Do you ever look at the sticks of butter in your refrigerator and wish they were just ..

more? Revamp your relationship with these compound butter recipes that are too easy to make, and even easier to eat. At once. Just kidding ... kind of.

Making compound butter is a cakewalk. Start with one stick of unsalted butter so you can control the amount of salt and the flavorings that are in each batch. Whip with a hand mixer, your KitchenAid, a food processor, or a fork until soft and creamy. Add in your seasonings, pile onto parchment paper, roll into a log shape, and chill. Waiting two to three hours is your best bet if you're eating it right away, but it can hang in the refrigerator for about a week. It can also live in the freezer for almost six months.
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You can put compound butter in or on just about anything your heart desires. Sauté garlic and onion in a ginger-infused butter, spread strawberry honey butter on toast in the morning, or drop a disc of rosemary garlic compound butter on a steak hot off the grill.

Here are 15 compound butter stylings you should make immediately.
How to Make Compound Butter 1. Chai Tea and Honey Compound Butter The Kitchn
This easy recipe only requires a spice cabinet, honey, and black tea. Spread it on everything from buckwheat pancakes to an English muffin in the morning.

Get the recipe here.
2. Italian Compound Butter My Sequined Life
Sauté your garlic and onions for Sunday sauce (gravy) in this butter, infused with sundried tomatoes, garlic, and basil. Or set it out with your next cheese plate as a spreadable option.

Get the recipe here.
3. Cherry Tomato Basil Compound Butter How Sweet Eats
Tomatoes are a late summer all-star and come August, you are probably seeing all those tomato. This compound butter is one reason that savory biscuits exist.

Get the recipe here.
4. Ginger Compound Butter The Kitchn
This recipe works with your sweet and savory flavor profiles just the same, though honestly the purest way to enjoy it is probably on a slice of honey whole wheat bread or garlic bread straight from the oven.

Get the recipe here.
5. Cilantro Lime Compound Butter Frugal Mom Eh!
This cilantro lime butter is what you should be brushing your tortillas with before toasting them on the stovetop for taco or fajita night. (Perfect for lemon juice and lemon zest lovers.)

Get the recipe here.
6. Blueberry Lavender Honey Compound Butter Running to the Kitchen
It might be a mouthful to say, but you won't be able to stop sneaking to the kitchen to spread this on whatever you've got around. My favorite? Waffles on Sunday morning. Move aside, banana pancakes.

Get the recipe here.
7. Mustard Compound Butter How Sweet Eats
This recipe includes a sweet mustard version, and a spicy mustard version so really, you can't go wrong either way.

Get the recipe here.
8. Pinot Noir Compound Butter How Sweet Eats
This is seriously the steak butter to rule them all. If you haven't embraced red wine in all aspects of your life, now is the time to start.

Get the recipe here.
9. Lemon Basil Compound Butter She Wears Many Hats
You normally add lemon to dishes to cut the flavor of the fat content - why wouldn't you do that starting with your butter?

Get the recipe here.
10. Mexican Chocolate Compound Butter The Kitchn
This is the ultimate sweet compound butter and it is delicious. I'm not going to tell you how to live your life, but tossing in a pinch of chili powder would make this even better.

Get the recipe here.
11. Honey Sriracha Butter Rasa Malaysia
This butter would be perfect brushed over shrimp on the grill or act as the perfect sauté base for a shrimp stir fry.

Get the recipe here.
12. Rosemary Olive Compound Butter Feasting Freds
Think olive bread is good? Rosemary olive compound butter is even better and is so damn good on a toasted bagel. Cream cheese who?

Get the recipe here.
13. Bacon Blue Cheese Compound Butter Steamy Kitchen
This butter is so versatile, you won't be able to keep it in your refrigerator for longer than a day or two. Everything from steak to baked potatoes are upgraded with a little disc of this deliciousness.

Get the recipe here.
14. Spicy Buffalo Compound Butter Foodie Crush
Buffalo all of the things with this saucy compound butter that adds just the right amount spice to anything you put it on. Did someone say, buffalo wings?

Get the recipe here.
15. Blackberry Sage Compound Butter The Kitchn
If you've never tried the heaven-sent combination that is blackberry and sage, run immediately to your kitchen to whip this baby up. The sweetness is contrasted so warmly with the earthy sage, you'll eat it by the spoonful.

Get the recipe here.

These recipes are all building blocks - start experimenting with your favorite flavors. They will taste wonderful on mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, and cornbread. Let us know on our social channels if you have any combos we might have missed!

This post was originally published on January 2, 2017.
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