Diary of a Homemaker’s Week: Buzz Buzz Buzz


Saturday:   We had quite a long afternoon away from home but it's been awfully nice in some ways.   For one thing we went to the funeral.

I didn't refuse to turn around and come home, which John immediately put in to do after the service.  I pointed out that we could do as he suggested but by the time we got home it would be about 5pm and that meant leaving home again by 5:30 since we had to stop and pick up an item that we were requested to bring with us to the group meeting tonight at 6:30.  John could see quite plainly that going home really was a waste of time.   

So we went out to eat at a pizza place we haven't been to in quite a long while.  I hadn't thought we'd get a meal out today but it made sense to stop and have something since we typically have light snacks only at the meeting.  As we sat there I kept feeling vaguely dissatisfied.

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