria that can be found in the mouth and the gut. It is also a mild blood thinner. Cardamom can be added to a tea and is a common ingredient in Chai tea. Cardamom can also be added to meat dishes, curries, and chilis.

Cayenne peppercontains capsaicin, a compound that helps to burn body fat and reduce your appetite. It also clears the sinuses and relieves coughs. Cayenne pepper can be added chilis and curries and rubbed onto meats. A dash of cayenne can also be added to a cup of hot chocolate.

Cinnamoncontains cinnamaldehyde, an antioxidant that controls inflammation and also helps to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Get more cinnamon in your life by adding it to baking, porridge, toast, hot drinks, meat rubs, and spicy dishes.

Garliccontains allicin, which is a known infection fighter. It reduces high cholesterol and high blood pressure and is useful in combating the common cold. You can add garlic to almost any savory dish, including soups, curries, chilis, and meats. It can also be chopped up and added raw to salads or used with tomato to make bruschetta.

Gingeris a well-known anti-inflammatory and decongestant that also fights nausea. It is especially used for seasickness and car sickness. It also placates muscle and joint pain. Ginger can be added to lemonades and teas and also mixed into chilis and curries. It can be rubbed on meats and added as an ingredient into all kinds of baked goods.

Rosemarycontains rosmarinic acid, which serves to reduce nasal and chest congestion. You can drink it as a tea or add it to soups. It can also be used to flavor vegetables and meat, especially chicken or lamb.

Sageimproves cognition, memory and helps to clear LDL cholesterol and balance blood sugar. Sage has a very strong, lemony flavor and goes best with pork, beef, duck and chicken recipes. It can also be chopped up with butter and stirred into pasta.

Turmericis a potent anti-inflammatory, liver, lung and blood cleaner and cancer fighter. It helps tone the organs and clear the skin. Turmeric can be added to smoothies, chilis, and curries, cooked with vegetables and rice and rubbed on meat and fish.

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