I’m a Chef Taking Our Place’s Always Pan 2.0 for a Many-Dish Test Drive. And Sear-iously: This Skillet Does It All

I’ll admit: I’m a sucker for good marketing and even more for top-notch design. And it’s safe to say that Our Place slays in both of those categories.

For the last few years, I’ve been eyeing chefs and influencers across social media sporting their latest Our Place cookware beauty. (The cooking and kitchen brand has amassed a whopping half a million followers on Instagram alone.) Needless to say, my curiosity about the brand has been piqued for some time now. Yet something always lingered in the back of my mind: Is it really worth the hype… or not? Fortunately, as fate would have it—and a few Slack messages from the commerce team later—I had the chance to test Our Place’s brand-new Always Pan 2.0. And I can fully confirm that it’s, indeed, so worth it.

What’s new (and so great) about the Always Pan 2.0

The Always Pan 2.0—which retails for $150 and is the second iteration of the fan-favorite pan—is said to be a “10-in-1 best-selling cookware system that does it all.” In other words, the pan can braise, sear, steam, strain, saute, fry, boil, bake, serve, and store food. (Obviously, not all at once. But, hey, it’s still impressive. Especially given that the previous model was an 8-in-1 type of deal.)

The highly versatile pan can conjure up deliciously fried eggs or perfectly-seared steaks. Plus, it’s a great excuse for decluttering your cookware cabinet that’s (likely) overflowing with stacks of worn-out pots and pans. And if you’re in the mood to dress up your pan even further, you can accessorize it with additional Our Place products like their Fry Deck, Spruce Steamer, or Egg Poacher for even more cooking possibilities.

always pan 2.0 review landscape shot
Photo: Maki Yazawa

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty specs. The ceramic non-stick pan is made without PTFEs, PFOAs, and other PFAS, and free of potentially toxic materials like lead and cadmium, which are long-lasting chemicals that break down very slowly over time and can easily be ingested in the foods we eat. What’s more, to help ensure food doesn’t stick to the surface (the ultimate ugh), the pan features their patented Thermakind technology that has a 50 percent longer-lasting ceramic nonstick coating than their previous model—a much sought-after upgrade by users of the original Always Pan. Another new feature? It’s oven-safe up to 450°F. (Hello, extra browned-and-melty cheese atop on your next eggplant parm.)

Of course, if all of this isn’t convincing enough, to sweeten the deal, the company offers free shipping, a 100-day satisfaction-guaranteed trial period, and free returns.

always pan 2.0 steam
Photo: Our Place

How to keep your pan in tip-top shape

Of course, like any type of cookware, your Always Pan 2.0 is bound to get some wear and tear over time. So, to maintain the pan in tip-top shape, Our Place offers a few recommendations.

While the pan is technically dishwasher-safe, the manufacturers recommend handwashing it once it’s fully cooled instead. They also suggest avoiding scours and abrasive cleaning agents, applying low-medium heat, and avoiding metal utensils to preserve the nonstick coating. Additionally, using cooking oils with high smoking points is discouraged. Adhering to these suggestions can ultimately help prolong the lifespan of your pan, so you can always (pun intended) keep using it.

I tried the Always Pan 2.0, and here’s my honest review

Yep, I was beyond giddy when the cardboard box that I thought was a pair of boots for my coastal cowgirl summer turned out to be the new Always Pan 2.0. Inside the box comes the pan, its lid, a nesting steamer basket, a wooden spoon (that’s designed to fit perfectly into the grooves of the pan), and an owner’s manual.

always pan 2.0 spatula close up
Photo: Maki Yazawa

Although there are eight beautiful colors—Steam, Blue Salt, Char, Sage, Spice, Lavender, Azul, and Rosa—to pick from (arguably the toughest decision/commitment), I went with the Blue Salt option, which was much darker IRL than pictured on the website. On the outside, the pan (and lid) has greyish undertones and is somewhere between navy and light blue (skewing more to the dark side) and a matte, ultra-sleek finish that screams luxury. On the inside, it’s a soft grey that’s giving… dolphin?

Now the fun part: Testing it out. I decided to keep things simple. And a fried egg is as simple as it gets. As per the recommendations in the booklet, I heated the pan with a spritz of my favorite high-smoking point cooking oilPure Avocado Oil Spray by Chosen Foods. (It’s non-aerosol, BTW.) Then, I cracked in a large egg and let it fry away.

First, let me say I was shocked at how evenly the egg cooked throughout. The pan had no hot spots, which is usually the case on my gas stove burner, which tends to get hotter on the edges where the flame has the most direct contact with my pans. The Always Pan 2.0 did a supremely fine job at dispersing the heat evenly.

always pan 2.0 egg test
Photo: Maki Yazawa

What was even more impressive was the effectiveness of the nonstick coating on the pan. Those that make fried eggs know all too well that the type of pan used is absolutely critical. One wrong choice can cost you hours of scrubbing egg remnants glued onto the surface of your pan. But this wasn’t the case at all with the Always Pan 2.0, which allowed the fried egg to slip and slide across the pan with ease and grace. I was even able to flip the egg with one easy flick of the wrist—a daunting task I usually avoid at all costs. (And for those doubting me, the yolk did, in fact, come out unscathed.)


What I love most about this pan, aside from obvious aesthetic reasons—really, it’s even prettier in person—is that it’s not heavy. (Unlike my Le Creuset cookware, which I love and adore but can barely lift after a long day.) The Always Pan 2.0 is compact, durable, very non-stick (like next level), and… it’s just so darn pretty to look at.

Fortunately, I can confirm that the Always Pan 2.0 is so worth the hype. And although the price point is on the higher end, you really do get what you’re paying for. This is why I’ll be buying one for my sister, who’s been wanting one for months, ASAP.