Styling A Farmhouse Kitchen

As many of you know we have been wanting to renovate our kitchen for some time, but for one reason or another we never seemed to get around to actually beginning. So over the summer we decided it was time to bite the bullet bullet and begin our kitchen renovation, we are so excited to share our progress with you and finally, IT'S TIME. 

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It's been quite the challenge with a few setbacks and needing to postpone until the beginning of the holidays, not our best decision I can tell you. It was hard living in the middle of the chaos, trying to keep a little one occupied and confined in the house during the hottest months of the year. It's still not perfect but we are a working progress and so I wanted to share all the details of our styling our farmhouse kitchen.

Planning our kitchen renovation has been something on the cards for a while, however we wanted to get the rest of the house all completed before starting on renovating a kitchen as we knew it wasn't going to be an easy task. Ever since we moved into our forever home we always knew that we wanted a modern country style vibe in our kitchen (thanks to the many hours of scrolling though pinterest). However designing a kitchen isn't as simple as you'd think as there is quite a lot to take into consideration. With millions of paint colors, cabinet stains, and countertop, tile and backsplash options settling on a final design is both exciting and daunting. 
Our kitchen is the heart of our home as we tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen entertaining family and friends so it's really important to get the design just right. We wanted to try and create a kitchen that was warm and inviting, yet simple and humble with natural wood, classic shaker style cabinetry, ceramic sink and a soft colour palette. The reason why a farmhouse design appealed to us the most because you can choose almost any colour scheme that works best for you and the space you have, whilst still maintaining a traditional farmhouse style. 
Keep your walls and cabinets light and bright 
Light should always be encouraged to flow throughout the room as much as possible.  We decided on cream cabinetry and units as we felt as if this would help make our kitchen seem much more open than it actually is. However if you're someone who needs colour then there is nothing wrong with painting an accent wall or something. The whole reason why we decided to renovate our kitchen was due to the fact it had an awful lighting, it was very yellow. We wanted to make the kitchen feel brighter and bigger without changing the outlay of the kitchen, too much. The kitchen has rustic elements that add a farmhouse sophistication to the space. The walls and worktops are a stark contrast to the cream cabinets and we honestly couldn't be more in love. 

Don't underestimate kitchen art
By adding a splash of art to your kitchen walls is a great way to keep your decorative flow. There are a couple of prints already in my home, but there is a cute white shelf that I am desperate to decorate with pretty prints. I really love the idea of open shelving in a kitchen as you can change the look from time to time. The most recent additions to my shelving are all from Desenio, we have worked with Desenio before when we renovated our modern and minimalist home office. I adore Desenio and all their gorgeous prints with hundreds of photos, quotes, illustrations and art to choose from there is bound to be something to suit your taste. These prints can really help change the look of any room and the fact that Desenio are so reasonable in their pricing, you will probably get more than one or two prints.

As we are going for a farmhouse kitchen style with rustic woods theme throughout we decided to go for a wooden frames as the contrast looked amazing against the pebble coloured walls and on the white shelving. When it came to choosing the prints for my open shelving I knew I needed to choose something that made a big statement which is why we decided to go for this gorgeous sketch Watercolour Hands No3 which is of two people holding hands by their little fingers. As we wanted it the key focal point on the shelving we decided to get this particular print in a large size of 40x50 and we are in love. We also decided to get this Forest Silhouette 21x30 and it really compliments our woodland theme hallway and helps with the flow, this is one of three prints available in the range. Our favourite and final print for our kitchen shelves is the typography prints Sweet Home in a landscape view in the 21x30. Framed art displayed on open shelves adds an inviting focal point to an open, airy kitchen. It’s also a great place to welcome friends and family making quite the impact.

Supersize the sink 
There is only one option when it comes to farmhouse kitchen sinks, and that's ceramic. Traditional and hard wearing, a deep ceramic sink coupled with a similarly-styled draining board is the perfect addition to the farmhouse theme. We have a more than an ample kitchen, however we don't have the space for a dishwasher not matter how hard I wish, but deciding on a sink that will work well in a farmhouse kitchen is not always easy. There are so many different styles and designs that you really are spoiled for choice, this reversible 1.5 bowl inset sink with a main bowl capacity of 25L is a traditional ceramic sink that really suited the farmhouse style. We also decided to integrate this ceramic sink into our rustic wooden work tops to make it completely seamless, one of my favourite features in the kitchen. With its integrated drainer and simple design all it needs is a sleek stainless-steel tap to make it a real feature to enhance the style of our kitchen. We chose to add a beautiful traditional style tap with ceramic lever handles which is the perfect finishing touch to our farmhouse style kitchen.

Antiques and accessories
One of the easiest ways to incorporate farmhouse style into your kitchen and throughout is displaying vintages accessories. From mason jars and glassware to rolling pins and antique bowls, ideas to decorate a farmhouse kitchen are endless. These vintage items can often give color and charm to a kitchen whether you hang these items on wall or display them on shelving or in a glass front cabinets. 
Bring something living into your kitchen
Nothing brightens up a room than with a vase of fresh blooms so why not freshen up your kitchen with a plant or a vase of flowers. I'm literally obsessed with real flowers and I think that there is nothing quite like freshly cut flowers to liven up a room, making it colourful and so much more inviting. It helps that fresh flowers are not too pricey and add a certain decadence to a farmhouse kitchen. However, plants are a great addition to a farmhouse style kitchen too. An array of greenery throughout the home gives your home an instant botanical feel and make you think of embracing the outdoors. Plants in the home has become one of the biggest design trends over the past few years. People crave bringing a bit of the outside in, from big statement furn trees to tiny succulents and even arrangements of herbs in a kitchen window sill. Plants can be arranged and clustered or spread out throughout, not only do they look nice and add a pop of colour, but they also help purify the air and can make you happier. If you have light in your kitchen, you might even be able to grow some herbs.

Smart storage collection
When we were planning our kitchen renovation an absolute essential part of the designing process was making sure that we utilized the storage space. Many modern kitchens tend to choose to hide away the majority of the utensils and appliances, but that is the beauty of designing a farmhouse kitchen it is the perfect place to have all these on display. Spice racks, a ceramic jug for wooden utensils, a knife block or hanging herbs there are so many ways you can try and ultilise your space in a farmhouse kitchen. Cabinets and drawers are also a great place to try start, as they are not always used to their full potential. We have added internal storage solutions to our drawers and cabinets with pull our wire racks, fitting a cornice cabinet, a pull out spice rack and under cooker draw for trays. 

I'm really happy with our farmhouse kitchen and even though it is still a working progress, it is by far my favourite room in the house. Slowly but surely the room is coming together really well and sure has a lot of character all we need now is some cute antique lighting and a few more rustic hues. One of my favourite ways to style our farmhouse kitchen was adding an open shelving and displaying these gorgeous prints and some flowers. I love the fact that I am able to change this opening shelving from time to time depending on my mood or the time of year. Why not grab yourself some of these gorgeous prints especially as all my wonderful readers can get 25% off posters on Desenio with my code! My code ‘MIMIROSEANDME25’ gives 25% off all prints on all Desenio sites between 17th September and until midnight (UK time) on the 19th September ONLY! Excluding frames and handpicked/personalised prints. Follow @desenio for more inspiration. #Home #Interiors
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