Pull out spice rack storage is one of the most requested interior cabinet products in kitchens.


They are designed for various applications in both base cabinets and upper cabinets. These unique sliding pull outs are a permanent addition to your cabinetry and allow you to access your spices, herbs, jars and more.

Whether you are a custom cabinet maker, designer or just a DIY’er, there are some nuances that are worth exploring. 

So, if you are wondering how to add a pull out spice rack inside upper cabinets, we’ll shed some light on key aspects.

Why Pull Out Spice Racks For Upper Cabinets Are Different

There are some major differences in upper cabinet pull outs and base cabinet pull outs. Pull out spice racks are used in both, which can obviously make it confusing.

Upper cabinets have a shallow depth to them and therefore require a pull out spice rack that can fit in that smaller dimension. Lower base kitchen cabinets are usually twice as deep and need pull out spice racks that are specifically made for that cabinet size.

You may see some pull out spice racks referred to as a “Wall Organizer” and some as a “Base Organizer”. Wall organizers, of course, are designed for upper cabinet dimensions.

*For base cabinet pull out spice racks, the dimensions get larger in depth and in width. Just like their upper cabinets counterpart, they come fully assembled.

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The Features and Benefits

Pull out cabinet organizers allow us the ability to bring the content of upper cabinets out towards us. That’s the name of the game with kitchen cabinet pull outs. Why keep items hidden in the dark when we can have them right at our fingertips.

Instead of cramming everything into the cabinet and searching, keep things organized and have a way to easily access everything.

Easier to access your go-to items
Great to have next to stove for cooking
Uses an existing cabinet door and cabinet hardware
Pull out spice racks come pre-assembled

Pull Out Spice Rack Sizes

Most pull out spice racks are designed to fit 9″ or 12″ upper wall cabinet widths.

For example: if you have a 9″ wide cabinet opening, you want a pull out that is slightly smaller than that 9″ width. So using a spice rack like the 8″ wide Rev-A-Shelf 448-BBSCWC-8C would fit perfectly.

Your kitchen has specific upper cabinet openings and it requires the correct spice rack pull out to fit inside.

This is where your cabinet dimensions and the physical dimensions (fully assembled) of the pull out spice rack need to be figured out. 

Common Sizes:


5 inch width
6.5 inch width
8 inch width
9.5 inch width


10.75 inch depth


23 inch height
26 inch height
32 inch height

Rev-A-Shelf - Wall Cabinet Spice Rack Pull Out

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If you click this link and make a purchase we earn a commission at no cost to you.

The Right Size Upper Cabinet

Pull out spice racks fit and mount to the interior of the upper cabinet.

The good thing here, is that pull out spice racks come in multiple sizes which are designed to accommodate different upper cabinets dimensions.

Here are some common wall cabinet sizes you may see at home improvement retailers, however you may have a cabinet that is custom built too. 

If you have a custom cabinet size, you would need to gather the dimensions of the pull out spice rack itself to see if it is compatible with your specific cabinet size.

Common Sizes:

Wall Cabinet Width Sizes:

12 inch width
9 inch width

Wall Cabinet Depth Sizes:

12 inch depth

Wall Cabinet Height Sizes:

24 inch height
30 inch height
36 inch height
42 inch height

Installation Tips

Installation will vary depending on the particular brand and model. However, most pull out storage organizers have a slide assembly which allows it to move in and out of the cabinet. The slide assembly needs to mount to the base of the cabinet floor with screws or bolts.

As pull out spice racks typically come fully assembled, you may need to temporarily remove the slide system from the metal or wood frame. This is just momentarily while you install the slide portion securely in the cabinet.

First and foremost, the dimensions of the cabinet should be cross referenced with the dimensions of the pull out spice rack to ensure it will fit inside and have room to function properly.
Removing the slide systems allows you to easily install the slides into the cabinet without the bulky frame getting in the way. You can later re-engage the pull out frame to the slide assembly once completely mounted securely into the cabinet.
Often times manufacturers of the pull out spice racks will include a template to act as a guide. These can sit on the floor of the upper cabinet and guide you to where the pre-drilled hole locations and slide assembly will sit.
Most pull out spice racks also allow you to use your existing cabinet door. The door attaches to the front of the pull out rack. A tip here is to use some double sided tape. This makes for an easier time when trying to align your door.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s inside the cabinet must come out. That’s the name of the game with kitchen cabinet pull outs. Instead of cramming everything in to the cabinet, why not keep things organized and have a way to easily access everything.

Q: Will this fit in my lower cabinet?

Unfortunately no. These particular organizers are designed to work in upper wall cabinets only. However, there are larger pull out spice racks for base cabinets that are designed for those lower cabinet sizes. 

Q: Do these come as a kit or fully assembled?

This may depend on the brand of pull out rack, but most will come assembled, so right-out-the-box you can add them to your upper cabinet.

Q: How do you keep it from falling out of the cabinet?

Typically, these types of pull outs are designed to be mounted with screws or bolts to the base of the cabinet floor. Doing this prevents it from wobbling or falling forward.

Q: What size cabinet opening will work?

Be sure to look for the minimum cabinet opening size. This is the smallest cabinet width that you can use to fit a product into.

So, in other words, your cabinet opening width needs to be that minimum dimension or wider.

If the manufacturer of the pull out states the minimum cabinet opening size is 9 inches wide, the cabinet will need to be at least 9 inches or larger. For this example an 8 inch wide pull out would work. It could also work in a 12 inch cabinet, but not a 7-3/4″ wide cabinet.

Q: Does it go inside of the cabinet or attach to the side panel?

These particular pull out spice rack organizers would go in the interior of the cabinet. They would mount to the base of the cabinet floor as well as to the existing cabinet door to then “pull out” of the cabinet.

However, there are spice rack “fillers”. These would get installed in between two existing upper wall cabinets. Fillers would not go inside of the cabinet.

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Finally, Enjoy More Storage

Upper cabinets can be a crowded space, especially in smaller kitchens. Having to constantly sift through spice jars is a huge pain. Granted, adding a pull out spice rack is a larger DIY project, but the rewards are well worth it. 

These unique pull out organizers will add value to your kitchen and make more functional for you and your family.

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