Hack Your Pantry With These 26 Space-Saving Storage Ideas

These products will turn your kitchen into a thoroughly organized, well-oiled machine.
Rosti Mepal Modula 7-Piece Storage Box Set
A stackable set of seven modular storage containers makes organizing drawers and pantries effortless, thanks to airtight seals, see-through lids and a streamlined, space-saving design. Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom
Yamazaki 2-Bin Pantry Storage Container
Triple-decker. These containers are sized just-right to keep dry goods (say, like the staple trifecta of flour, oats, and sugar) close at hand without taking over your countertop. They come with matching scoops for easy measuring and steel shelves that’ll hold the containers like a dream, plus extra roof space for mugs or spices. Photography by Rocky Luten & Bobbi Lin
Blomus OBAR Kitchen Multi-Storage Rack
Keep some of the most important kitchen tools together in one spot with the Blomus OBAR Kitchen Multi-Storage Rack. Great for keeping a roll of paper towels, a roll of cellophane or foil, or perhaps parchment paper, within reach of cooking surfaces for easier access. Keep some of the most important kitchen tools together in one spot with the Blomus OBAR Kitchen Multi-Storage Rack. Great for keeping a roll of paper towels, a roll of cellophane or foil, or perhaps parchment paper, within reach of cooking surfaces for easier access. Photo Courtesy of Blomus
La Boîte Modular Magnetic Walnut Spice Rack
Build your own spice shelf. Build the spice shelf of your cumin's dreams—La Boîte, the spice experts, aficionados, and masters—have devised a genius system for storage (and display!). Walnut cubes perfectly fit La Boite's spice jars and, get this, magnetize to each other. The magnets are super strong so minimal mounting is needed (hardware is included for each shelf). Choose from a set of 3 shelves or set of 5 shelves to get you started and build up and out, adding more shelves to your heart's content! We've put together some spice sets we know you'll love to kick things off (or you can get started with your own spices and purchase the sets with empty jars.) Made of: Spice rack is made of walnut with metal magnets. Spice ingredients are listed below. Size: Each spice jar is 4 ounces. Rack set of 3 is 9" L x 3" W x 3" H, Rack set of 5 is 15" L x 3" W x 3" H. Sourced from: La Boîte Photography by James Ransom.
Made By Design Square Food Storage Container
From sugar, oats or flour to dry beans, rice or pasta, the Clear Plastic Food Storage Container from Made By Design™ will be your go-to food storage solution. This simple, clear canister has a clean look and stackable design to save you space. The white lid keeps your foods fresh, while the dishwasher-safe design makes for easy cleaning. Photo Courtesy of Target
Planetary Design Airscape Acrylic Canisters
Contain your excitement. These canisters go beyond mere airtightness: As you push down the lids they actually remove air from around your food and seal it up, giving you the best preservation possible. Oh, and they’re lightweight and easily stackable. Crowded cabinet, do your worst. Photography by Rocky Luten & Bobbi Lin
Yamazaki Steel & Wood Storage Basket
Stash and store. Clean, simply designed steel storage baskets will find their way into all the rooms in your home. The small could live on a console table to collect keys and mail, or fill it with fruit (the wide holes will circulate air and keep them fresh!). Or use them to corral all those cleaning supplies strewn willy-nilly under your sink. They’d make nifty pantry organizers—say, one for spices, one for bags of flour and baking supplies, one for cereals… oh, the possibilities! Made of: Steel basket, ash handles Size: Small is 9" L x 9" W x 2" H with 1.75" square openings; Large is 14" L x 9" W x 6" H with 1.86" square openings; Single Handle is 14" L (15" L with handle) x 9" W x 6" H with 1.86" square openings; Narrow is 15.7" L x 5.7" W x 6" H. Sourced from: Yamazaki Photography by James Ransom
Acacia Wood Top Canister
Practical and elegant, this glass food storage canister is outfitted with a rustic acacia wood top. Photo Courtesy of Terrain
The Floral Society Multi-Purpose Canvas Wall Organizer
Everything in its place. This heavy-gauge cotton canvas hanger looks great in any room around the house, which is apt, because it’s also perfect for organizing any room around the house. With durable compartments in a variety of sizes, it can hold a humongous variety of doodads and whatsits. Partner with the vertical version to hang side by side or discreetly hide on the back of your pantry door. Photography by Rocky Luten
IKEA VARIERA Flatware Tray
Do you also have to look around for the necessary cutlery and utensils to make the evening’s dinner a reality? With this box you stay organized, while the bamboo adds a warm, natural feel to the kitchen. Photo Courtesy of IKEA
HAY Sowden Storage Tin (Set of 4)
A splash of color (or four). Well, hello, color-happy containers. These steel tins were dreamed up by Milano-based designer George Sowden, who gets his inspiration from the 1970s (we can tell). Use ‘em to store coffee, tea, dry grains, lil’ treats...anything that calls for a fitted lid, really. Whatever you stash inside, these dazzlers are sure to perk up the pantry or countertop. Photography by Ty Mecham & Rocky Luten
Yamazaki Stovetop Grid Organizer Panel & Storage Accessories
Down to the wire. You’ve seen pegboards sure, but what about this more minimalist organizer? Not only is it a dream to assemble (phew) but it’s also a born de-clutterer. Intended to stand on its own thanks to the sturdy base. Now let the accessorizing begin: mix ‘n’ match hooks, hangers and shelves (that one with a little guard is perfecto for spices) anywhere on the mesh for instant tidiness. Photography by Rocky Luten & Ty Mecham
Onyx Clips (Set of 24)
No more stale chips. Small but mighty! Made from one continuous piece of 18/8 stainless steel wire, these clips are perfect for laundry, papers, in the kitchen -- both in the cupboard, the oven, and whatever else you can think of. We particularly love using them on open bags of flour, crackers, or chips -- it keeps things from going stale without any unsightly plastic clamps or rubber bands. Photography by James Ransom
Nils Strinning String Chef Kitchen
In the late 1940s, Swedish publishing house Bonnier decided to encourage the public to display more books at home, so it sponsored an international bookshelf competition. Out of 194 entries received from around the globe, first prize was awarded to architect and designer Nils Strinning. His String Shelving (1949) was an immediate hit, and one of Strinning’s original orders was for offices in the new UN headquarters designed by Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer in New York. Easy to install, beautifully finished and available in a variety of sizes, it continues to be prized by architects and homeowners today. The shelves are simple to move around, and when additional space is needed, you can add more units. This is the authentic String System. Made in Sweden. Photo Courtesy of Design Within Reach
Yamazaki Measure & Store Grain Organizer
Made to measure (and pour). You can give your measuring cups a rest...this handy storage container has you covered. It’s got 12 compartments for your go-to grains, and—get this—each one holds exactly 3/4 cup (perfect for when you’re whipping up a pot of rice, quinoa, lentils, or oatmeal). Time to get cooking? Simply slide open the top and pour. Oh, and with that tall ‘n’ slim profile, this one stows away easy, too. Photography by Ty Mecham & Rocky Luten
Planetary Design Airscape Ceramic Canisters
Signed, sealed, delivered. From the makers of that brilliant push-down canister seal comes a ceramic model we know you’ll love: Its opaque design is perfect for keeping coffee and tea out of the sun, and its bamboo lids are a pretty, organic complement to the white ceramic base. Keep things extra fresh by pushing the vacuum seal down to the level of whatever you’re storing, pushing out extra air and ensuring that you lock in flavor and freshness even as you work your way through your coffee beans. Photography by Ty Mecham & Julia Gartland
The Container Store Hermetic Glass Storage Jar
The traditional Glass Storage Jars have airtight bail & seal closures to hermetically seal out air and moisture. From freezer to countertop, use them for dry, fresh or leftover foods. They're also great as gift containers for homemade delicacies, and come in a wide range of sizes, large and small. Photo Courtesy of The Container Store
Yamazaki Expandable Countertop Rack
Room to grow. It seems we’re always itching for a little more counter space—you too? Now, thanks to this sturdy stainless-steel rack, you've got inches to spare. A minimalist vision, it's got plenty of real estate for utensils and pantry staples and (get this) you can still stash your salt and pepper mills, olive oil cruet, or a heap of cookbooks underneath. It's even got handy hooks for hanging. The best part: this one expands and shrinks, so you know it’ll fit like a dream in any and every kitchen. Photography by Rocky Luten & Ty Mecham
Made By Design Food Storage Container With Snap Lid
Perfect for cereal, oats, rice and other dry goods, this Plastic Food Storage Container with Snap Lid from Made By Design™ will make a great addition to your pantry or kitchen counter. Clear sides make it easy to see what’s inside, and an indented back lets you easily lift and hold the container. The white lid keeps your food fresh, while the pour spout lets you easily access food without having to take the lid off completely. Photo Courtesy of Target
Onyx Stainless Steel Canisters (Set of 6)
Hold everything. We'll admit to being slightly obsessive about a clean, tidy kitchen—so this 6-piece stainless steel canister set is just what we need. Use them for anything from flours to beans to spices. The canisters range in size, meaning you can store all manner of things while keeping a cohesive look to your cupboard. Photography by James Ransom
Yamazaki Fit-Anywhere Slim Storage Cart
A moveable feat. Oh, we love the simple genius of small space solutions! And sometimes what you really need for that space between the wall and washing machine, or the stove and the cabinet, or the sink and the door… you know what we’re talking about. What you want is a way to actually use that space. Well, here you go: A slim storage cart that’s easy to pull out and tuck away (or whisk around the house). You’ll find two small hooks at the top for hanging tools or towels. Thanks to its powder-coated steel body, you can use it in wet environments (hello bathroom supplies) or have handy for your most-used kitchen ingredients (it holds up to 42 spice jars!). Photo Courtesy of Food52
JK Adams Wall-Mounted Pot Rack With Shelf
How’s it hanging? This rack is giving us room to stretch out once again thanks to its 3-foot-wide shelf and hooks aplenty for pots, pans, and lids (six of ‘em, to be exact). This superstar holds up to 75 pounds of cookware or whatever you wanna display, and with two stunning finishes to pick from, our eyes can’t get enough. Oh, and yes—all the hardware you need is included! Photo Courtesy of Food52
Made By Design Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Corner Shelf
Keep essential kitchen items organized but still within reach with the help of a Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Cabinet Storage from Made By Design™. This two-tiered storage shelf provides plenty of space for plates, glasses, spices and anything else you want to store — without monopolizing space on your counter or in your pantry. It's versatile, stylish and durable, so you can create an organizational system that fits both your home and your life. Photo Courtesy of Target
Planetary Design Opaque Airtight Coffee Storage Containers
For your best beans. Coffee beans start to lose their flavor and freshness the second they come out of the roaster, and that process speeds up as soon as they’re exposed to air and light. Keep your beans super fresh with these simple stainless steel storage canisters, which come outfitted with a patented inner lid that forces out air and an opaque exterior to keep them in the dark, preserving maximum freshness (it works for nuts, seeds, and spices, too!). Snag more tips for upgrading your morning brew here. Made in: China Made of: Stainless Steel, BPA free Polypropelyne Size: Small: 4" in diameter and holds 1/2 pound; Medium: 7" in diameter and holds 1 pound. Variety set includes 1 of each size. Sourced from: Planetary Design Photography by Rocky Luten.
The Container Store Chrome 3-Tier Hanging Basket
Our Chrome 3-Tier Hanging Basket is a kitchen classic. From traditional to contemporary to high-tech, any kitchen can use the infinitely flexible storage these three baskets provide. Store fresh fruit and vegetables in a handy spot - simply hang it where you need it. It's also a fabulous convenience in the bath for accessories, toys, loofahs, larger soaps, sponges, etc. The baskets come in 8", 10" and 12" diameters. The clips on the chains can adjust the baskets to different heights.
JK Adams Modular Wine Rack
This good-looking wine rack made in the USA is modular, so it can fit together with more sections (sold separately) to custom fit your wine-storage space. Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom

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