DIY Beauty Products & Remedies to Try at Home

diy beauty products and remedies


The current climate has inspired many DIY projects from baking homemade bread, banana or otherwise, to taking beauty treatments into our own hands, whether it’s out of boredom or necessity. Beauty treatments especially can be a great way to take a moment to slow down and focus on something other than the news or social media. If you have to do them anyway, why not take a little extra time to really enjoy the experience?


DIY Beauty Products and Remedies

If you’re removing your makeup from sitting in Zoom meetings all day, you can turn it into a mini facial. If you’ve just successfully removed your gel mani, follow up with a fresh coat of polish and a bit of TLC for your hands. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a few easy ways you can treat yourself with little to no extra cost, from DIY remedies you can find in your pantry courtesy of Priyanka Chopra to Naked Beauty’s hydrating face mask you can make with just a few ingredients and plenty more. Keep reading to see our picks. 


An Easy At-Home Facial Courtesy of LaBeautyologist

If you’re missing your favorite pampering facial and that post-facial glow, esthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith has you covered. Nayamka who also goes by Nay or LaBeautyologist as she’s known to her twitter followers breaks down an easy at-home facial you can do with products you already own. She begins with a gentle oil cleanse and facial massage followed by a gel cleanse, a calming toner, a hydrating mask, and a bit of steam. She wraps up this deeply hydrating facial with a lightweight moisturizer and a balm. For the full details, product breakdown, and Nay’s tips, check out the video. 


Priyanka Chopra’s DIY Beauty Secrets

Your best beauty products aren’t just in your bathroom cabinet. Priyanka Chopra dipped into her pantry to share a few DIY beauty recipes with Vogue. Proving that beauty doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, she mixes 3 ingredients for an easy hair mask/scalp treatment, uses sea salt to mix up a lip scrub, and uses a common spice to make a body scrub. She breaks down all the details in the video for Vogue. 


DIY Salt and Sugar Body Scrubs

Your face isn’t the only thing that could benefit from a bit of extra pampering and self-care, a full body scrub is an easy way to get the spa experience at home while softening and moisturizing skin. Youtuber Ariane, abetweene on her social media, shares easy salt and sugar scrubs that rival store-bought exfoliants. Her salt scrub uses relaxing Epsom salts, almond and rosehip oils, and dried rose petals and her sugar scrub exfoliates with brown sugar. Check out the video to see her process.


An Easy DIY Sugar and Honey Lip Scrub

Charlotte uses two ingredients to make this sweet scrub to buff away dry skin and moisturize lips. She also shares another useful lip exfoliating tip, brushing lips gently with a toothbrush before going in with a scrub. After leaving the scrub on to let the honey work it’s magic she follows up with a hydrating balm after rinsing. Check out the easy and quick DIY in her video.


A Spa Day Without the Spa From Naked Beauty

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🌹We’re now 10K followers strong🌹 ⁣ To celebrate I thought I’d share the ORIGINAL iPhone photo shoot behind the #nakedbeautypodcast logo ✨ Just me in my favorite DIY #TumericMask before an event (hence the lashes and earrings) ✨⁣ ⁣ Thank you so much to everyone who has been following this page from the very beginning. I’ve never had social media managers doing editorial calendars — just me posting the beauty content that inspires me and more importantly… Talking to all of you! Getting to know all of you✨ ⁣ I have so many ‘friends in my head’ from this account and chatting on DM lifts my spirits daily 💗 Thank you for this community — the Naked Beauty Planet 🌎 means so much to me ✨

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Grab your robe and light your favorite candles, Brooke DeVard (previously featured in our Favorites series) shares everything you need to get luxurious spa-worthy beauty treatments at home from head to toe, including easy tips for spa water. All her DIY’s are easy and all-natural with products you likely already own from a 3 ingredient avocado hair mask to a yogurt face mask that works alone or with other products you have at home. Listen as Brooke breaks down all the recipes and the benefits of each ingredient. 


Taye Hansberry’s Step-by-Step Guide to Gel Nail Removal

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Having so much fun with my quarantine mani’s.. right hand /left hand. I created this using stuff I had around the house. Old polish because it never goes bad.. (I actually have bottles from 8 years ago) and @mrkate Beauty Marks(temp tattoo’s) from 4 Coachella’s ago that I found in my office clean out last week. Also obsessed with both hands being different. How are you guys staying creative? @sydneyevan initial signet ring @prettyconnectedshop boss ring @welovecoco @allenschwartz blazer • • • • • • #chanelnails #nailart #bloggernails #diymanicure #longnails #nails #beautifulnails #stylish #nailstyles #lovenails #shiny #polish #nailpolish #nailswag

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Gel nails are a tricky thing, for one they look amazing and last way longer than your average mani, they also don’t take as long as regular polish so you’re in and out of the salon without the extra wait for them to dry. The downside? The removal process usually requires a visit to the salon and with salons closed, many are looking for a way to remove old gel manis without damaging the nail. Luckily, Taye Hansberry walked us through the process step by step on Instagram for Gel X and hard gel as well as regular gel nails, using tools you likely already have, acetone, cotton pads, nail files, and other nail tools. Check out the whole story on her highlight under Gel Removal


A DIY Manicure With A Twist

With your old gel polish removed you might want to add on a new coat of polish so why not make it a salon experience. Tennille Murphy breaks down how she’s been keeping her nails chic and neat during quarantine when she can’t visit her regular manicurist. She uses your basic nails tools, a polish remover, file, buffer, and of course the necessary polishes but she makes the experience a bit more luxurious with extra steps. She mixes in a bit of skincare like exfoliants, serums, and luxe oils to add that salon feel and give you a neat, nourished mani.


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