Kitchen Pantry Organization: 5 Useful Solutions

Kitchen Pantry Organization Before and After

There is something about decluttering and organizing that feels especially therapeutic these days! We’re still employing most of these small space clothing and shoe storage tips at our new condo, but our pantry cabinet (the most used corner of our kitchen!) sorely needed some tidying up. 

I’ll be sharing more on kitchen organization, but today’s post is a look at some tools I love for maximizing space inside this cabinet (which is small compared to most pantry standards), while keeping everything organized and accessible! I also use some of these versatile products inside our refrigerator, bathroom, and nursery.

ktichen pantry organization clear bins airtight canisters
3-pack ceramic planter pots, clear bins + labels (see below), wicker baskets c/o

And if you haven’t come across mDesign products yet, their site is a home organization DREAM. I’ve purchased a number of their items over the years and have been very pleased, so reached out to them for a coupon code for you guys. You can use code MDJEAN10 for 10% off their website and free shipping. (This post is not sponsored but they did gift a few items, noted as c/o)

1. Get “Clearly” Organized

clear plastic bins for kitchen and bathroom organization

I wanted containers to neatly separate items but still show what’s inside. These stackable bins come in multiple sizes (be sure to measure your cabinet depth), and I like that I can slide them in and out using the handles to easily access items in the back of the bins.

I bought an multi-pack of these and have also been using them for bathroom toiletries, smaller things inside our fridge, and loose office supplies!

Narrow 10 x 4 x 3 bins sold at:
mDesign or Amazon

Wider 10 x 6 x 4 bins sold at:
mDesign or Amazon

See all size bins at mDesign.

custom pantry labels etsy airtight canister containers
Clear canisters: front row c/o, back row (these have a more airtight seal)

2. Personalize Your Pantry

customized pantry labels

Custom labels are an easy way to achieve a uniform yet personalized look in your pantry! These make me happy to look at every day, especially when compared to the blue painters tape I had been using ; )

This Etsy shop was very nice and responsive to work with – we purchased the smaller sized spice jar labels in white block font, which shipped quickly and look great.

3. Store in Peekaboo Bins

soft fabric storage cubes with clear window

These are probably one of my most favorite organizational things! The sturdy clear window makes such a difference, especially if you keep these up on a higher shelf.

I initially got some bins for the nursery, and also use them in the guest bathroom for towels, and now kitchen for paper goods and misc items. Like with all fabric bins, I would not use these for moving heavier items.

Buy at: mDesign or Amazon

These are also available in a stackable version with a lid! See at mDesign or Amazon

kitchen pantry bathroom closet organization tips

4. Create Shelves Within Shelves

expandable shelves for pantry cabinets

No need to play tetris trying to fit boxes and cans on top of one another, and having them collapse when you grab one from the bottom!

You can pull these racks apart to serve as two separate shelves, or overlap them for one adjustable-width shelf. This is also useful inside regular kitchen cabinets to elevate a second row of plates or bowls.

Buy at: mDesign or Amazon

5. Divide Up a Lazy Susan

lazy susan divider baskets

Our lazy susan was a black hole of baking products until I came across these angled dividers!  

Buy at: mDesign or Amazon

See other lazy susan dividers here or here on Amazon, including clear ones instead of wire!

how to organize a lazy suzan rotary
Lazy susan dividers (also on Amazon) c/o

Other mDesign products we’ve tried:

I also linked to Amazon, but code JEAN10 for 10% off only works on the mDesign site.

  • Over the door hooks (mDesign or Amazon) – shared these in my 5 Small Space Tips: Clothing Storage & Organization post. A unique design that lets me hang multiple items neatly on one hook! Just make sure to measure your door thickness to see if these will fit.
  • Hair dryer and tool organizer (mDesign or Amazon) – I have the standalone one inside my bathroom cabinet, but this also comes in an over-the-cabinet-door or wall mountable version.
  • Bamboo cleaning brushes (mDesign or Amazon) – sturdy bristles, looks nice, and the smaller ones are a good size for my hands.
  • Spice rack organizer (mDesign or Amazon) – didn’t fit in our shallow spice drawer, so I returned this but wanted to mention as it felt durable and is a clever expandable design for slightly deeper drawers!
  • Clear tea bag organizers (mDesign or Amazon) – for fellow tea lovers!

Do you have any go-to pantry organization tips or gadgets?