For many, the kitchen is a focal point of the home, but few things can derail your plans faster than a lack of cabinet space

While a major renovation using modern techniques would solve the issue, there are many simple remedies you can use to maximize the space you have available and save the cost of a big remodeling project.
Add Shelves
Adding risers can increase the number of things your cabinet will hold. Space is often wasted at the top of a cabinet. Using a riser on the bottom shelf can let you raise others and increase the overall available surface area upon which you can place your items. According to Hamm’s Home Interiors, stacking vertically can help you make the most of the space. This is great for spaces that are narrow but tall. It’s also a logical way to store long and wide baking pans, cookie sheets and skillets. Add spice shelves to create an impromptu spice rack and condense all your spices into a smaller area.
Organization Trays
An organization tray can take your mess of silverware, utensils and assorted items and put them all in their own designated compartments. There are many options to choose from when purchasing, but make sure to measure your space to find the optimal size. You should also ensure that your items will fit into your desired tray. Bulky objects or silverware from different sets may cause problems with a tray that has uniform compartments. However, there are plenty of DIY ideas you can investigate that will let you customize to your specific needs. Indeed, you can even check on things like vertical tray organizers for cooking sheets or pull out trays that can allow you better access to the back of your deeper cabinets.
Use the Back of the Cabinet Door
Though cabinets are designed to hold things, they are often filled with empty spots and hidden spaces that can be utilized for extra storage. This is especially true of the space right behind the closed door. According to Jenna Burger Design, there are plenty of options for utilizing this area, including hooks for towels or utensils, narrow storage shelves that can hold all kinds of small items and various other setups that will allow you to neatly gain a lot of cabinet space.

A kitchen with limited cabinet space is certainly a challenge. However, it is also an area where you can show creativity with unique and personalized solutions. From purchases to DIY projects, a little effort and planning can go a long way toward helping you maximize your storage possibilities.

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