If you are renovating your kitchen, we are here to help you with DIY kitchen shelving ideas

Open shelving kitchen ideas have become designers’ favorite nowadays. Thanks to Marie Kondo — and the ongoing trend to eliminate clutter. Ultimately, wall-mounted cabinets that hanged above countertops are now taking the back seat because of this simple and straightforward approach to store your kitchenware.

There are many various options and styles when it comes to DIY kitchen shelving ideas. The shelf material can be a reclaimed or rough cut wood, glass, wood boards, or modern and smooth surface. In addition, shelves can lay on a wall bracket or be floating shelves. A few people simply take the door off their kitchen cabinets and show that as open shelves.

Most designers will likely say to you that open shelves and kitchens are an incredible match. All things considered, open shelves are efficient for both storing and showing items off. In the kitchen, they let you keep things convenient so you don’t need to continue opening and closing cabinets each time you need to utilize them. Additionally, they maintain an extraordinarily airy and open vibe which is something to be thankful for, particularly in rooms that have bunches of appliances and furniture.
Look how exquisite those shelves are!
PURE WHITE Nest Revisions Home Staging
Custom-made open shelving is reinforced with 3/4″ plywood to ensure the shelves are supported.
These wooden shelves, along with the brackets, add character to this kitchen.
GLASS SHELF Lind Nelson Construction Inc.
The glass shelves may look delicate and fragile, but it adds a ton of sophistication in this kitchen.
STEEL BRACKETS General Assembly
These open shelving kitchen ideas are mounted on steel brackets can support and showcase your dishes.
GLAZED BRICK TILES A.Jennison Interiors
The shelves & brackets, together with the glazed brick tile from Cle Tile, are simply gorgeous.
WOOD New Generation Home Improvements
Less is more with these wooden shelves. With enough open spaces, they look clean and organized even if the shelves are exposed.
TIER SHELF Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home
This tier shelf from America Retold is stunning!
Your kitchen will look way more chic with these wooden shelves.
CONTEMPORARY Sunstone Interiors
If you don’t want detraction from the focal point of your kitchen, stick with minimal shelvings.
OPEN SHELVES Teri Lyn Fisher
Don’t be afraid to showcase your supplies with these charming shelves.
OAK WOOD Martins Camisuli Architects
Make your shelves fun and functional with these kitchen pantry shelving ideas.
ECLECTIC Golden Design
Mixing in decor pieces like books and vases to your shelves will make it more fun.
INDUSTRIAL Paul Craig Photography
Inspired by a working kitchen, prepare to get busy preparing food with this kitchen.
TRADITIONAL The Couture Rooms
We will never get tired of a blue and white color combination.
REFURBISHED Trevor Brown Architect
Minimalist never looked so gorgeous. We love the overall feel of this kitchen.
CUSTOM CABINETRY Peppertree Kitchen & Bath
Open shelves amplify the calm and relaxed feel of this kitchen.
ARTISAN Designs by Craig Veenker
Everything in this kitchen is all kind of flash, so tone it down with plain shelves.
We love how simple and clean this kitchen looks!
If you’ve got an intricate wall like this, show it off by having floating shelves instead of cabinets.
HISTORIC CHARMER Samuel Design Group
Can you believe this is an old house? The shelves with illuminated light are perfect for this kitchen.
CONCEALED MOUNTING Sunset Builders of South West Florida, Inc.
The blue wall tiles with white open shelving kitchen ideas are the bomb!
PECAN Loop Design
The colors and the patterns on this kitchen are insanely gorgeous.
QUAINT PAINTED Erotas Custom Building
This ivory white kitchen looks stunning!
Have storage and decor in one by displaying your favorite kitchenware.
BEACH HOUSE Kelley & Company Home
A rod bracket within the shelf makes these skinny shelves sturdy.
Suspended shelves are the answer if you don’t want to block those awesome greens by the window.
We are all in for light and airy kitchens like this one.
Minimal, but insanely chic and gorgeous!
SPACE SAVER Justrich Design
If you don’t have enough space, you can put your appliance in one of your shelves.
Organize your dish wares and spices with these awesome shelves.
Transform your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary real quick with these shelves & decorative brackets.
Advantages Of Open Shelves In The Kitchen
The truth is — new cabinets are expensive. Thus, if you’re longing for a new look for your old kitchen, shelves can be the idea and cheaper solution. With a strict spending plan as a top priority, we have kitchen pantry shelving ideas that changed dull, moist kitchen into a brilliant and airy one.

Next is, it is more flexible. In all honesty, shelving ideas for kitchen are something that you can slip your way into easily. Firstly, start by removing your cabinet doors. This will enable you to check whether the open-shelving thing works for you. In case it does, you may then supplant your cupboards with genuine open shelves.

The next advantage is you can try to do a combination. Even if you’re sure you need to attempt shelving ideas for kitchen, you don’t need to make all the storage in your kitchen open. Meanwhile, consider trying a mix of open shelving and shut cabinets for flexibility of storage options. Moreover, you can keep a couple of cabinets to keep things neat and utilize open shelving for the remainder of your space.

Also, kitchen wall shelving ideas help you to keep things neat. In case you’re searching for an implicit, training-wheel kitchen arrangement to help guarantee that you remain organized, then open shelving may be a smart idea. Hence, you need to focus on keeping things neat so you can avoid having your kitchen resemble a chaotic situation.

Finally, open racking is an incredible alternative for collectors. In other words, regardless of whether you collect serving pieces, glassware, china patterns, vintage mugs, salt and pepper shakers, or anything in between, you’re ready to show off all of the things in your collection effectively with open shelves.
How To Pull Off Kitchen Shelving Ideas
Above all, open kitchen shelving ideas are a viable method to open up your kitchen while increasing extra available space, making them an undeniably usual choice in the modern kitchen. Be that as it may, picking open shelvings rather than shut cabinets makes it all the more difficult to keep dishes and different supplies out of sight. Read on to find out about kitchen wall shelving ideas done right, and how you can ensure your kitchen will wind up spotless, upscale, and functional.

When in doubt, put things that you usually use on the lower shelves (dishes and bowls, glasses, and so on), and things you seldom use on the higher shelves. After that, a little bit of common sense can go a long way when it comes to organizing kitchen shelves, and it will enable you to keep everything effectively accessible and looking extraordinary. Meanwhile, make sure to group similar items. Have a couple of cups in succession as opposed to rotating dishes everywhere.

While it’s simple to store several rows of stacked dishes in cabinets, it’s practically difficult to do the same on narrow open shelving. In short, tt will resemble a mess in case you attempt it. For open kitchen shelving ideas, maintain your rows singular, and stack upward for an increasingly slick and sorted out look.
Tips For Clutter-Free Kitchen Shelving Ideas
Spare your smaller dishes and supplies for in-pantry storage. In case you put an excessive number of little things out on open kitchen shelving ideas, they will mix together and start looking chaotic. However, bigger dishes, cutting sheets, and small appliances are a lot simpler to show and won’t get messy right away.

Food products are usually ensured to clutter up open shelves, so it’s ideal to keep them somewhere else. Buy a spice rack as opposed to storing spices on these shelves. After that, put the boxes and packages back in the pantry. Meanwhile, you can place the fruit on its usual bowl. Obviously, there are special cases — a great tea tin or a variety of coordinating holders for nuts, flour, and so forth, can look excellent on open shelves, though it might require some planning.

In case you don’t have anything other than ceramic cups and bowls on your shelves, consider mixing it up a bit. Certainly, open shelving is an incredible spot to store glass and wooden dishes and utensils. Exchanging materials can also give your shelves an innovative, sorted out look when done effectively.

Suppose that you do have some mess on your open kitchen shelving ideas, and you can’t keep it tidy. For instance, a potential arrangement is organizing your shelving out into segments. Keep one area for all your cookbooks, for instance, while utilizing another portion to store espresso supplies, etc. When done effectively, this can transform the mess into a relaxed chic look perfect for smaller kitchens.
DIY: How To Replace Old Cabinets With Open Shelving
If you want to replace your existing bulky cabinets with open shelves, read on!

In case you have a lot of storage in your kitchen already but need to spice up the appearance of your kitchen, open shelving is your answer. Certainly, you can replace upper cabinets shelving in only a couple of days with a companion.

After cleaning the cabinets, use a utility knife or other cutting blade to score any caulked creases between the cabinets and the walls. Subsequently, expel any decorative molding, which should pop off by hand after scoring. Moreover, in case there is any hard-wired lighting or other electrical installations fastened to the cabinets, shut off the electricity to that area by means of the electrical switch. Cautiously get rid of the fixtures and cap off any wires with fitting electrical caps. If you’re not confident with electrical work, contact a certified electrician for fast and safe removal.

While a partner supports the heaviness of the cabinets, utilize a drill or screwdriver to expel any screws keeping the cabinets to the walls. Finally, these screws might be situated over and inside the cabinets.

Fill the openings from the cabinet screws utilizing a putty knife and spackle or joint compound. For little holes, you can use spackle. If the walls are not so great, joint compound and a wall patch kit or fiberglass tape is the best approach. When the spackle or joint compound is totally dry, gently sand it and paint the wall in the preferred color. Lastly, give the paint enough time to dry totally.
DIY: How To Install Open Kitchen Shelving
First, identify the ideal length of the shelves utilizing a measuring tape. Measure and put markings on the 1×12 sheets, and cut the shelves to length using a circular saw or sliding miter saw. After that, delicately sand any unpleasant edges, and paint or stain the shelves if preferred. Enable them to dry totally. Likewise, you can actually save time by measuring and cutting the shelves before painting the walls, so the shelves and wall can dry simultaneously.

Find the studs in the walls utilizing a stud finder — this is the place the shelf brackets will go. One bracket for every stud will guarantee solid shelving. Next, put marks on the studs at the ideal height. If you have three shelves high, for instance, a 14-inch vertical spacing is perfect.

Place the brackets to the wall where the stud markings are located (a level will help guarantee legitimate vertical arrangement), and mark the holes for the screws. Meanwhile, the number and spot for the screw holes will rely upon the bracket.

Pre-drill screw gaps utilizing a 7/64″ drill bit. Most importantly, when drilling, make sure that you’ve penetrated with a stud. If the bit goes in effortlessly and creates just drywall dust, recheck your stud area and drill once more. Subsequently, apply spackle and paint to any mistaken holes. Note that depending on the position of your shelves, you may need to drill into your backsplash for the lower brackets. Utilize a drill that is appropriate for your backsplash material.

Install the brackets to the wall with 2-1/2″ constructions screws and a drill equipped with a Phillips-head. After you introduce a line of brackets, ensure flat arrangement with a level.

Finally, position the readied boards on the brackets, and secure the shelves to the brackets from underneath with ½” wood screws.

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