Elizabeth Olsens On-the-Go Skin-Care Routine Is Just Two Steps

We spend a third of our lives asleepthat means our bedroom is the most lived-in space in our homes. Its the room where we start and end our days, and thats why the rituals that happen there are extra-important. In The Wind Down, well be exploring the nighttime routines of people we admire and taking their advice to make the moments just before bed feel our besteven when were on the go.

When Elizabeth Olsen isnt busy relocating for a movie shoot, hopping red-eyes, or filming a late-night show appearance, she still finds herself on the go more than the average person. The actress enjoys traveling for pleasure just as much as she does for workespecially if that means shes headed in the direction of a restaurant shes been wanting to try out. So as shes racked up her miles (with the help of her Delta SkyMiles American Express Card), shes also honed a travel routine that helps her arrive at her destination feeling well rested and totally zen.

And surprise: Its nothing crazy. Here, she shares why packing a blanket is always worth it, her favorite plane snack, and what she wears to stay cozy thousands of feet in the air.

Cleanup: The first thing I do when I board a flight is wipe down every single surface with alcohol wipes. If theres a tray, I take it and I wipe it down. I wipe down the remote, the TV, and where I put my head.

Plug in: I was sick and Ive gotten better, but my ears still feel a little off, so Ive been swearing by EarPlanes. You put them in before takeoff and before descent, and they help your ears adjust to the altitude change. I think everyone should know about them.

Required readingor listening: Ive started listening to audiobooks. Right now, All the Light We Cannot See. When I recently listened to it on a plane, I dont remember if I dozed off or not! Im so interested in the story and I dont like missing it, so I always end up having to go 15 minutes back. I also love Haruki Murakamianytime Im in the middle of one of his books, I dont want to put it down.

Sound system: My go-to headphones are either the Bose noise-canceling ones or Beats. Theyre very similar, except the Beats can get caught in my hair.

Skin saviors: I always use face wipes to wash my face and I remoisturizethats really it! I love Biologique RechercheI use a lot of its productsand this Israeli brand called Future.

Cuddle up: On international flights I always bring my own blanket. I think Im colder than everyone else on planes. Im in a big sweater. Someone gave me a cashmere travel blanket that fits into a little pouch, so its really easy to carry along.

Jet-lag strategy: I just power through the first day. Thats what I did today. I was like, Do I nap or do I exercise and stay awake? And I really feel okay!

Travel uniform: Allbirds is great because theyre very comfortable, and I usually bring a set of pajamas that I change intoIm that person. I have a matching set from Barneys New York that I love.

Snack time: I really love warm mixed nuts. Im not drinking right now because Ive been sick and traveling a lot, but I also like a vodka and soda or red wine if they have one that seems halfway decentwhich, sometimes, they really do!

Extra essentials: When I relocate for filming, I have a second set of knives that I bring with me because usually the places you rent have pretty dull knives, and I cook all the time. Dull knives can be pretty dangerous. I also have a lot of doubles for my spice cabinet, so instead of spending money restocking, I just bring them. I also bring my Vitamixsometimes I have one suitcase thats all kitchen stuff.

Experience over souvenirs: I dont like making my suitcase bigger, because its usually already too big to me. My favorite thing to do is try out restaurants. Id been waiting for months for a reservation at N/Naka in Los Angeles. The chef was covered on Chefs Table. Its some of the most artistic, impressive expression of food, and shes just such an ego-less chef. Youre allowed to ask for alterationssay, if you have allergiesshe doesnt mind. She just wants you to have a good experience. Shes brilliant.

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