How to Know if You Have a Blind Left or Right Corner Cabinet

How to Know if You Have a Blind Left or Right Corner Cabinet

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Where is the blind corner located within the kitchen? Our cabinetry, including the blind corner style cabinet, are the backbone of the kitchen.

Blind corners are, of course, in the corner section of the lower base cabinets. They are where the two sections of lower cabinets converge. This can create a dead space and limits access to the cabinet.

Do I have a blind left or blind right cabinet?

This is a common question that comes up for folks looking to install an organizer pull out in their base cabinets.

Various convenience hardware manufacturers don’t necessarily have a universal definition, making it even more confusing.

The last thing you need is to spend top dollar on an item and have it not be correct.

You more than likely know what type of blind corner cabinet you have, but we’ll hopefully just prove your assumption right.

The easiest way to determine what you have is to stand (or imagine standing) in front of your cabinet and open the door.

If you would pull the organizer out toward your right, you have a blind left cabinet. If you would pull the organizer out toward your left, you have a blind right cabinet.

Blind Left Cabinet
Blind Right Cabinet

Here's Another Way to Look At It...

Think about it from the top view of your kitchen cabinet. The inaccessible portion is always going to be the “blind” area or the wasted space that we all dislike.

If you take the overview look at a blind right cabinet, the organizer will swing out to the left and vice versa. This is the aspect that can get you second guessing yourself.

Organizers for Blind Left and Blind Right Cabinets

If you happen to be searching for an organizer, it’s always important to cross check what the manufacturer displays within their descriptions.

This can save some headache later down the road when installing the product.

Some organizers are universal or non-handed, meaning they function in both blind right or blind left applications.

Some however, are specific to a left or right. Use the tips above to reference any product photo the manufacturer may provide and double check part descriptions and part numbers for clarifications.

Each manufacturer may have a different take on the definition.

Organizer Shape Can Help Utilize the Space

There are various product styles that are designed for the blind corner cabinet application.

Many manufacturers have more traditional designs and others contemporary. If you are looking to optimize space, and I’m sure you are, organizer shape can certainly help you gain more out of your cabinet and get back some of that wasted space.

Larger square baskets can often be the best solution. Other options include a bean or cloud shape.

Many of these pull out organizers can be retro-fitted into existing cabinetry with installed countertops. Be prepared to have a flash light handy though.

Another tip or recommendation when considering a blind corner organizer is to know what is next to the unit.

Do you have a stove or other protruding appliance that may interfere? Make sure you are aware of the clearance dimensions as knobs, pulls, or appliances can sometimes limit the movement when extending the organizer out of the cabinet.

Product dimensions found in many catalogs are commonly the physical dimensions of the unit, so accounting for extra space is generally needed.

It’s also important to know what cabinet style you have (frameless or face frame) and the inside dimensions of the cabinet itself. Account for overlay or inset features as well. Inset applications will need the product to be set deeper into the cabinet.

Comes as a complete kit. Can work for blind left or blind right applications. Minimum cabinet openings for 15″ or 18″.

Overall Functionality

As you can see there are some nuances within this unique cabinet space and doing some research on what products can best suite your needs is well worth the effort.

There are tons of great products that can provide a solution for your blind corner.

With various styles, finishes, surfaces, tiers and functions, the important thing to remember is the overall functionality and the role it will play in your specific space.

Happy searching and thank you for reading!