Stunning Modern Home Designs Under 70 Sqm

Four small apartments, each measuring under 70 square metres. Beautiful design features and clever furniture placement round out these layouts in a way that makes them look well beyond meagre proportions. A brave accent palette of pumpkin orange helps define different areas in apartment number one, whilst 3D gypsum panels build pronounced texture. An elegant composition of warm metallics, amidst pale grey features, fashion an airy and refined aesthetic in small apartment number two. Third, a dark grey modern pad has a wide open bedroom layout into the living room, which makes no apologies for its dominant presence. Last up, a loft with lots of wood finishes. Open space and free flow rules in all four, without any notion of limitation.

Designer: Ira Lysiuk Visualizer: Ira Lysiuk

The first 70 square metre apartment we visit belongs to a stylish young couple and their dog. A grey modern sofa wraps two sides of the lounge area, with a round coffee table that reminds us of the round coffee table reminds us of the Arc coffee table.

The jumping off point for this unique interior was a rich pumpkin accent color, which sings out against graphite walls.

Gypsum wall panels play with light and shade around the TV.

A pumpkin coloured accent chair cosies up next to a modern fireplace, which is set upon the end of a long low-level media cabinet.

Pumpkin panels spice up the dining area, where a round dining table and chairs set stand bold in black. A Brokis pendant lamp completes the composition.

Orange bar stools pull up to a coffee bar that floats across the window.

Pink kitchen cabinets contrast with dark grey counterparts.

Coffee terrazzo flooring stretches from the home entryway to the kitchen. Warm wood tongue and groove takes over the lounge.

Pumpkin accents are even considered inside a hallway storage unit.

The accent colour becomes a main player in the bedroom, colouring an upholstered platform bed.

A decorative wall mirror steals the spotlight at the bedside.

The circular theme set by the bedside mirror is echoed in the shape of a unique desk.

A black pouf pulls up to the orange desk cabinet.

A laundry area is incorporated into the walk in wardrobe, to ensure the clothing collection is kept tip-top and stocked.

Pumpkin ceramic tiles colour the splash zone around the shower and an elliptical vanity mirror.

Matt black fixtures and a black shower screen stand out against the textured orange ceramic.

Pale grey versions of the textured tile clad the opposite wall.

Terrazzo takes care of the floor treatment and sides the bathtub.

A wall mounted toilet helps the small bathroom look more spacious.

Home design concept board, exploring texture and colour balance.

Home perspective drawing.

Opposite perspective.

Designer: Chill Visualization Studio Visualizer: Chill Visualization Studio

Located in Ha Noi, our next home measures just 65 square metres. The client desired a luxurious space, and the solution came in white and metallic elegance.

A copper ottoman stretches out an opulent quilted seat next to a pale modern sofa in the living room. An Eames bird and a glass vase adorn a luxe marble coffee table. A copper sputnik chandelier shines overhead.

Floor to ceiling mirrors have been installed to increase the sense of spaceeven in the smallest of slivers.

An elegant dining set looks twice its length in the mirror reflection.

The dining room table is glossy white marble, linking it with the lounge coffee table.

Golden legs make a high-end design feature of grey dining chairs. Wine storage units decorate the walls, building an atmosphere of fine dining.

Gold bars stretch from ceiling to floor to build separation between the kitchen and lounge, and to provide a wider mounting area for the TV. Light grey kitchen cabinets span the wall behind them, softly lit along the backsplash.

In the bedroom there is a softer, earthier palette, where pale wood grain takes over from metallics.

A drop chair pulls up to a custom built home workspace in the corner, which cuts across a window with an exceptional city view.

Visualizer: Dmitry Moshkov

The third in the tour takes us around a 62 square metre loft apartment in a historic building, located in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. A tangle of black AIM pendant lights drop over a sophisticated black and blue lounge thats furnished only with a modern sofa and a stylish square coffee table.

To the side of the lounge arrangement there is a small kitchen with a dining bar. A two ring hob and sink take up much of the countertop. However, changes in materials make the space look more than its proportions, with wood tongue and groove building a special backsplash, and raw concrete marking out the dining spot. Glass pendant lights drop in a trio along the length of the bar one for each place setting.

A barn door slides to reveal a utility area off the hallway. This is also the main closet, with garment rails running on the opposite side to the washer and dryer. A smaller closet stores coats by the entry door.

Standing completely open plan to the lounge, a dark grey bedroom design is accessorised with a classical art inspired print, and overlooked by ceiling-height stacks of books.

The bookcases are fashioned around a small home workspace, with just about enough desk room to squeeze in a laptop, external harddrive, and a phone cradle.

To the right of the small kitchen we find the bathroom, accessed via another streamlined barn door design.

A beautiful modern freestanding bathtub is elevated upon a podium inside the bathroom. Twin vessel basins perch on a black wall mounted vanity unit.

A wall hung toilet keeps the floor area looking spacious on the opposite side of the bathroom. Grey brick tiles build a stylish interior to the shower enclosure.

Studio floor plan, illustrating layout of closet space and tight fitting amenities.

Visualizer: Lacin Quluyev

The last is a 70 square meter loft adorning sumptuous wooden finishes.

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