People In This Online Group Are Sharing Interesting Food Pics And Here’s 111 Of The Best Ones

It’s no secret that I love food, dear Pandas. I love cooking it, I adore eating it, and I thoroughly enjoy writing about it. In my humble opinion, in a world beset by division and anger, food is what truly unites us. Diplomacy and good vibes through one’s stomach? You betcha!

Though I can’t share my homecooked burgers and hot dogs with you, what I can do is introduce you to this magnificent subreddit with a multi-million-member following. The subreddit, which has a very suggestive name that the internet police won’t let us mention, is full to the brim with gorgeous and truly aesthetic pictures of food in all of its forms.

From delicious main meals to fabulous desserts that seem to jump off the screen (and into your mouth), you’re about to be in for the treat of your lives, dear Readers. So go on, scroll down and have a taste. Remember to upvote the photos that you found particularly mouth-watering and be sure to let me know in the comments which of these foods you’ll be making in your own kitchen (it’s the french fry board for me).

I had a lovely talk about becoming a professional in the food scene with Jessica Clark-Bojin, a popular pie artist who takes delicious aesthetics to a whole other level. You’ll find Bored Panda’s interview with the founder of ‘Pies Are Awesome’ below. It’s fantastic for anyone who’s into food and is thinking of pursuing a career in it in the digital age.

A friendly warning to all of you Pandas out there—you really will be incredibly hungry after this list, so I suggest either having some snacks handy or getting ready to make yourself a lavish feast immediately afterward.

#1 My Pistachio Chocolate Bonbons

Image credits: Ctrl_Alt_3lite

#2 Homemade Cream Puffs That Are Filled To The Brim

Image credits: foodiemakingfood

#3 A Mirror Glaze Doughnut

Image credits: Albertbailey

The subreddit boasts a whopping 3.8 million ‘foodies’ who can’t help but share truly beautiful photos of food. The moderators point out that people should do their best to post pics of food that they made themselves. However, if you simply want to share a nice-looking image that you found online, then you’re limited to only one per day. In short—original content is given preference.

The online community will be celebrating its 12th birthday this November. Taking into account just how aesthetic their regular posts look, imagine the size, taste, and looks of their next birthday cake!

#4 Gingerbread House: 3-Story Low-Income Rent-Controlled Brownstone Apartment Building In A Gentrified Neighbourhood With Candy Glass Windows, Cinnamon Gutters, And Fondant Dumpster

Image credits: iamzaka

#5 Stracciatella Maqui Berry And White Chocolate Cheesecake

Image credits: RainbowKitchen

#6 My Wife Made A Grazing Platter For A Wedding

Image credits: No_No_Juice

The subreddit’s mods point out that their community is all about food that is “simple, attractive, and visual.” And, despite their name, there’s “nothing suggestive or inappropriate” about the content that they post.

In my interview with pie artist Jessica, who is the author of ‘Pies Are Awesome: The Definitive Pie Art Book,’ she told me that anyone who wants to pursue food art as a career should look beyond the confines of the kitchen for inspiration. The more we know about the world, the wider our gaze, the better our food is bound to look. But first, we’ve got to hone our skills.

#7 Marble Chocolate Bread

Image credits: checkyoselfman

#8 Christmas Mood Cake! Hand-Drawing On The Mirror Glaze

Image credits: XeniyaSaviJones

#9 A Perfectly Cooked Marshmallow

Image credits: ImJacksAwkwardBoner

“Learn everything you can about your own subject, but also subjects outside of your food art vertical. Learn about chocolate sculpting, fruit carving, sugar pulling, entremets… whatever you have the opportunity to learn about that is even tangentially connected to your subject. This will help get you thinking outside of the box in terms of the materials and ingredients you use and the flavor profiles you create!” Jessica told Bored Panda.

#10 Stroopwafels From Amsterdam

Image credits: LRY1997

#11 When The Cousins Sleep Over And All The Kids Ask For A Stack Of Pancakes

Image credits: House0fMadne55

#12 My Parents Sent Me Some Eggs From Their Pet Chickens And I Turned Them Into This!

Image credits: blarfflesnap

“For subject matter and technique inspiration, look outside of the world of baking. Look to nature, fashion, architecture, fine art, pop culture, engineering, crafts like origami, decoupage, silicon mold making, textiles, math + science, printmaking, and historical milieus,” the food artist suggested that everything can inspire us, so long as we’re creative and flexible enough. So don’t discount something before thinking about it as a potential source of inspiration for your next gastronomic project.

#13 A Nearly Perfect Specimen For The Blistered Potato Chip Fans Out There

Image credits: HamCandle72

#14 My Mom And I Made A 100% Edible (Except The Lights) ‘Up’ Themed Gingerbread House

Image credits: D3ck3r7

#15 Charcuterie Ship At A Viking Wedding

Image credits: CaptainWisconsin

“Think, ‘How could this concept work as a pie?’” If you look to non-baking works when brainstorming ideas, you are far more likely to hit upon something truly unique and compelling for your audience,” she said.

Jessica pointed out to Bored Panda that one way to hone your cooking and baking skills further is to become actively engaged with the various food communities over on Reddit. However, she noted that humility is the best policy in these cases.

#16 Tiny Pancakes For Cereal

Image credits: BeardedGlass

#17 Three Years Of Progression For Roughly The Same Lamb Dish

Image credits: blarfflesnap

#18 Homemade Zucchini Quiche

Image credits: Mocake75

“First and foremost, be a supporter of other people’s work. Contribute more than just your own content—comment on other people’s posts, answer questions, and just generally act the way you would with a new group of friends in real life!”

#19 Sugar Wave I Made Prepping For A Foodnetwork Show

Image credits: schwillster

#20 Piano Cake For Desert. Aesthetically Unbelievable

Image credits: Browndog888

#21 A Stunning Chocolate Rose

Image credits: CuntCorner

#22 You Guys Asked, So I Delivered. Here's The Inside Of My Raspberry Rose Lychee Croissants!

Image credits: Fluffy_Munchkin

#23 Doggie Cupcakes

Image credits: joecooool418

#24 Perfectly Shaped Ice Cream Cone

Image credits: terrrtkles

#25 Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Served Over Ice Made With Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - My Social Distancing Drink Of The Day

Image credits: macnmotion

#26 Is There A Word For A Chocolate Charcuterie Style Tray? I Made This For My Annual X-Mas Party This Evening

Image credits: PoukieBear

#27 Warm Glazed Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Image credits: Secondjest

#28 Chocolate Birthday Cake Decorated To Look Like A Dig Site, With Marzipan Fossils Hidden Beneath Crumb "Dirt"

Image credits: TheLadyEve

#29 French Fry Board

Image credits: squid50s

#30 Full Loaded Cream And Jam Donuts

Image credits: Hoversuits

#31 A Cup Of Strawberry Cheesecake

Image credits: BeardedGlass

#32 Do You Guys Like My Homemade Broccoli Cheddar Soup In A Homemade Sourdough Bowl?

Image credits: martinisandcheezits

#33 Made Some Sticky Buns To Celebrate The Weekend, Told To Post Here

Image credits: significantcamel

#34 The Prettiest Beef Wellington I've Ever Made. Tasted Like Heaven As Well

Image credits: prettyprincess93

#35 Don't Stare Too Long. Brioche Feuilletée

Image credits: Techno_bake

#36 Blueberry And Lavender Cream Galaxy Pop! Super Excited About My First Batch.

Image credits: calabazadelamuerte

#37 My Croissant Journey Over The Past Month!

Image credits: IntrovertedMuggle

#38 Cutting A Slice Of 23 Layer Chocolate Cake

Image credits: RespectMyAuthoriteh

#39 Husband Is A Wood Worker. Made This Cake For Father’s Day!

Image credits: allergictobeez

#40 My Cousin Baked The Periodic Table

Image credits: time_is_galleons

#41 Green Chili Naan Dipped In Butter Chicken

Image credits: sooziethefooodie

#42 Quite Possibly The Most Beautiful Loaf Of Bread I've Ever Made

Image credits: Fuquois

#43 I Made Hazelnut-Shaped Mousse Cakes. They're Filled With Caramel, Hazelnut Sponge Discs, And Hazelnut Praline!

Image credits: Fluffy_Munchkin

#44 Perfect Flan

Image credits: NorthsideB

#45 My Wife Nailed It. Japanese Cheese Cake

Image credits: oneredflag

#46 Baguette I Made Last Week (Pro French Baker)

Image credits: holy-sprite

#47 My Macarons With Strawberry Filling

Image credits: avogrampp

#48 I Ate Sushi In The Tub While My GF Is Away After She Said To Never Eat Food In There.

Image credits: cannibowlistic

#49 [I Ate] A Few Awesome Tarts My Sister Has Made

Image credits: IamBrodie

#50 This Year’s Flan Is Perfect. You Can See Our Chandelier’s Reflection In It!

Image credits: flamewizzy21

#51 My Wife Made Brownies So Everyone Can Have An Edge Piece!

Image credits: DarthSilas

#52 This Perfect Grilled Cheese That My Dad Made

Image credits: xX_Bacon_Boi_Xx

#53 [i Ate] Coconut Jelly Koi Fish Swimming In An Espresso Lake

Image credits: ober0n98

#54 I Went To A Wedding Where The Cake Was Entirely Cheese

Image credits: pikadrew

#55 Scallion Gradient

Image credits: aliceplantedroses

#56 My Baked Brie Cheese Board For A Random Sunday Treat

Image credits: laurenking18

#57 This Cake My Wife Stayed Up All Night Making For Our Son’s Birthday

Image credits: soundbight

#58 By Popular Demand, Puffed Potato Chips In A Bowl Made Of Potato Chips

Image credits: phantomazero

#59 Gummy Bears By Colour By My Niece

Image credits: theteacupprincess

#60 First Attempt At A Blackberry Lemon Tart!

Image credits: CupCake2Fro

#61 Let’s Get This Bread

Image credits: tefletcherr

#62 Italian Cacio E Pepe With Truffles

Image credits: RespectMyAuthoriteh

#63 Holy Crap. My 18yo Son Just Made Me Seared Scallops With A Pea Puree And Carmelized Bacon For My 49th Birthday. 1st Course!

Image credits: Georgeyk17

#64 This Honeycomb

Image credits: nooyork

#65 I Made A French Liqueur Coffee Yesterday. Poured The Drink Wrong And Made Another One. Came Back To It Half An Hour Later...

Image credits: benjamari214

#66 Cute Winnie The Pooh On Fried Rice

Image credits: mlong14

#67 First Attempt At Burger Buns. Very Happy With The End Result

Image credits: LostComplaint9

#68 Smoked Queso

Image credits: V_mortis

#69 Plum And Apple Pie

Image credits: squid50s

#70 [homemade] Spongebob Pretty Patties, No Artificial Coloring

Image credits: Burgermeisters

#71 These Onion Rings Gave Me Life Today

Image credits: girlswhogrub

#72 My Husband Made A Pumpkin Pie And I Decorated It

Image credits: inspiredtotaste

#73 Lemon Garlic Lobster Tails

Image credits: Viruhs

#74 [home Made] Gyoza ( Chinese Chive Filling)

Image credits: Choux421

#75 Brother Is A Not A Fan Of Cakes, So This Is His "Cake" For His Bday. He Really Likes Fried Chicken

Image credits: MMLO2293

#76 Won The Pi Day Pie Contest Yesterday!

Image credits: savethebeesdamnit

#77 Mash Potato Volcano With Brown Gravy Lava, Broccoli Trees, Grated Cheese Grass, Dino Nuggets (26th Birthday Dinner)

Image credits: ArcadePigeon

#78 I Think I’ve Perfected My Pancake Game

Image credits: runnerchicLA

#79 The 24 Layer Chocolate Cake

Image credits: welluuasked

#80 I’ve Been Furloughed Since March And I Found A Small Shop Hiring So For Their Interview They Require You Bring In Something To Showcase Your Work. I’ve Started With A Tootsie Roll Rose That Will Go With A Chocolate Butterfly On Cheesecake, What Do Y’all Think??

Image credits: queensworld4life

#81 My Spice Cabinet Brings Me Joy

Image credits: deacon17

#82 Found This Pan At An Antique Store And Had To Make Corn Bread

Image credits: RedSkeleton015

#83 [I Ate] Dragon Roll

Image credits: Bueno916

#84 Mom Made Mini Loaves So My Sister Made A Mini Grilled Cheese

Image credits: RedSkeleton015

#85 The Marbleization On These Prime Ribeye Steaks This Morning

Image credits: girl_Puck

#86 The Biggest Mozz Sticks To Ever Exist

Image credits: squibbis

#87 Steak And Eggs Wrapped With A Fried Cheese Shell

Image credits: ArmerorFallstag

#88 Cheese And Charcuterie Board I Made For My Buddy’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Image credits: YourOwnLittleOtter

#89 All The Smoked Meats

Image credits: jasonmherring

#90 Japanese Grilled Mackerel Pike

Image credits: fine_drizzle

#91 My Best Looking Sourdough Loaf So Far

Image credits: LilDippa

#92 My 3 Am Onion Mushrooms Grilled Cheese

Image credits: marie-llama

#93 Vietnamese Egg Cakes

Image credits: HellsJuggernaut

#94 My Partner Is Colombian, I’m Korean. This Is Our Attempt At Fusion: The Bandeja Bibimbap

Image credits: realdecent

#95 Ordered Pizza In Korea And Got A Whole Smoked Chicken With It!

Image credits: darkrealm190

#96 Lasagna Full Of Crispy Cheese Edges

Image credits: WhenIsSomeday

#97 Made A Beef Wellington For My Girlfriend's Family

Image credits: kdane42

#98 My Son Is Allergic To Diary And Wanted To Try A Donut, So I Made Him Dairy Free Donuts

Image credits: dzinemachine

#99 Had To Put That Leftover Parm Wheel To Use

Image credits: Philosolee

#100 Grew Strawberries, Had Eggs From Our Chickens, So We Made This; Strawberry And Lemon Tiramisu

Image credits: NerdsWithKnives

#101 What Do You Think Of My Strawberry Chocolate Cake?

Image credits: ledysdesign

#102 Hurricane Weather Calls For Beef Stew And Mashed Potatoes!

Image credits: BushyEyes

#103 Me And My Mom Made Black Cupcakes With Edible Gold Flakes

Image credits: OoglyBoogly00

#104 First Fluffy Pancake My Girlfriend Made

Image credits: borrego-sheep

#105 Today’s My Birthday, I Asked For A Cheese Board. Pretty Sure My Sister Nailed It

Image credits: writerintheory1382

#106 I Made Fried Chicken For The First Time, And Everyone Thought I Was Weird For Taking A Pic; But She’s Beautiful

Image credits: born-again_slut

#107 Found This Recipe On Reddit! I Own A Cottage Bake Shop And Sold 45 Orders Of These Lemon Bars In 2 Days! Best Lemon Bars I’ve Ever Had!

Image credits: kadysykes

#108 Seattle. Tiramisu Crepe Cake

Image credits: MVSeaHi

#109 A Guest Asked For The Biggest Ribeye We Had. Told Them We Could Cut Anything. Here’s 72oz Of Beefy Goodness!

Image credits: cbear0212

#110 Wings And Fries

Image credits: ArmerorFallstag

#111 Super Crispy Taiwanese Xxl Fried Chicken

Image credits: maicookbook