Homemade Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Blend

I have eaten Jamaican Jerked chicken in a cafe before but found it way too spicy for my palate. I understand the spices (and amounts) varies a lot from household to household, much like gumbos vary in Louisiana from family to family. I have always found most commercial Jerk seasonings to be too heavy with salt, and of course, I also cannot have the sugar anymore, or in my case, not even substitute sweeteners. I worked around that adding a small amount of maple extract to the final marinade to mimic brown sugars taste. Works for me! Im extremely pleased with my final version, having now tested it out on oven-baked chicken, grilled shrimp and air-fried pork. We loved it on all 3 meats. This spice is suitable for all phases of Atkins and Keto diets as well as Paleo and Primal Blueprint followers as well.


1 T. Spanish Smoked Paprika (I order mine on-line)

2 T. onion powder or granulated onion

3 T. garlic powder

2 T. cayenne pepper

tsp. crushed red pepper (more if you like things real spicy)

2 T. crushed dried thyme leaves

1 T. allspice

1 T. ground cinnamon

2 T. dried parsley

1 T. coarse black pepper

1 tsp. salt

DIRECTIONS: Measure out all ingredients into a medium mixing bowl. Stir well. Spoon into an old empty spice jar or other jar with tight lid. Tip: when making spice blends, pour the mix onto a paper plate (in 2-3 portions), fold the plate to make a handy funnel to tap your new spice right into the receiving jar. My Dad taught me this trick as he loved concocting his own blends. As with all spices, store in a dark cupboard or spice cabinet that has doors. I use 2 T. for pork chops, 3 T. for whole chicken or equivalent parts, and 2 T. on shrimp. I always rub either olive oil or butter all over the meat surfaces so the spice will adhere and marinate for 1 hour (covered) in the refrigerator before cooking.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes about 14 tablespoons of spice. Each 1T. serving contains:

20.6 cals, 0.31g fat, 4.71g carbs, 1.07g fiber, 3.64g NET CARBS, 0.72g protein, 169 mg sodium