Spice You Never Expected: Meet OSMO Salt x Four Roses Bourbon Salt That’s About to Blow Up on TikTok

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Ordering a marg? You’re probably going to want some salt all around that rim. Ordering a whiskey cocktail? Well, likely not — until now. Today, eclectic salt brand OSMO Salt (created by TikTok’s most popular Chef Nick Digiovanni) is launching a new salt flavor alongside bourbon brand Four Roses that will have you rimming bourbon-based cocktails in 2023. And, yeah, you’re about to see this one all over your #FYP.

As one of the best whiskey brands, Four Roses’ collaboration with OSMO Salt was born to help redefine how we sip traditionally unsalted cocktails has us pretty excited. The lovechild we’re talking about is called Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt, a clay-based red sea salt that’s infused with Four Roses Small Batch for a salt your tongue has never tasted. Matching a briny consistency with boozy vanilla undertones is something that might leave your tastebuds confused, but will surely have you craving more.

Osmo x Four Roses: Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt

Because this salt is infused with bourbon, expect a warmer feel in your mouth than what’s normally expected in your salt. Rim the top of your cocktail glass, bake it into a loaf of bread or sprinkle it on savory foods for a more unique flavor.

From filet mignon to caramel-coated brownies, this might just become the most-used salt in your spice cabinet.

This is a limited-edition flavor that won’t stay on the shelves for long, so if you’re curious, you better get buying. This might just make one of the best gifts for foodies right now if you’re looking for the best Valentine’s Day gifts. Pick this new flavor up and transform your food and beverages below.

Osmo x Four Roses: Toasted Vanilla Bourbon Salt