Organization remains a top priority in the kitchen, with accessories that help streamline and declutter the space seeing a surge in popularity

Customizable storage helps homeowners maximize their space for the way they live, while luxury extras enhance the kitchen experience.

Technology also continues to gain ground in the kitchen, with charging stations and power hubs seeing an increased presence, while the green trend impacts everything from waste bins to growing stations.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen accessories right now.

–Homeowners are increasingly investing in solutions that declutter countertops and provide flexible organization solutions, from appliance garages and open shelving to magnetic knife racks on backsplashes.

–Technology is also impacting accessories, with built-in charging stations that keep devices fully powered up, wire management systems that minimize clutter and power hubs that pop up when needed and hide out of sight when not in use.

–With space savings remaining ever high on consumers’ wish lists, there is increased interest in organizational or space-saving products that can be added later, such as in-drawer storage solutions, spice racks and base cabinet cleaning caddies.

–Stricter recycling laws and a growing interest in environmental issues continue to drive interest in more elaborate recycling units that allow for easy sorting of cans, glass and paper.

–Floor warming systems remain in vogue for those who want to add a bit of warmth and luxury to their kitchen space, while plant walls or built-in herb growing spaces are also seeing interest in some quarters.

–Specialty lighting remains a popular kitchen accessory, whether providing greater visual access inside cabinetry, enhanced safety through toekick lighting or added glam appeal through underlit countertop or other accent lighting.

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