Secrets to creating a stylish home: Top refurbishing and decorating tips

A house is a safe haven for many people. It is a place to come back to after a long day, a place for entertaining guests, family and friends, a place for you to relax and enjoy some stress-free alone time – a house is a home. It comes as no surprise then that crafting this home into a well-presented, stylish and beautiful space for all who enter it is at the top of many to-do lists. With so much to consider on the road to creating your dream interior, we have compiled a few top tips to get you started.
Less is more

As the saying goes: tidy home, tidy mind. It is a psychological fact that maintaining a clean, tidy and organised household vastly improves your mental state, not to mention the aesthetic of your home.

If there are things in your house that are not used, not needed, or not to your taste anymore then be rid of them; make room for only the essentials. Declutter each room one at a time and when you redecorate, try to minimise the things that are on display. Perhaps lend your hand to the art of surface styling where you choose a few unique items – a small plant, some books, or a decorative bowl – and arrange them on a surface, like a coffee table or countertop, in an aesthetically pleasing way. Rather than filling your space with random things, remove the clutter and instead let the attention fall on your expertly selected furniture and stylish decor. This is a simple solution for a chic and elevated look.
Allowing more daylight into your home has been shown to have beneficial effects on your wellbeingAdd a splash of colour

When it comes to colour, there is a very fine line between too little and too much. On one hand, there is something classic about a sleek, neutral colour scheme, but all neutrals and no colours may leave your home looking a little dull. That being said, big, bold colours on every wall in every room is not the answer either. A happy medium should be found somewhere in the middle of these two.

Make neutral colours the foundation of your colour palette, as these shades will undoubtedly go with any furnishings in your home, then add a splash of colour. A feature wall in your chosen shade is a great way to make the room pop, or you can choose to add colour through your decor and accessories. Experiment with complimentary colour combinations to find some unique infusions that will really make your home stand out.

If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings in your home, dare to add some colour up there! This will draw the eye upwards and add depth and interest to your rooms.
Out with the old and in with the new

A newly refurbished home calls for newly refurbished fixtures. You can start by replacing old door and cabinet handles, investing in some new lamp covers or chandeliers, or rolling out a new rug! This is also a perfect opportunity to make sure your boiler is in top condition. Make sure you always seek advice from trusted boiler installers who can tell you the exact plumbing accessories to help fix your boiler. What might seem small and insignificant might actually have the biggest impact. After all, luxury is all in the details.
Designer rugs are a great way to personalise the area we inhabitIncorporate nature

There is no better way to freshen up space than by adding some potted plants and flower bouquets. Creating some beautiful arrangements to have in your rooms is an ideal way of adding a natural and refreshing element to your home. Though small and simple, do not underestimate the importance of nature as it can easily be the finishing decorative touch to a spectacular space.
Use art to liven up walls

Although wallpaper is a very popular way for people to add a little texture and detail to their homes, unless you are completely certain that your taste is timeless, there may be a risk that you will outgrow it a few years down the line. Rather than worrying about changing wallpaper trends, instead turn to a few framed artworks or posters to spice up a wall. From oils to acrylics, to mixed media, to graphics, to realism, to abstract, the choices are insurmountable. Easily put up and easily taken down, not only can your selection of artwork mirror your current tastes, but they can also be admired by your guests.
Use creative art to liven up wallsLet there be light

To achieve that luxurious looking interior, be sure to fill your home with as much light as possible. Resist overcrowding windowsills so the sun can come through, use overhead lighting and lamps for those darker days, and you can even incorporate some ornate and statement mirrors to bounce light back into the room and create a more spacious feeling.
Make it your own

The most important thing to bear in mind while you are refurbishing and decorating your home is to make sure it is a representation of you. Put your stamp on it and allow your personality to shine through!
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