Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy With The Help of a Paper Towel Holder

Most of the time, when you need a paper towel, you need it quick. Rather than rummaging around in your cabinets or pantry, pop your roll on a paper towel holder to make cleaning up messes and spills a whole lot easier.

If you have the countertop space, there are lovely paper towel holders that you won’t mind having on display. For those who prefer to keep their counters clear, you can mount one on a wall or have it hang underneath a cabinet. Regardless of where you keep your paper towel holder, you want one that makes each piece as easily accessible as possible to rip off in a pinch. You can find one that fits your design aesthetic or one that’s more unique to add a little spice to your kitchen.

Since shopping for household essentials isn’t always the most fun, we’ve curated this list of the best paper towel holders to meet your precise paper towel needs.


1. Shaillee Matte White Paper Towel Holder


If you’re in the market for a classic tabletop paper towel holder, this matte white option from Crate & Barrel is perfect. It has crisp, clean lines and looks great in both minimalist and modern kitchens. It’s sturdy enough to hold a standard roll of paper towels but has a felt bottom to keep your counters safe. To make it even more appealing, it’s on sale.

white paper towel holder Buy: Shaillee Matte White Paper Towel Holder $12.99

2. Magnetic Kitchen Towel Holder


For those who don’t want to crowd their counters but also get bored easily and like to change up their decor, this magnetic paper towel holder works like a charm. The magnetic base means that you don’t have to drill it into a wall or cabinet, meaning you don’t have to commit to one placement. It sticks to any metal surface so you can move it around as needed, or keep it conveniently on the fridge.

magnetic paper towel holder Buy: Magnetic Kitchen Towel Holder $25.00

3. Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder


It’s not uncommon to want to hide away your cleaning supplies in a pantry or cabinet, so why not do the same with your paper towels? It’s the perfect way to keep them easily accessible without being out in the open for all eyes to see. You can drill it in or use the adhesive strip anywhere you want to pop this in the kitchen.

under cabinet paper towel holder Buy: Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder $11.68

4. Marielle Rattan Wall Paper Towel Holder


Another way to go is to use your paper towel holder to contribute to your kitchen aesthetic. This rattan wall-mounted paper towel holder is functional, useful, and adds some fun boho flair to your space. The concentric detailing is finished with a dowel for holding your rolls, and you can easily mount it to any wall you’d like.

rattan wall mounted paper towel holder Buy: Marielle Rattan Wall Paper Towel Holder $39.00

5. Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder


The patented technology on this paper towel holder features a ratchet system to prevent rolls from unraveling so that you can effortlessly tear one piece off at a time. The durable and flexible design fits any size roll, from standard to jumbo. It’s also easy to mount on a wall or under the table, so you can set it up wherever it fits best.

easy tear paper towel holder Buy: Perfect Tear Patented Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder $14.99

6. Bescita Adhesive Paper Towel Holder


For those who want to be able to easily move their paper towel holder around, the hanging variety is another great option. You can hang it on any cabinet door and use the adhesive if needed so that it stays put through every tear and roll change. There’s no drilling required, and you can decide whether you want it to hand on the inside or outside of your cabinets.

hanging paper towel holder Buy: Bescita Adhesive Paper Towel Holder $10.47

7. ROLL Paper Towel Holder


This unique, colorful paper towel holder serves not only to hold your Bounty but also as a fun design element in your kitchen. It comes in four vibrant colors, and the playful twist keeps your rolls in place when you tear off a piece.

ROLL paper towel holder Buy: ROLL Paper Towel Holder $55.00

8. Acrylic Paper Towel Holder


Acrylic is in when it comes to furniture and decor, so why shouldn’t your paper towel holder get in on the trend? This modern paper towel holder is sleek and stylish, with a very clean and minimalist vibe so as not to draw attention away from the other elements of your kitchen that you’d prefer to highlight. It’s cool, unique and gets great reviews.

acrylic paper towel holder Buy: Acrylic Paper Towel Holder $29.95

Clean Spills, Messes and More with the Best Paper Towels


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