How To Make The Perfect Omelet In Your Very Own Kitchen

If Julia Child taught us anything, it’s that there is more to an omelet than meets the eye. This simple dish actually takes a good deal of skill to perfect, but with a little practice and know-how, you can whip up an omelet like a pro in your very own kitchen. Once you know how, there’s no stopping the delicious breakfast possibilities!

The key to a perfect omelet is having the right pan and making sure that pan is just the right temperature. According to Julia Child, you’ll need a 10-inch, non-stick pan that is about 4 inches deep. You’ll also need a lot of butter. Let your pan preheat on the stovetop set to medium-high heat and add a tablespoon of cold butter. If the temperature is too low, the butter will melt slowly. If it is too high, the butter will burn. When the temperature is just right, the butter will liquify and bubble up as soon as it hits the pan. As it melts, swirl the butter around the pan to ensure the bottom and sides are fully coated.

Using a whisk or fork, vigorously whip two to three eggs in a bowl, and add a pinch of salt and pepper from your spice drawer. It takes about 30 seconds to be sure the egg whites and yolks are thoroughly mixed. Pour the eggs into the hot pan and let it settle for a couple of seconds. Then, shake the pan back and forth using a jerking motion. In this ABC News clip from 1980, Julia demonstrates her technique using dried beans. When done properly, your omelet should be done in about 30 seconds.

Julia’s famous French omelet lets the eggs shine on their own, but when you cook at home, you can add whatever ingredients you like. When filling an omelet, try this folding technique. Here are some filling suggestions from the fridge and kitchen pantry cabinet:

Mushrooms Bell Peppers Spinach Kale Diced Tomatoes Onions Asparagus Potatoes
Bacon Diced or Deli Ham Smoked Salmon Crab Grilled Shrimp Breakfast Sausage Chorizo Steak
Cheddar Swiss Gruyere Brie Feta Fontina Pimento Boursin
Fresh Parsley Chives Scallions Sour Cream Salsa Jalapenos Avocado Sliced Olives

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