The Best Kitchen Storage & Organization Ideas

It is every homemaker’s dream to have a perfectly organized kitchen. This is important as a lot of food preparation is here. You might risk eating spoiled or expired food if you do not have proper storage settings in your kitchen since you will think you do not have this specific product just because you cannot see it anymore, only to find out that you have a few more that had gone expired since they were pushed far out of your reach.

Everyone wants to have perfectly executed kitchen organization, but not everyone has the space or the skills to do that. Fortunately, there are a lot of kitchen organization ideas, such as kitchen cabinet organizers and other kitchen storage ideas, that can maximize your small storage without any hassles on your end.

Here are some of the most effective kitchen storage and organization ideas you can find.

  • Custom Cutting Board and drying rack.

This kitchen organization idea is unique because it hits two birds with one stone. First, you can finally enjoy perfectly cut ingredients without damaging your countertop surface or your plate’s delicate surfaces with this fantastic cutting board that can double up as a helpful drying rack for your dishes and other cutlery. Second, you can stack them in one place for easy storage when you don’t need them and pull them from their site when you need to use them.

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  • Pull-Out Pantry.

This idea is perfect for kitchens with smaller spaces. You can maximize your kitchen space with this pull-out pantry that you can store in cabinets or any available space with ease. You can also prevent having expired food in your pantry because you can pull the drawers out to reach those pushed at the back. This is a convenient idea for those who want to maximize their kitchen cabinets.

  • Dish towel drawer.

You can finally stow your clean dish towels conveniently within your reach with dish towel drawers that can also have provisions for paper towels. You can place them near the sink so that you can easily wipe those juices and sauces that might have spilled when you were marinating your beef slices for dinner’s bulgogi.

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  • Hide Appliances.

Finally, there is an easy way to hide your unused kitchen appliances without having to store them in their dusty boxes. Installing a kitchen appliances garage can help you stow away your blender, bread toaster, and mixer, or any other appliances you have as seamlessly as possible. You can also customize the design to not ruin your kitchen’s overall design aesthetic.

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  • Apothecary Drawers.

With these apothecary drawers, there is no need to clutter your countertop with bottles of oils, spices, sauces, and mixes, when you can just store them inside. In addition, some apothecary drawers allow you to be more space-efficient as you can pull them whenever you need them and slam them shut when you do not use them.

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  • Refrigerator Drawers.

Another ingenious way of hiding your refrigerator drawers from view, especially if they ruin your aesthetic, is to design them like traditional kitchen drawers. This kitchen organization idea is perfect if you need to put your vegetables or ingredients inside the fridge for a few minutes without going to and fro the main fridge and opening its massive doors. But, of course, this will also prevent the kids from opening and closing the fridge doors, just because.

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  • A Spot For Dog Bowls.

Keep a designated eating space for your dog without having to worry about dog food tumbling all over your floor with this compelling kitchen storage idea. You can specify a spot for your dog and then build a drawer underneath for dog food storage. This will prevent you from keeping bulky sacks of dog food that are prone to nibbling and scratching by your furry friends and eventually causing it to burst open.

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  • Custom Bread Boxes.

“Are you team “bread in a bread drawer” or “bread in the fridge”? The science behind keeping bread at room temperatures is both interesting and counterintuitive. I’ll add a link to a good article into my stories! When we built this lovely little breakfast bar we included a generous bread drawer so toast and sandwiches would be that much easier. The refrigerator is just to the right, putting toppings right within reach. I miss toast and jelly so much, but it’s just not the same on gluten free bread so I’ve sort of moved on…”

Sarah Robertson, Studio Dearborn

  • Contain Everything.

Another excellent kitchen organization idea is to build a drawer that can allocate a lot of space for your kitchen essentials, such as pasta, rice, grains, and maybe even flour and other baking goods. Then, buy storage sets that fit your drawer and organize them, putting labels on the lid and on the body itself. That way, you can free more space up your overhead kitchen cabinets.

  • Magic Corner.

You can also maximize your drawer space by building a magic corner that stores in a seamless manner while accommodating everything you need. For example, you can use it on your kitchen cabinets below the sink to keep your cleaning goods and other materials.

  • Spice Storage.

You can finally save time searching for your needed spices with practical spice storage ideas. For example, you will no longer waste your time looking for the jar of paprika you need for your chicken dish because you can see them well all in one place. It is also a great kitchen organization idea if you can hide them in drawers smoothly.

  • Vegetable Storage Bins.

Not every vegetable needs to be refrigerated, such as onions, potatoes, carrots, and garlic. Thus, building vegetable storage bins under the sink can be a good idea. It prevents your vegetables from being gnawed by mice or any other pests.

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  • Compost Solution.

For those who are maintaining a compost pit, this kitchen storage idea is for you. You can dedicate a space in your drawer for a sleek compost bin that you can line up with garbage bags so that you can stow them in place without having to worry about leaks.

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  • Utility Cleaning Cabinet.

If you have a dead space lying around your kitchen, such as the side of your cabinet, you can use it as a utility cleaning cabinet. You can customize a sliding drawer that you can easily pull and grab your brooms whenever you need them and slide them back for more ease of access.

  • Charging Drawer.

Use an empty drawer into a charging port for all your gadgets. You can install plugs and sockets there that people can use to plug their phones, laptops, and tablets while they enjoy a good meal.

  • Fill Narrow Space.

Utilize any narrow space with these bits of drawers that you can use to store your other kitchen and cleaning tools and materials. This is a great kitchen storage idea that will maximize whatever space you have because every inch is precious.

  • Corner Drawers

This is a pretty nifty kitchen organization idea because you can maximize the corners in your kitchen without compromising the aesthetic. For example, you can use these corner drawers to store huge bottles of cleaning materials under the sink or some sacks of grain you have to keep for easy access.

Store Dinnerware in Drawers
  • Store Dinnerware in Drawers

Storing your plates and cutlery in drawers can give you more kitchen countertop space than before. This is also a trendy practice that you will find in handy.

Kitchen Utensil Drawings
  • Give Everything a Place

Allocate spaces in your drawers and kitchen storage places, and make sure to follow them. That means all spoons should be in their area and not a fork in sight with them.

  • Coffee Bar

Coffee lovers will enjoy the fact of having a coffee station in their kitchen where everything from coffee makers to coffee pots and cups can be seen, all in one place. This saves you time because you can make your coffee in one place with everything you need: the coffee beans, coffee mixes, sugar, creamer, and mugs and cups.


These cool kitchen storage ideas can help you maximize your kitchen space without compromising your supplies or the aesthetic you want to keep for your kitchen.

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