Hi friends! How’s the morning treating ya? We’re in for another day of walks outside, trying to keep the kiddos busy, and hopefully getting a couple of projects done around the house

It’s funny because there are a handful of things I’ve needed to do but never had time, and it turns out, I just didn’t want to do them. (Organizing the spice cabinet is on the list.) I’m also looking forward to catching a BODYPUMP workout on LMOD this weekend. 

Our concert was originally canceled for this weekend and ended up being canceled. We were performing Mahler’s 2nd symphony (the choir only sings in the 5th movement) and while I was fully expecting the cancelation, and relieved when it was announced, it was still a huge bummer. Choir is something I looked forward to every week, but I know that when the season resumes in the fall, it will be even more exciting.

I’d love it if you joined me in pouring a glass of wine and watching (at least the finale) of this version on Youtube. (The Pilot said he’d watch it with me tonight since it was supposed to be our first performance.) The 5th movement is haunting and magnificent… it starts at 1:23:40. The last 10 minutes are earth-shatteringly beautiful. 


Read, watch, listen:
This version of “Bring Him Home.”

When you just need a little good news.

Just needed this. 

Some real talk from my bestie Betsy (heads up for strong language). 

Why you should ignore that productivity pressure.

Ina Garten wins the internet.

Fashion, beauty, other:
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For myself, I’ve been focusing on small things that feel *normal* during this time. I may wear athletic clothes most of the time, but keeping up with a solid skincare routine has felt really good. I’m so determined to have a skin glow-up when all of this is over.

 Here are some of my favorite products:
We have two new products! Counterstart is here which includes ingredients like aloe, coconut oil, and Vitamin E. It’s extremely gentle and good for all skin types, including sensitive skin.  The supreme cream. It’s super thick and luxurious (like La Mer!) and made with safe ingredients The color intense lipstick lasts for hours and doesn’t dry out your lips. Brunch is my favorite pinky nude The overnight peel! This helps SO much with skin tone and texture. When I wake up, my face feels smooth, tighter, and brighter The brow gel. I’m trying to wrangle these things the best I can since it will be a while until I get them threaded again  
* If you need any ideas or skincare suggestions, please let me know – I’d love to help. You can also fill out my skincare survey here and I’ll send personalized recommendations

CBD has been a gamechanger for my anxiety with everything going on. I’ve been using the flavored liquid CBD oil (in Me-Time Mint) every day and it helps to dissipate the underlying panicky feeling. If you want to give it a try, use the code FITNESSISTA for an extra 10% off. (Check out my post with my experience with CBD here!) 
Fitness and nutrition:
At-home bodyweight workout.

10 barre workouts you can do at home. 

25 pantry recipes.

Introducing the girls to tuna casserole this weekend.

Tips on meditation. 

Kids activity: make your own ice cream.


Hope you have a relaxing weekend ahead. Stay healthy and safe and thank you so much for stopping by the blog today.



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