Popular Canadian Autumn Recipes

I can’t promise you that there won’t be Autumn recipes that contain pumpkin but I’ve found amazing recipes you’re sure to love.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about living in Canada, the Autumn season smells as good as it looks.

From the trees changing to colours of orange, brown and yellow with hints of green to watching leaves gently fall to the ground.

As a family, we always go to a specific tree in our neighbourhood that has the most beautiful colourful leaves and takes family photos.

We don’t hire a photographer, but we have a neat little setup with Mrs. CBB’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus phone, camera stand and S Pen.

You can never get enough of the Canadian Autumn landscape, and the same goes for the smells.

Ok, let’s waste no time and check out these fantastic Autumn recipes and scents of Fall.

Popular Autumn Recipes In Canada Including Keto
Popular Autumn Recipes In Canada Including Keto

Common Autumn Smells

I can’t resist any of these Autumn smells. What’s your favourite?

  • Cinnamon Spice
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Maple Apple Spice
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Pecan Pie
  • Sandlewood
  • Vanilla Spice
  • Brown Sugar Apple Spice
  • Pumpkin Chai
  • Fig Vanilla
  • Pine Scent
  • Star Anise
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Cloves
  • Cedarwood
  • Pommegrante
  • Mandarin Organge or Oranges
  • Apple Pumpkin

I know they probably remind you of all the Yankee Candles you couldn’t resist smelling, but it’s true.

We make a potpourri of Autumn spices at home with common herbs in our cabinet.

Three of our favourite Autumn smells you will find in this pot simmer recipe below.

The pot is full of spices which we keep on low heat (2 on the dial)on our stove.

You can use a crockpot as well.

Add equal parts of cinnamon stickswhole star anise and cloves into 3 cups of cold water.

Maple Pecan Butter Tarts

Canadian Maple Pecan Butter Tarts Autumn Recipes
Canadian Maple Pecan Butter Tarts

If Canadian Maple Pecan Butter Tarts aren’t on your list of Autumn recipes, give them a try.

Tammi from My Organized Chaos created this recipe that is sweet and full of nuts.

The best Canadian treat are these Maple Pecan Butter Tarts with pecans and maple syrup. These taste just like pecan pie, and is the perfect butter tart recipe.

My Organized Chaos

Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

You won’t even know that these are sugar-free keto pumpkin cheesecake bars.

When I was creating the recipe, I enjoyed how simple the process was compared to making a pie.

I’m not good with pastry, so I decided on making a pan of bars that I could cut, serve and eat.

Keto Maple Butter Tarts

All I have to say about this viral keto butter tarts recipe is that you’ll love it.

If you don’t like walnuts, add whatever nut you want or leave them out.

I will be making these for our Thanksgiving dinner for our family next week, along with a pumpkin cheesecake.

French Canadian Tourtiere

If you’ve never had a French Canadian Tourtiere before, I suggest trying one, especially since it’s so easy to make homemade.

Perfect Autumn recipes in Canada French Canadian Tourtiere
French Canadian Tourtiere


Super Simple Canadian Caramel Apples

How to make homemade caramel apples one of the most popular Autumn Recipes
How to make homemade caramel apples one of the most popular Autumn Recipes

Scott and Chris from The Cafe share how to make Homemade Caramel Apples popular in Canada during the Fall months.

I like a good apple but dip it in caramel, and then some peanuts and I’m going to find a quiet place to eat it.

Another popular type of apple in Canada during the Autumn season is candy apples.

Although I’m not a huge fan of candy apples, you’ll find them at Fall Fairs across Ontario.

Candy Apples made with Granny Smith Apples
Candy Apples made with Granny Smith Apples.

They are relatively easy to make if you want to make candy apples, and the kiddos love them.

Canadian Maple Cream Cookies

These Maple Cream Cookies look just like the maple you get at local maple festivals.

We went one year ago, and that’s when I tried my first piece of maple in Canada.

It was delicious, and my mum and dad bought a box of maple cookies from a shop at Niagara on the Lake to bring home.

The maple cream cookies recipe is a must for your Autumn recipes and ours too.

I’ll make a small batch for me as I’m the only one who will eat them since Mrs.CBB eats Keto.

I bet there is a way to make this a keto recipe, but I first need to find the cookie cutter.

Oh, I found the maple leaf cookie cutters on Amazon, ya!!

Canadian Maple Cream Cookies Autumn Recipes
Canadian Maple Cream Cookies Autumn Recipes

Curry Pumpkin Soup

I’m a huge fan of soup all year but particularly enjoy Autumn recipes such as this curry pumpkin soup.

I’ve never tried this one, but I plan on making it once I get my baking pumpkins.

Easy Curry Pumpkin Soup for Autumn recipes
Easy Curry Pumpkin Soup

Gooey Keto Cinnamon Rolls

Above is my version of a Keto Cinnamon Roll, which is made with simple fathead dough.

Check out these AMAZING Apple Cinnamon Rolls for those of you who are not on a ketogenic diet.

Apple Nut Cinnamon Rolls

Apple Cinnamon Rolls
Moist easy to make Apple Cinnamon rolls with a blanket of icing over the top.

I like how Nicola has soaked her Apple Cinnamon Rolls because they need to be saturated.

Not only does the frosting keep the cinnamon rolls moist, but it adds that layer of sweetness that people crave.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a dry cinnamon roll. Load it up with icing.

Other Delicious Autumn Recipes

Other great Autumn recipes on Canadian Budget Binder in my Free Recipes Tab

Discussion: What are some of your favourite Canadian Autumn recipes that you make at home?

Please leave your comments below, and if you have a blog feel free to link your recipe.


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Mr.CBB’s Thoughts and Quotes

What I Love About Fall In Canada
What I Love About Fall In Canada

I’m sure there are many other reasons that the Fall season is appealing to Canadians.

First off, Fall and Autumn in Canada mean the same thing, so don’t get them confused.

In 2021 Autumn begins on September 22 and ends on December 21, even if there is snow.

I suppose it does seem odd since we most likely will have loads of snow at this time.

Not always, but I’d say more often than not. Our wedding anniversary is the same week, and there was NO snow. Nothing at all until January 1st, and it blasted southwestern Ontario.

That was the very first time that I drove in Canada on the highway in snow. Let me tell you, it was a big white blur out there, although now I”m used to it.

I’ve lived in Canada since 2007, and although I love the summer, the Fall is the perfect time to get out the checklist.

You will see more pools installed and new roofs or upgrades to property landscaping during this time of year.

Mixing heat and humidity is hard on the body, and some homeowners tend to wait for Fall/Autumn for renovations.

That’s what I would do depending on the project, which will be the deck and pergola but next season.

What do you like about the Fall/Autumn season?

Please leave me your comments below.


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