Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

The pandemic changed our lives in many ways. We're spending more time at home and that includes eating more meals at home. We've also learned to keep more food and supplies like toilet paper on hand, in case stores run out of things. Now that we're buying more, you'll want to review these kitchen pantry storage ideas to get more organized.

For those buying a new house or remodeling their kitchen, a larger walk-in kitchen pantry is probably on your wish list. For most of us, we've got to work with the space we have in our house. That's why we decided to explore how you can create more kitchen pantry space within your existing footprint.

Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas

Do you remember when kitchens had walls on all four sides? Like the changes kitchens have undergone, kitchen pantries are changing too. Before you start planning a kitchen pantry makeover, you should list the different ways you want to use this storage space.

  • If you entertain a lot, do you want a countertop in your pantry to set out a buffet?
  • Do your kids make their own school lunches so you need space for them?
  • Are you an avid baker or gardener with lots of tools and supplies to store?
  • Are you keeping cleaning tools and supplies in your pantry?

What Do You Need (Want) to Store in Your Kitchen Pantry?

Make a list of all the things you currently have in your pantry and estimate (linear feet) how much pantry storage you need for each category. Here's where you should also identify the height of shelving because shorter shelves will allow you to add one or two additional shelves for more storage.

  • Short shelving that's 12 inches tall.
  • Medium shelving that's 18 inches tall (here's my favorite gadget for this size).
  • Tall shelves, typically top shelves where you can put paper towels, plus tall pots and pans that aren't used frequently.

Calculating Pantry Storage Space You Need

Do you find it difficult to maintain your pantry organization? Often we're simply trying to stuff too much into this important space. That's why you should prioritize what you need to keep in the pantry versus elsewhere in your home.

Look for other places to move things you don't use that often or … they're used around the house like cleaning supplies.

Maybe you can move pantry items into your front hall closet? The laundry room is another possibility where you can hang them on a wall? Specialty pots, jars, etc. for canning fruits and vegetables can be stored in the basement in an unused corner.

Kitchen Pantry Space Saving Ideas

But wait, there's still only so much room so you must be wondering where are the kitchen pantry storage ideas promised? Here are just a few of them found on Amazon and

Baskets are one of the best pantry storage ideas. They come in many shapes and help keep things organized. Taller baskets allow you to use wasted space if you can't adjust shelf height.

Metal baskets work best as they can hold the weight of canned goods. Of course you don't want baskets that are too heavy to pick up when you want to search for that last can of …

If you're not comfortable with baskets because you can't easily see what's inside them, there are tiered step organizers for pantry shelves.

Here are clear lucite ones although I find those with rubber mats more practical. What's perfect about these is you can adjust the width to fit any space you have … on a pantry shelf or in a cabinet.

You might prefer sliding baskets over ones that sit on a shelf. Try getting ones you can take out and place on the countertop while you're working on a meal or baking cookies with your kids.

These sliding baskets are ideal for the space under your built-in shelving. They can provide great pantry storage in space that too often is wasted.

What about the pantry door? There are lots of options for this valuable space. Many of them hang over the door top which I don't like because you have to look at the metal hooks outside the door.

  • Pantry doors are great for all the paperwork typically found on the refrigerator. Mount pegboard and hooks to hold things like paper towels.
  • Use individual wall mount spice racks. They're called spice racks but they're more than 4 inches deep so cans of fruit and vegetables (3 in) will fit easily.
  • Save time with a taller pantry door storage rack for maximum space. The one below is perfect because it allows you to adjust the shelves for shorter/taller items.

Good luck finding the best kitchen pantry ideas for your house. If you also want to organize your cabinets, here are more tips for maximizing storage … and drawers too.

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