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Many of you have lovingly kept up with my kitchen makeover this quarantine, thank you! When we purchased our home the one compromise we made was actually the room at the top of our priority list.. the kitchen! We dreamt of a big spacious kitchen with a huge island to become the heart of our home, funny how things work out! We absolutely fell in love with our home as a whole so we felt okay settling for our little (yet, beautiful) galley kitchen. When we went into quarantine in March I set out to use my time at home productively and give our teeny kitchen a designer feel.

We’ll talk about design later, today I wanted to show you all the cool things I found to maximize cabinet space! It all started with our corner cabinet that felt like a blackhole at times. It was so deep that I couldn’t reach anything or keep it organized! I found a huge lazy susan and was amazed by how perfectly it fit and how much easier our day to day became. I fell in love and wanted to optimize every little unused space in our kitchen! I discovered pull-out cabinets and started measuring every nook and cranny obsessively. I ended up installing two pull-out spice racks and two step stools — we use them multiple times a day! Seriously!! They’re all meant to be installed with new cabinetry but trust me, if you have your measurements right you can retrofit them like I did.

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