Have you ever opened your cupboards only to have the overstuffed things inside come spilling out at you, falling all over the counter, and making you jump? We had that happen with our spices recently, and the resulting mess was something we’d like...

Have you ever opened your cupboards only to have the overstuffed things inside come spilling out at you, falling all over the counter, and making you jump? We had that happen with our spices recently, and the resulting mess was something we’d like to never experience again! Rather than piling the spices back into the limited shelf space of the cupboard, we decided that it’s time to invest in a decent quality spice rack. The additional space that such a thing might take up in our kitchen is worth avoiding spice avalanches in the future.

Because we do most of our shopping online, we’ve been gathering links to the very best spice rack options we could find for purchase across the Internet. Comparing and contrasting the features of your top options can make the process of choosing the best one for yocur needs a lot easier, so that’s what we did.

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All Spice wooden spice rack

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Countertop Spice Rack

Kamenstein 16-jar revolving countertop spice rack

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2-Tiered Shelves

Store It! Cabinet Caddy modular rotating spice rack

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Best Spice Racks

Check out this list of the 14 best spice racks that we came across so far in our search and give the perks and drawbacks we’ve outlined some consideration.

1. All Spice wooden spice rack

Are you actually an avid cook with a huge taste for spices, and you, therefore, have many to store? Well, if you also like a natural finish in the pieces that you put in your kitchen to suit the overall aesthetic then we’d suggest taking a look at this rack from All Spice. It’s simply, nearly-rustic, wooden, and cubic, but its neatly lined organization has an irresistible charm and huge potential for organizational streamlining. It even comes with its own custom-filled spice bottles that you can label for ease.

Because the shelf essentially creates a large grid, you’ll want to keep your spices in the same place all the time so you can learn where they are and reach for them easily. Otherwise, finding the one you need at random in a jumble of similar-looking end-labeled bottles like this is quite the challenge.

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2. Kamenstein 16-jar revolving countertop spice rack

Do you love the idea of purchasing a spice rack that comes with its own consistent set of perfectly fitted and labeled bottles, but you don’t have the room for a piece quite as large as the previous case? Then we think you’ll prefer this much more space-efficient and slightly more modern-looking rack from Kamentstein. This metal tower features four spice lined vertically on each side. It also spins in place 360 degrees to let you find the one you want very easily indeed.

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3. Store It! Cabinet Caddy modular rotating spice rack

Did we really catch your attention with the idea of a rotating spice rack, but you’d rather not have to rebottle all your spices? Then we think this acrylic plastic tower that fits a more universal range of containers and also rotates might be more up your alley. Rather than rotating 360 degrees, however, the Store It! tower turns side to side at 90 degrees on each side for a modular form of organization and storage.

Although it’s a super convenient and space-efficient option for people with small spice collections, it only holds about 16 spice bottles depending on their size, so it might not work for you if you like to keep a much larger number of spices on hand.

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4. Rev-A-Shelf wooden pullout spice rack

Do you have limited wall, counter, and cupboard space to work with, so you’re looking for something a little more creative in terms of its positioning? Well, especially if you have some practice being a bit handy with small-time home adjustments, we think you might appreciate this pull-out spice rack from Rev-A-Shelf. This vertical spice rack inserts in a free space alongside your lower kitchen cabinets, like a super-thin additional cupboard, and slides out to present you with its thin stacked shelves.

If you don’t have experience installing new kitchen pieces, on the other hand, this particular rack might be quite a challenge for you to put in.

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5. Swommoly spice rack with glass jars and labels

Did you love the idea of a large spice rack with its own bottles and labels, but you’re prefer something a little less clunky looking than the solid wood rack we showed you earlier on? Then maybe you’d get along with this neat looking black wire rack from Swommoly a little better; the bottles come with sticker labels for organizing, and you even get a funnel for re-bottling your spices so that you can use the specifically sized shakers that sit at the perfect angle in the rack.

Once again, this rack is geared primarily towards people who regularly use a rather large spice collection, otherwise, your spare bottles might never get used, and the rack will just take up more space on your counter than necessary.

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6. Lynk Professional slide-out double cabinet rack

Did you actually love the basic concept of a slide-out spice rack, but you can’t help wondering if there isn’t an alternative version that’s smaller and easier to install? Well, that’s actually precisely what Lynk Professional is here to show you. This two-tiered steel wire rack has a set of bottom tracks that rest on the bottom of your cupboard shelf and support it. From here, the rack slides out from the cupboard, presenting you with a double row of spice bottles on either side.

Although you can fit other sized spice shakers in this rack quite easily, they might not sit evenly next to one another if you opt not to use the shakers that the rack actually comes with.

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7. YouCopia Chef’s Edition 30 bottle spice rack

Are you holding out for a kind of spice rack that will help you make the most of a very limited space, but you still need it to hold a decent number of shakers to fit your collection? Well, if you like the modular look, too, then maybe you’d do best with this cubic design from YouCopia that can support 30 spice bottles on pull-out trays that slide in and out.

This rack does support shakes of different kinds, but be aware that the spaces to put them in are a little bit on the shorter and thinner side, so many kinds of larger spice shakers won’t fit properly.

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8. McCormick gourmet three tier wood spice rack

If you’ve been holding out for something a lot more classic looking, like the kind of homemade wooden rack you might have seen in your grandparents’ home growing up, but you’re not crafty enough with wood yourself? Then McCormick has precisely the kind of rack you’re looking for. This wooden frame spice rack is light enough to mount on the wall even when full. It has three tiers and fits 24 standard-sized shakers in all.

It’s worth noting that this rack is essentially built like three stacked shelves. They’re slim and flat enough to support the bottles solidly but be careful to push them all the way back against the wall when you replace the shakers, as there’s nothing else to hold them in or away from the edge.

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9. Talented Kitchen 4-rack spice rack set with 24 jars

Are you really just looking for something simple, light, wall-mounted, and easy to keep organized? Then we think we’ll find what you need in this easily hung wire rack sold by Talented Kitchen. It comes with its own custom-sized shaker set for a perfect fit, labels for making sure you know what’s in each bottle, and even a funnel for easier filling.

Be careful that your wall mounting job for this rack is a strong, solid one. Although the wire rack itself is quite light, its weight increases quite a lot once all the filled glass shakers are put into place, and that’s what your handiwork needs to be able to support.

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10. DecoBros spice rack stand with 18 bottles

Do you like the easy wire rack idea, especially if it comes with its own glass shakers, but you don’t want to deal with mounting or installing anything? Then maybe you’d get along better with this little three-tiered wire rack from DecoBros that simply sits right on your countertop. We like the way the bottles are placed into the shelves on their sides so you can clearly see the stickers on the lids to make sure you’re grabbing for the right spice each and every time.

Because you’re tilting the bottles onto their sides to store them, we’d suggest double-checking that you’ve screwed the lids back on nice and tightly every single time. The spice might not spill out if you lose a lid on a bottle that’s only half full, but a freshly topped-up shake could be a whole different story.

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11. 3 tier expandable cabinet spice rack

Are you totally okay with the idea of keeping your spice rack inside your cupboard but, if you’re going to do that, you’d prefer to organize them a little better in there and make things easier to find? Then we think you’ll appreciate this three-tiered podium-style cabinet rack from Gongshi. The beauty of this rack is that the two sides overlap so that you can slide them together for a more narrow width or pull them apart to make one wide piece, depending on how much you have to store at any given time.

Even though the expandability of this rack is fantastic for customizing it a little bit to your cupboard space, keep the middle edge of the top layer’s end in mind. If you set a shaker down on that edge by accident and it tips, it might create a domino effect and knock more shakers over.

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12. TQVAI 5 tier wall mounted spice rack

Just in case you’re still in the market for a simple wire wall-mounted spice rack, but you’re also an avid cook with limited vertical space to work with, here’s a design that lets you expand longer rather than wider. TQVAI gives you full instructions for hanging their five-tier metal mesh design with pocket-style shelves, which holds nine shakers on each shelf.

Once again, this is the kind of shelf that takes some solidity in the wall mounting portion of the process. While the mesh shelf itself is not that heavy, your handiwork has to be able to support it once it’s stacked with 45 filled shakers.

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13. Spectrum Diversified countertop 3 tier rack

Just in case you’re still looking for a simple wire spice rack, but wall mounting the piece doesn’t appeal to you, and neither do very streamlined and modern looking designs, here’s a slightly more whimsical looking countertop option courtesy of Spectrum Diversified. Its little plastic cap feet solidly support the vertical rack even once its three decorative-looking tiers are filled with shakers.

Although the rack is decently solid, you’ll still want to put it on a flat, even surface, just to keep the weight distribution on point. Because the design is so tall, awkward piling could make it prone to tipping.

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14. Zri Bamboo expandable bamboo spice rack

Did you love the expandable podium style rack we showed you earlier, but you’re still leaning towards a smoothly wooden aesthetic over everything else since that suits the atmosphere of your kitchen more? Then we’re pretty sure this next piece from Zri Bamboo is perfect for you! It has an inset piece at one end that you can slide outwards to the side in order to widen the shelf and create more space. The rack works well on your countertop or inside the bottom of your cupboard.

Just like the last width expandable design, keep an eye on where the overlapped edge creates a bump near the middle of the shelf. You’ll have to account for that when you fill the shelf, so it doesn’t tip things over and stop them from sitting properly.

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What is a spice rack?

Historically, spice racks are small storage units often kept by the stove in order to keep the herbs and spices you use every day for cooking close at hand but still organized. Putting your spices in a rack not only helps you avoid situations like the one above but also lets you organize them well so that you can reach for the spices you use the most often nice and easily, without really interrupting the flow of your meal making. They give you space-efficient additional storage and streamline your cooking process.

What kinds of spice racks are there?

Even though you might be used to seeing a particular common kind of spice rack in the average kitchen, there are actually many different kinds out there! Spice racks can look like shelves, podiums, or towers, and they can be made of anything from wood to wire to plastic and beyond. It just depends on how creative a company feels like getting! That’s why browsing thoroughly before you put any money down is so important.

Who needs a spice rack?

Spice racks might seem like an unnecessary thing if you’re not an avid home cooking enthusiast, but, in reality, anyone with a kitchen can totally make use of a spice rack. Do you know you actually use four or five spices on a regular basis, so you think your rack would sit empty? Then use that space to store something else! Maybe you’re a coffee enthusiast who could use a better way to organize your small bags of gourmet coffee grounds? Put them in the empty space in your spice rack to free up even more cupboard space.

How to make a spice rack?

Just like there are many different kinds of spice racks, there are all different kinds of ways to set them up, depending on the one you choose. It’s typical that your spice rack comes with some kind of instructional manual to help you out. This is good because it lets you know how that specific model or design needs to be prepared before you fill it, which adds weight. If you need further tips, there are plenty of how-to-based video tutorials on YouTube and WikiHow that can help you out as well!

Do you know someone who has been looking for a new spice rack and wants to buy one online but could use some guidance when it comes to making the final choice? Share this post with them, so they have all kinds of options to consider.

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